Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Caution: Destruction Zone ahead.

Today was the start of the tearing apart and breaking down of my room.

Well it's actually been torn apart since graduation and relatively clean. I've been going through bits and pieces of my belongings from time to time, but today I actually started taking things off my walls.

The shopping bags still hang around my room. My colored Jones Soda bottles still stand with my Cheer Poms next to them.

But JENN is no longer plastered on my door. I took down the heart attack from last week. And one of my picture boards has been taken down.

Shopping bags and Jones Soda bottles will probably come down by the end of the week. And I still have to find a home for my keyboard and Glow Station. Plus I STILL need to get rid of the extra Prom Peacock feathers and Float Building surplus supplies. (High School is over and my presidential duties continue. GAH)

So you're probably thinking...wow. You have a lot of junk in your room. NOT TRUE. Everything has a place and it's not really junk. I have more comfy tshirts then I do "junk."

Decorating my room has become a big thing to me. You step into my creative space when you enter my room. Patterns are mismatched, but all the same color scheme. You can tell I really like purple. I have a bubble lamp. And I have pictures of my friend, family and adventures, everywhere! I mean, come on... It's pretty cool in here.

When my friends used to all come over Freshman year, one would be on my computer, one would be drawing on the Glow Station, one would be flipping my bubble lamp on and off with my remote, and one would be taking a funny video of herself with my camera and one would be rocking out to my music, REALLY LOUD. We had great times in here and I have videos to prove it...they're on YouTube too....

I live in my room. It's my space. But now, I get to pack up my space and take some of it with me to make my Dorm sweet Dorm. I'm gonna miss my crazy purple room.

Booo for being an adult and getting into my dream school and moving....BOO.

I'm of course kidding. I can't wait! (:

Monday, July 30, 2012

We should hang out sometime.

Yeah? Maybe not...
Kidding! Sorta...

  Anyways, the Olympics are on a roll. They have consumed a lot of my time. My favorite events or sports?
Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis, Men's Volleyball, Women's Beach Volleyball.

But I'll watch just about any event that NBC chooses to show us. (I hate that we are at the mercy at this stupid TV station. They only show what they enjoy. It's annoying to me)

I love the Olympics. It's a lot of fun because you get so attached to certain athletes. Adriana and I text back and forth as we watch the same channel and talk about everything that's going on. Including which male athletes we believe to be attractive... (:

Though, one thing that really made me excited for the Olympics was that one of my favorite Role Models/YouTubers/Authors/Motivational Speakers/People is at the Olympics, making videos about his adventures there. Josh Sundquist.

He's quite the entertainer...You'll find this video to be entertaining...I promise.

So yeah, between the drama of the Fab5 and Michael Phelps, I grab my laptop to keep up with this guy's videos and tweets on the Olympics. "We Should Hang Out Sometime" is his like catch phrase. He ends his videos saying that.... (:

It's a shame these games only happen every 4 years (Or 2 years if you include the Winter Olympics). They are so fun!

Let's go, 'Merica! USA! USA! USA! (:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adventures of a new adult

This week was quite wonderful.

   San Francisco n Thursday was so much fun. I love the city. I bought some stickers for my Uke case, two scarves, a star mobile (I've been looking for one FOREVER), Irn Bru (We found this wonderful Scottish soda!) and.... Drum roll please.... Fireworks!!!

   I love Fireworks so I legally bought sparklers in Chinatown :)

  Friday was fun too (after I cleaned all day). It was nice to hang out with my friends and watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!

Today my adventures continue, I got my hair cut...and it's short. It's all gone. No more mermaid hair.
(Sporting my Giants shirt!! #BeatLA!!!)

  Okay, not all gone. But I haven't had my hair this short in years. 4 inches were cut! It'll be nice for college so I won't have to deal with my long mess but I will miss it.

  Today is just a relaxing day then I'm going to a Mormon Dance!! Whooot! My first one in months. I'm excited! I'm driving a bunch of the boys because none of my girls can go with me so it should be interesting. We're going to rock out to Dubstep the whole drive!
Check out Facebook for San Fran pics. There are some fun ones. I chose not to upload the unattractive ones of me that Adriana posted, but I'm sure you guys can still find them because I'm tagged in them. My best friend knows how to get my "good" side. Hahah!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Save Me, San Francisco

Hey Soul Sister!...And/or Brother!

Yesterday was a success (:

Went to the Dentist and now my teeth are all clean.
Made myself some French Toast watched my Pretty Little Liars.
Went to Jamba with Daddy.
Adriana brought me her awesome gift
(A "Smash" book with lots of pictures and memories & a new wallet!)
Went to babysit and got ice cream with Trevor
(We did have a little meltdown though...not the ice cream...the six year old)
Went to the State Fair with Mom, Dad, and Adriana and got some fun trinkets
(I bought 101 Dalmatian trading cards... I just had to. & I got a pressed penny!)
Then I came home to find my room Heart Attacked and a giant thing of cupcakes on my bed
Courtesy of Amber, Marissa and Lizzie. ♥
Opened my gifts from my parents (got mostly stuff I picked out)
But my Dad surprised me with Buster Posey Giants shirt! Woot Woot! Love my Giants (:

     So yeah, lots of other wonderful things also happened that made my day but you guys would get bored with all the Words I'd have to type and you'd have to read! (:

     Today, I'm continuing the birthday celebration by visiting the city by the bay♥
Unfortunately we won't be going to Half Moon Bay, but at least I get to see the ocean one more time before I leave my beloved coast behind in a few weeks!

   Don't get me wrong, I Can't Wait for BYU, but I'll miss California.

So this blog is fun right? Well if you have no idea why there are Highlighted words...They are song titles from Train albums. Don't know who Train is? Band based out of San Francisco that you should be googling or looking up on itunes RIGHT NOW.

I highly suggest any song from the Save Me, San Francisco album (:

Anyways, I'm off to buy things at weird boutiques, antique shops and recycled fashion stores.

YAY! (:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jensen: 18 years in the making

So I'm legal. An adult. Whoooooot!
18 years. Wow.
 (I was going to include two more pictures, one from elementary then one from my braces phase. Problem is...I have hardly any pictures of me smiling with my braces!)
   I don't know what to say. I've definitely grown up quite a bit. However, I'm still a kid at heart.

   I still am afraid of the dark and spiders. I still run out of the room if the X-Files theme music plays. I'm still a little bit of a tom boy at times. I still love to watch Disney channel. I still collect those pressed pennies with the designs on them. I still want to travel the world. And I still have all my Dalmatian stuffed animals and such. (My obsession has decreased to a bare minimum now though...I just want one when I have a house of my own)

  I mean come on..You can't expect me to be all grown up...where's the fun in that?? (:

  Thank you guys for all your support and love these past 18 years (I know I can be a bit of handful). You guys have all helped me get to where I am right now. (Going to my dream school and enjoying life!) I love you all (:

  I'm off to celebrate! (Well first I have to go to the dentist...but after that I will!!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Magic Button


    Where was this button when I was stressing through out my Senior Year?
 Building floats? Planning Prom? Learning Calculus?

    I could have really used this lovely thing on many occasions. And I plan on using it when I have no one to tell me "everything will be okay" in college. (Hopefully that won't be the case)

    But like Adriana said "you'll make it past everything that could possibly be thrown at you and still come out with a smile on your face." Funny how best friends know you better than yourself sometimes.

    Seriously though, I think this thing was a great find on Stumble upon last night. It's pretty cool.
Everyone needs a little reminder once in a while that everything will be okay. Most of the time, it's from a friend. In person or via phone call. But now we have the Internet to reassure us!! How convenient!

   Social interactions are becoming less and less important. All we need is the Internet to keep us going...As long as your friends have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube, you have no need to actually talk to them in person! After you vented on all of those networking sites, you've got this nifty button to reassure you!! And you can just go search "who's the cutest?" in google and select the "I'm feeling lucky" and it will help your self esteem!

And if you really want some face to face interaction...You can Facetime and Skype!!! Yay!

Oh goodness...What has the world come to?

Only a few more hours till my Birthday. WHOOT WHOOT.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm in a Days daze.

Days...Daze...get it? No?? Well you will.  

So I'm a big YouTuber. I'm subscribed to a lot of different people's channels. Funny channels, music channels and some just video blogging channels.

   Well one of my favorites is Dave Days. He's a musician. He does covers/parodies of other songs and some of his original stuff. His videos are fun to watch. Example, his rendition of Justin Bieber's Boyfriend....Swag.

  Entertained? Well last night I tweeted him and HE REPLIED TO ME...I HAVE PROOF!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I was a little starstruck. I couldn't believe it! He replied so quickly too! I didn't expect him to. I mean I just included his @ because I wanted other people to realize see who he was and BAM. I got a short and simple tweet back...with a smiley face!

As you can see I favorited the Tweet, and retweeted it, and took a screenshot (:
Year = MADE. Happy early birthday to me <3

 So yeah, I've been pretty jazzed about that.

     I also downloaded Walk the Moon's album. I freaking love it. I highly recommend their music. It's the kind of music you can rock out to in the car with the windows down. I mean, they have a song named Quesadilla... Pretty cool right?
 I got their whole album and 9 other songs all under $8 today. I'm a happy camper (:

  I've been in such an energetic mood lately. Like I'm acting more goofy, silly and random then usual. My sarcasm is also pretty bad. Maaaaybe it's because my birthday is on Wednesday... And I couldn't be more excited!!

Life is Good (:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Down by the bay. (Santa Cruz Recap)

I've been off the radar for a few days now...well sorta. I was on my Kindle and tweeting quite often, but I couldn't blog. I tried, but typing even the simplest sentence on a Kindle is tough.

So the highlights of the trip? There are a quite a few.

First off let me just say, I really missed the ocean. Sand may be annoying, but boy does it feel nice under my toes! (:

   We got to Santa Cruz in the afternoon and went straight to our 1st adventure which happened to be:
  Zip-lining. I love Zip-lining. It is really fun. (If you haven't gone, I highly suggest you go). This was my second time going and I'd have to say, it was better only because of our guides. Nick and Scott were hilarious. They made my whole day. They would just crack jokes, sing, be silly with us.. it was great!

  After that, we even saw Nick at Woodstock's when we went out to eat. It was so awkward because we didn't want him to notice us and think we were stalking him or something...

   We spent the whole day at the boardwalk riding the rides. It was definitely fun.
For those of you that know the Carousel Ring Toss challenge, I can proudly say I tossed the ring into the Clowns mouth TWICE. I'm a freaking PRO.

   For those who don't know...You grab these small rings as you ride the carousel around and you have to try to toss the ring into the Clown's mouth. You're moving and your target is small. It's difficult. BUT I DID IT!!

   I also got high fived by a little kid for wearing tie dye, made my day. Also that night, walking around the boardwalk..actually dancing around the boardwalk...wearing my Amazing Spiderman sweater...barefoot. GREAT. (:

  Shopping and Beach.
We walked around downtown for a few hours then walked down to the beach near the Boardwalk. It was crowded but we just hung around till people left. The water was FREEZING, but taking a nap in the sun felt wonderful. Once there was room, we played Frisbee for a good half hour. It got pretty intense. We chased some seagulls too. I dislike seagulls. A LOT.

We also played Minigolf that night...My mom got a free game because she made a hole in one at the 18th hole. I almost did too but it bounced out of the hole just as it was about to roll in! I swear...it's rigged.

  Lazer tag (LOVE) and more shopping then homeward bound. I found some cool earrings at an antique shop in a dollar bin! SCORE.


    So now I'm home. Uploading pictures. I'll be posting them on facebook soon so you can check them out once I add them :)

And if you got the reference from the Down by the Bay title.... just for your information...

  All the cool kids carry watermelons. It's this new hipster thing that people do at the beach at the boardwalk...Oh hipsters. (: 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


      I went through my inbox last night. Deleting old college emails, useless assignment files, and junk I forgot to delete. I've had this email account since I was younger, so I had quite the collection.

     In the process, I found some pretty interesting emails I had saved over the years. Some letters exchanged with an old friend. Funny forwards from my family members. A short story I wrote Junior year for Film & Lit. But my favorite thing I found was my pictures folder.

   My pictures folder had pictures and videos that I sent myself from my old phone from Freshman and Sophomore year. Plus a few that my parents sent me from 8th grade and when I was younger. Oh my goodness, they were great. My friends and I look so young. (Which feels funny to say because it was only like 2/3 years ago) It's true though because my hair...wow. And I'm hardly smiling in any of them because I still have my braces on... Oh these were the days!

     I felt like I needed to share some of them with you.
Don't you dare laugh! Actually, you can if you want...I did (:
 Randi. I think we were at the Powder Puff game after Cheer practice.
 Randi and Hannah. I'm guessing this was after PE
 Alyssa. I believe we were at a JV football game.
 Gabe. Down in the green room before our Chamber Singers Concert.
 Locker room with Randi! I'm wearing my fake glasses....
8th grade winter formal.
 The video...it's of me getting in the large PE lockers. I use to, and probably still can fit into them. (I have hardly grown since 9th grade, and those lockers are HUGE) 
 Oh the things we did during softball season (:

  In other news, I went back to the Oral Surgeon because my face is still hurting pretty badly. They couldn't find a real reason for my pain soooooo they packed my sockets with some dry socket medicine (OWWW) and gave me some more antibiotics and pain meds. Great right?

  Now I'm off to Mutual, for the first time in months...Iain says I've gone rogue...NO. I've just been super busy! I also get to pack for Santa Cruz! I leave tomorrow. Nothing like waiting till the last second to pack! Gotta love procrastination...It's a fantastic disease!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love means nothing.

Love means nothing to a tennis player....Get it? No? I'll explain later. Got you to read my blog though, didn't I?


    I'm sooooo freaking excited. I haven't played in weeks. I haven't played with my own racket in months. I finally bought the grip tape that I've needed since last season.

   The only problem is...it's bright pink. I'm not a big fan of the color pink. I own MAYBE three shirts that are pink. Oh well. Big 5 had an awful selection to choose from. I was desperate! My biggest issue: Actually applying the grip tape. Maybe Abbie and Ian will help me?? Please?? ( I know at least one of them is going to read this before we go to the courts, most likely Abbie) (:

   But about my blog title. Love hurts in tennis. Why? In tennis it's 0. Love = 0. Why we say the scoring like that, I don't know. But Love literally means nothing to a tennis player.

  What'd you think? I'm not bitter! Yes, Love hurts but I haven't given up complete hope. However, Adriana isn't allowing me to get married till I graduate college... Hahaha

Anyways, my final note for today:

   I'm really looking forward to getting some exercise and taking out some frustration on the ball. Hopefully, I make it over the net and inside the lines...and let's hope my face doesn't start hurting even more then it already does right now!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Today gets 2 thumbs up.

So you're going to be amazed at what I'm going to say about today...

   Babysitting was actually my favorite part of the day. Weird. I know. But I can assure you, it didn't start off like that.

    I had Trevor and Tanner today. Trevor is my Mon-Wed. regular, and Tanner I occasionally get called to Nanny for. They were bouncing off the walls when they got dropped off with me, it was chaos.

     We went through all of Trevor's toys, though they decided they didn't want to play with any of them. (They were every where) The decided to play Connect 4 and watch Spongebob. Then they had some cereal and toast (They really enjoy breakfast food). Later, we played basketball. The ball kept hitting the water in the gutter, causing the bottom of my pants to be mud splattered. (It's highly attractive. I think I'm going to start a new trend) Tanner left early so Trevor and I were left to pick up the toy box chaos.

 However, that's when it became my favorite part of the day.
   Trevor has picked up my little "thumbs up" quirk that I often find myself doing. I asked him how he was and he gave me a thumbs up and started cleaning up again. It was cute! I then began asking him about all the different toys as we put them away. He then found a little frog, the ones you push down on and they jump forward, and gave it to me. Again, it was cute! His mom got home soon after. We talked a bit and just before I left, she gave me cupcakes!

  I'm one happy babysitter!!

  So now I'm home, about to eat a cupcake. (I'm taking the Frog off of it of course)

   Tonight is movie night with Adriana, Hannah, Ian, and Aaron! Movie = Social Network. Hannah has yet to see this great film (It's one of my faves) and experience more of Andrew Garfield's great acting skillz, so we're making her watch it tonight.

Word of Wisdom for the night:

If you give a babysitter a cupcake, she'll post about it on her blog. (:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Keep Calm & Uke On.

    If you're wondering what's weird. The blog got a make over. If you already noticed...well aren't you observant! (Sorry....uncalled for.) But you're probably thinking, why did you change it?

   Because I felt like the flowers really weren't me. I'm a bit more random and creative than flowers. Flowers are just so...average or ordinary...no PREDICTABLE. That's the word. This obnoxious Aztec pattern is more fun. As for the font, as cool as it looks... I'm probably going to change it back. No me gusta.

     The last few days have left me in a very "bleh" mood. Yes, that is a real mood. I don't care what you say but that's how I've been feeling!

     Music has helped though. (As always)

    I learned "Use Somebody" on my Ukulele. It's one of my new favorites to play. It doesn't get old. I'm sure my parents don't enjoy hearing me sing the words over and over again in my room, but oh well. I'm leaving in less than 5 weeks. I'm sure they will miss my musical sounds once I'm gone.

     I've also got a few songs on a loop lately between the Ukulele time. If you haven't heard them, I suggest you look them up. They're all sort of different.

 Lightweight - Demi Lovato
 Brand New Day - Joshua Radin
 Hello Mr. Sun - Joe Brooks
 I Believe - Ron Pope
 Tightrope (FM. Session) - Walk the Moon
 Love me Love me - Big Time Rush (Yes, I'm a Rusher. WOO HOO)
 Ho Hey - The Lumineers

    I know most of you won't look them up but I figured someone will and just love me for suggesting the songs. Kidding...sorta.

    Anyways, this was just a blog I think for me to write about whatever is on my mind. Sorry, I have nothing interesting or inspiring to post. Maybe tomorrow. Till then, remember this wisdom....


Thank you. That is all.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Someone is watching over me

          Today has been quite the day. I say that everyday, but today, it's really true.

    My dad got home with the mail this afternoon and I got 2 letters! Well one was a bank statement, so it wasn't that exciting...but the other was. Why? Well there are two reasons.

         First: I've been waiting for this letter since May! I figured since it never came, I wasn't ever going to arrive. But it did, and I couldn't be more excited.
        And second, well you won't understand the second reason until I tell you what it is and some background info.
   I am the recipient of a scholarship from the 35th Infantry "Cacti" Regiment  Association.
       You're probably thinking, okay cool. You won your first scholarship, congrats! But you don't understand, it means so much more than that to me.

This is my Grandfather, Roger Alan Fulkerson.

         He's the reason I was able to apply and be awarded this scholarship.

      He was killed in action during battle in Vietnam. His actions saved the lives of many other men the day he was killed.

        People say I look like him. However, I don't see the resemblance. I just want to be like him. I never got the chance to meet him but I have the knowledge that he was a pretty wonderful man. I only hope that I can turn out to be as wonderful and courageous as him.

      I know that he is watching over me, watching all that I do and I hope I am making him proud. (It'll be nice to actually meet him someday so I can actually confirm it!)

    So two: I was awarded a scholarship by the regiment in which my grandfather was a part of. I'm very honored and excited I was given this money to help pay for me to achieve my dreams. 

   I'm so blessed. This summer just keeps getting better and better. I can't stop smiling.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I love to fake party

My day was quite wonderful.

           Started off by going to Davis with Ian, Gladys, Jeremiah and Adriana to see The Amazing Spiderman. It was not fun trying to park...I won't even begin to explain how awful it was.
The movie was awesome though. Andrew Garfield was a perfect Peter Parker.(I adore him) And the movie was the perfect amount of humor and action. It was great! If you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT.

          Then I had my appointment with the Oral Surgeon. I thought I was going to get my stitches out, but I didn't. Instead they handed me this awesome syringe to keep my sockets clean. Definitely not my favorite thing in the world but oh well, it will help.

         I'm not really swollen anymore. My bruise isn't too bad. My left side is the only one that is giving me problems. However, if you squeeze my cheeks together, it hurts. Quite a bit. (THANKS ADRIANA)

        After my appointment, Adriana and I went to be extras in Aaron's film. We were going to be extra partiers! Whoop whoop!

        Let me tell you. This wasn't my first fake party. For the Every Fifteen Minutes program, we had to shoot some scenes where I was at a fake party enjoying myself, to emphasize the fact that alcohol really does and can affect everyone (Even the innocent Mormon girls) So you could say I was an experienced actress in the "Fake Partying" department.

      It was really fun. I got to see and hang out with some friends I haven't seen since graduation or even since they left me and went off to college (Raynil)! I can't wait to see how the film turns out once he's done editing it. Of course it's going to be funny, yet vulgar and probably bloody, but that is just Aaron's sense of humor...

       So now I'm tired. Fake partying for 5 hours really wore me out! I'm off to bed soon because I need to regain my energy for tomorrow's events. (But first, I must watch Awkward!) It's going to be another good day and I'm looking forward to spending it with some more of my awesome friends (:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I feel normal again, sorta.

         Not that I ever was normal in the first place, but I'm talking about my face. My cheeks have reduced to a size that is bearable and I don't look so funny. However, I still have a wonderful yellow bruise on my left cheek, and I can't quite smile correctly. That's my biggest issue, because I smile...A LOT. But I'm hoping by Friday, once these stupid stitches are out, I'll be eating solid food and smiling without restriction!

        I've also started my regular babysitting job again. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. 2 hours a day. Not that bad. But I've told most of you before, the pattern continues. During those three days, our 2 hour routine consists of playing with a marble set, Pong (the computer game), watching Spongebob, playing connect four or memory, eating something highly unhealthy and if I'm super lucky, the cycle repeats twice! Or we do two things at the same time. We do occasionally bare the Woodland heat and go to the park to play basketball or burn ourselves on the play structure. We bowled for 4 hours the other day! It's great. (There may be some sarcasm behind that last comment...) I really can't complain though, it's not too bad. He's a good kid.

     Overall, my summer adventures have been quite great. I've spent most of my time with my nerd possy. Playing Apples to Apples, Phase 10, Minecraft, watching movies, or YouTube videos, taking extremely attractive pictures of ourselves on Hannah's iPad or making trips to Panda for Adriana's egg roll addiction. (I really want/need to play tennis soon.)

    I'd have to say, this has been my favorite summer. You know why? Christopher came for a surprise visit for graduation. That's mainly why. I love my best friend. He's so awesome.
         But also, I'm really enjoying myself. I'm happy! Plus, I don't have AP assignments or any other stupid summer assignment that I'm procrastinating on. I'm sure all you other AP students can relate.

       Well that's it for now.

     Tomorrow, I'm going on an adventure to see The Amazing Spiderman (Andrew Garfield, AHHH!<3) and to find some Irn Bru. I don't know what it is either but Ian and Adriana say it's some amazing Scottish soda. We'll see if we actually find it (and if I decide to try it...) Oh and I'm going to be an extra in one of Aaron's Films. Cool right? Should be quite the tale!

Monday, July 9, 2012

One does not simply drop AMC.

         Okay, here is my first rant. I'm sorry, this is going to be a long one. I've had some major disappointment in my life the past 24 hours.
     I found out last night that The Walking Dead: Season 3 was previewing this weekend from my lovely friend, Josie, via twitter. So you can imagine my excitement. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I mean, it's sort of scary and I have to watch it during the day with other people in the room or else I won't sleep at night...but I love it!
      I figured I'd check the Walking Dead website to make sure it was really on but I was greeted by this lovely pop-up...

You could say I was not very happy. What kind of company drops a station with the best Zombie show on television? You don't do that! So I missed the preview weekend and the season returns in October. So either way, I'm not going to be able to watch it. Hopefully the episodes are on Hulu when I'm at BYU.
                  So yeah. Stupid Dish took away one of my shows.

    I've had my eye on this pretty pocket watch necklace on Etsy.com. It's only $5. (plus shipping it's $10) But seriously... Can't beat that right?
 I decided to buy it with one of my Visa gift cards that I got from graduation. I go to type in the card number and set everything up, and it doesn't work. I retype it in a couple of times and still find it to not work. I look down at the card and there it is in bold print.
                                 *******Only Valid in the United States*********

Guess what....the pocket watch...it's made in China. ARGH! It's so cute too. And I've wanted a stinking pocket watch for a few months now. It's so frustrating!

So now I am Walking Dead deprived and pocket watch necklace-less. What a great night right?

My day wasn't all that exciting either. I iced my face, ate 2 cans of soup and watched 3 movies that made me want a Flynn Rider of my own and/or a sappy cute love story. (Tangled. Crazy, Stupid, Love. How do you Know). Gotta love Disney movies and Romantic Comedies. They are the best!

Anyways....On a happier note...
                     16 days till my birthday! (July 25) Whoot whoot!!! Don't you dare forget!

Tune in next time for a less resentful post, (I promise I'll be more positive!) (:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The beginning of a habit.

So I guess I should start a blog, seeing as I am going to college in less than two months. Kind of exciting, right? I also figured I'd start writing it now so I can get in the habit of updating it. I know that you all (you all: my large audience consisting of my family members) will surely want to be constantly updated about all the adventures I'll be having up at BYU. So here goes it. You can start tuning in now to read up all the summer adventures that will lead up to it if that interests you at all.

I must warn you though: Sarcasm is my favorite language, I tend to overuse the words: quite, so, well, just, and a bit, and I may go on a rant from time to time. That's just me. But you should know that. I mean you're reading my blog because you're my family. (And if you're my friend, I thank you very much for reading this. I figured you'd just skip right over the link I posted on FB, uninterested.)

Well then....  Yippee Skippee! Are you excited? Because I am! 6 weeks and counting till I leave for the great state of Utah. Hopefully, my cheeks will be less chipmunky by then. Anyways, tah-tah for now. I'm sure I'll post something tomorrow about how I'm sick and tired of KFC potatoes and ice cream.