Friday, August 31, 2012


So maybe scheduling Thursday and Friday with classes that end by 11am may have been a mistake! I have had so much free time. And the dorm life is so boring when everyone else is at class.

I did use my time wisely yesterday and got most of my homework and laundry done. Plus I got to catch up on Grimm! And I got to Skype my friends from CA. Adriana, Hannah and Ian. It was a very fun and awkward conversation. (But that is expected right?) I miss my friends.

Last night was the first football game of the season! It was so much fun. We got there about thirty minutes to ensure our seats (Plus I had cabin fever from being stuck in my dorm studying all afternoon so I made Tarron go early with me). And it POURED RAIN for a good 5-10 mins. It was a little crazy. I was soaked, but thankfully I did remember my umbrella and started to use it once it got a little too crazy for me.

The game was very long and the refs made terrible calls. BUT we did end up winning. 30-6. WSU only made 2 field goals....! Gooooo Cougars!!! (:

Today on the other hand.... has been pretty uneventful so far.

I went to Writing and then left writing. (Such a bore of a class!) Then I had to power walk to Chemistry in order to make it on time to take the quiz.

I ended up getting 100%!! HECK YEAH. And to think that I was stressing about not knowing the material well enough! Psssh. I'm so smart...and humble! (hah!)

Chem was actually fun. My professor is pretty funny. His class still scares me though. I'm just aiming to make it out of Chem 105 alive with a passing grade!

But now I've been home...Since 10am. And I've been a bit OCD. I cleaned the kitchen and did all the dishes. And I just emptied the dishwasher a few seconds ago and and put all the other dirty dishes in it...and wiped the counter down AGAIN...Three times I've done probably the last 6 hours...there is something wrong with me....

And I made my bed, and cleaned up my side of the room. Not that anything in our apartment really was that dirty...I'm just cleaning because I'm bored...and maybe a little lonely in this dorm...with all my roomies at school...Hmmph :(

Anyways, I then proceeded to play the ukulele for 2 hours and move all my tabs on to my actual computer so I don't need the internet every time I go looking for my tabs. (Not having wireless internet is hard to get used to and almost as bad as not having AC) Then I painted my nails really obnoxious bright colors. And now I think I'm going to go to the Creamery to get some groceries. I'm out of MILK!! AHHHHHH!  Plus I need actual food. Not just pasta and peaches. I've had soooo much pasta and so many peaches!

As for activities for tonight...I don't know. I'll probably end up doing something with the roomies or the boys from building 26. 3 day weekend though! I can't wait (:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Timothy the Termite.

Three days into college and I've already done 3 labs. LOVE IT.

I played with termites today in Bio! My group was given 8 termites to test. We had to try to find out why termites follow a ring of ball point ink. Turns out they like the smell of the ink because it smells like a chemical they use to communicate.So they just follow the circle around and around and around. It was super cool!

I was privileged enough to have the termites on my desk some of the time. (I was in the middle of the whole group, there for not privileged but by default they ended up on my desk...) We did all of our tests but lost one termite at the end....We picked up everything and turned the other 7 termites in. And one of my group members looks done and is like, I found him! Some how my group member saw the termite on the carpet and picked him up. He then proceeded to call him "Timothy" and brought him up to the front of the class to be turned in. Why the name Timothy? I don't know. But it was funny!

Chem was not so fun. However, I got a B on my quiz!! I only missed one question out of 5! (Well there were only 4 questions but we get 2 points for attending the lecture... so 8/10!)

I hung out with Tarron for lunch. We went to the creamery and got Purple Stuff! (yummmmmm) and then back to his dorm for sandwiches. I met all of his roommates. They probably think I'm obnoxious... Oh well. It was quite fun.

Religion was okay. I took a quiz in that class too and I believe I got another B. I was trying so hard not to fall asleep though.

Now I'm back in the dorm, just hanging out. Watched some Pretty Little Liars and now I'm trying to work on my Writing 150 essay. I have to explain why I think Napoleon Dynamite is a bad movie (it didn't have to be that movie, I just picked it because I really don't like it). Then I have 4 Chem probs to do. Annnnd a meeting with my Family Home Evening group at 7 to plan our Sunday Lesson. Then at 8 I've got a little pre-game party with some friends!

First football game tomorrow! Go Cougars!! (:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dot Dot Dot...

So I must fill you all in on last night's adventures. We had Family Home Evening. We met a bunch of the guys form our ward. It was fun!

However, afterwards I spent about 2 hours working on my Chem homework. Not so much fun. And in the process I put my hair up into a very attractive bun on the very top of my head. (For those who have seen me with my long hair, know how highly attractive this hair do is) I also put on my nerd glasses...Just to make me look smarter while I attempted to understand the concept questions in my chem book.

Then Kamden happened to call my name and I rushed out to the lobby to find 4 very handsome guys, 1 of which I knew already, there. And yes... I walked out in all my nerdy-attractive-hair-do-glory...It was awkward... But great.

But anyways, today has been interesting.

I had writing at 8 this morning. Definitely starting to rethink that decision. Waking up was difficult. I fell asleep thinking about atoms and molecules and woke up thinking about how I still have to think about atoms and molecules today. I still have six sections of Chem to read and 18 problems to do by Thursday. Plus a safety lab...But every time I go to check to see if the lab is's closed. I can't win.

But writing was great. We introduced ourselves and our preferred super power. I chose invisibility. I figure that if I could be invisible, I could disappear and maybe eliminate some of my awkward moments...My professor seems really great. She's super fun. That'll be nice because I know I'm going to have trouble staying awake during that class. I ended up knowing almost everyone in the class. They were all in my Y group. I didn't have to worry about not having anyone to sit next to for once!

After writing though I have an hour before my Chem recitation. I was awkward and just sat in the hall next to the room. The recitation is just a small section of my lecture hall. Which will be nice when it comes to having trouble with my homework!

I made a new friend, Rachelle! We went and got lunch at the CougarEat and eat outside on some rocks. She is in both my chem and bio classes/labs! We went to our Bio lab together where we burnt different foods to find their caloric content. I burnt my fingers on the stupid tweezers. Leave it to me to injure myself.

Then my Preview of Medicine class at 6. I was surrounded by guys. RMs. There were hardly any girls in the class! I don't know if I want to work in the medical field but I also don't want to be married in the next year! The class is going to be an easy pass, but definitely hard to find friends in.

But yes. Today has been looooong and tiring. I had my first gross college meal. I attempted to make rice... I made it just like my parents told me to, but I screwed it up some how. I'll probably be having a PB&J later...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello College.

If I had a penny for how many awkward introductions, people, silences or anything else, I've had these past few days...I'd be RICH.

Okay, so yeah. It's freaking amazing here...I am making a ton of friends. It's not like high school when you sit in the front of the class and you are THE ONLY ONE. People will actually come and sit next to you, talk to you, then walk with you to your next class or in that general direction. People are NICE. A concept I don't think people get in Woodland, or California in general.

But anyways, college. My first day was great. My Chem class looks like a challenge, Bio looks like fun, and my religion class looks pretty cool.! My professors are awesome! I've got writing and my pre-med seminar to look forward to tomorrow.

I'd have to say I really do love it here. It's so great. My roommates are amazing!!!!! We've had some great girl talks already, some sing-a-long sessions with my uke. Natalie plays too, which is soooo awesome! We played a few songs together! They are a wonderful bunch of ladies and I can't wait to get to know them better over the course of the semester.
Kam put a cupcake next to the note! It was yummy!!! The little  #1 thing, I got at orientation! 
I'm eating good food! Well, I've so far had lots of fruit with every meal..meals consisting of Mac & Cheese w/ Tomatoes, Soup, PB&J, and a Grilled Cheese w/ Tomatoes. (I have a lot of tomatoes, and peaches...and apples!) I did my first load of laundry after class today. It went pretty well. Except for the fact that I thought the washing machine was going to like take off like a spaceship....It was pretty crazy.

I'm finally sleeping. I'm dying in this humid heat. People from Utah say it's a dry heat but they have NO idea what real dry heat is. They haven't been to the valley. It's also rained/poured 4 times. Randomly...It's so cool!

Anyways, by request I have pictures of my dorm space. If you'd like my address let me know! I'd love to get letters from my friends and family (: Love you guys!! 

My Wall O' People (:

It's going to be a good 4 years (:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm a College Student

I'm officially all moved in. I have my student ID. I now own 4 BYU shirts. I have my All Sports Pass ready for me to pick up. I have all but one textbook. And I sorta survived my first day of orientation. (My feet are killing me!)

My roommates are amazing. Kamden is my actual roommate, she's great! And then Marcie, Karina, Lauren and Natalie are all in my 217 "apartment" but I have yet to meet Natalie! They're sweet!!

The dance last night was crazy. There was so many kids all trying to dance and socialize. I got stepped on quite a few times. The police was even called because our party was "too loud." Yeah...It was 9:30. It was fun, we danced...and was hot. HOWEVER, the breeze started plus it began to sprinkle for a bit! It was really neat. I called it a night early though. My feet were mad at me!

Then orientation today!
My Y group (orientation group) is fun! Took some warming up but I've met some great people. Hopefully, a new tennis partner! My leaders are awesome, but humble and psychotic - they said it...not me!

Between driving for 7 hours, the stress and craziness of moving in, and not having a single moment not scheduled for me during the day at orientation...I'm about dead. My feet are very sore. Walking around the crazy campus not only tires me but gets me lost. 

However, I am having fun. (getting used to making my own meals is going to be tricky though...I went to go make toast this morning to find no one had brought a toaster yet...Granola and yogurt it is!)

Pictures of my dorm room will be posted soon. I hardly have had time to do anything when I want to it seems, so I'll upload the pictures probably Sunday. If you'd like my address let me know! (:

Plus I didn't sleep at all last night...and I'm an hour ahead now so my internal clock is sooooo screwed up. I really should go to bed, and with as tired as I am...I really need to rest. But I can't. Because I'm excited.

College is going to be fun (:

Monday, August 20, 2012

To Infinity & Beyond (College Countdown: Final )

This morning, as I recover from my last minute packing needs and a late night dutch run....
...I get ready to leave...

(Yes, that is a not-so-hot coco and muffin top. Yes, I like my kids drinks. Why? Because it doesn't burn my tongue AND it comes with a cool straw... Dougie made it for me, it was yummy! I'm going to miss him!)

I'm headed to the partially, great unknown.
Brigham Young University.
For a good 3 and 1/2 months.


Here we, well I, go.
I'm sure I'll make new friends.
I have 5 roommates. (Suitemates)
But I'm leaving everyone else behind.
(Except for Parker and Tarron. Those poor boys have to put up with me in college too!!)

What can I say? I've been preparing for this moment for a very long time.
I'm nervous. I'm sad. I'm excited. I'm anxious. I'm proud.
I'm a freaking emotional mess.

I've got my favorite pillow to hold tight as I drive off to my new home.
Over the river and through the woods.
Well actually through the ugly Nevada Dessert...

I'm a legal adult now. Being 18 and all.
I'm moving out, growing up.
Going and moving on to be all adult-like.

But I'm still a little girl.
A little girl with big plans for her future.
I've been handed this wonderful opportunity.
Let's see what I do with it.

The adventure starts now.

First stop: Reno and of course, Lake Tahoe, to see the Cabin all redone.
Utah bound Tuesday morning.

It's really happening now. The clock has run out. No more countdown.

Bye, California. I'll miss you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Final Days (College Countdown: Day 19)

Today is my last day in Woodland.
That seems so weird to say...
Last day.

I've got church till 1. Then I've got some last minute errands to run. (Hah! That rhymed) Then I have some friends coming over for last minute goodbyes. I have to do my last load of laundry at home. I have to have my mom help me do some sewing.

It's crazy. I'm leaving...tomorrow morning. And I'm not coming back, till December.

Bleeeeh. I know I'll be crying at one point.

If you'd like to see me before I leave, text me.
Other than that...Wow...Today is my last day.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Laughter (C.C. Day 17)

Yesterday was really fun. I think I pulled a muscle from laughing as much as I did. Definitely a great last day with my bestie!

Adriana and Ian came over so we could go to the Taco Truck one last time together before I left. We ordered our pellescadas (I totally killed the spelling of that...) and enjoyed them. I sure am going to miss having authentic Mexican food on every street corner or at least a good taco truck with $1 tacos.

Hannah came over eventually and we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Then for whatever reason, Choco Tacos became a topic of conversation so we made a trip to Belair for ice cream. I believe the people there thought we were total dorks, but oh well...Hannah and I had never had one of these chocolate tacos and they were delicious.

Then we played Uno....FOR AN HOUR. The same game of Uno....FOR AN HOUR. We were all at each other's throats. Harsh words were exchanged and we hurt Ian's only feeling. But Hannah eventually won. You could say we were realived.

Then the webcam photos come into play....
Check out my Facebook and you will see what I mean....They are After our picture extravenganza, we ate Krause House Tacos (Our last addition of our Mexican Food day) and went to the fair!

We walked, and walked, and walked, and walked. I played Bra Pong. Adriana paid a dollar for me to throw ping pong balls into bras for the Breast Cancer booth. I won a pen! We met up with Ian and Gladys eventually. We decided to make Ian try to win a gold fish...he failed. Adriana said she'd never been on a Ferris Wheel so Gladys let us use some tickets and we all rode together!

Looking out over the fair grounds almost made me cry. It hit me that I was leaving, on Monday. And that the fair was a stupid high school reunion and as much as I wanted to see some of the people there, I didn't like seeing others. It reminded me that I probably wouldn't see then either ever again or for at least a very long time. Or until next year's Woodland Reunion....I mean Yolo County Fair...

After the fair, Adriana and I ate candy (bad idea) and looked at Wanelo and took more webcam pictures. We about died after reading different conversations on DamnYouAutoCorrect.Com.

Then I had to say goodbye to my best friend this morning. That sucked.
It was fine at first, then I went back to my bed and laid down....and cried....I'm leaving.
In three days.
Welp. Time to pack some more...
No more adventures of Adriana and Jensen for three months.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :(

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bright Side (College Countdown: Day 15/16)

When I put the slash I mean day 15 & 16!!!

Anyways, yesterday was a very busy, but great and fun day! (: 

Caution: If you are not fond of happiness or if the sight of too many smiley faces sends you into shock or overwhelms you and makes you faint, you may not want to read on. I'm full of smiles lately, and especially in this blog. I'm trying to stay positive even though I'm nervous as heck about leaving. "Always look on the bright side of life...." Most of you will not get that reference.... Oh well.

Parker came out to Woodland to hang out for a bit. He played the piano for me, and he's so amazing at it! (Don't let him try to tell you otherwise, because he's just being humble!) Then I played my uke for him! (He's lucky! I don't perform often. ) But we really didn't do much of anything. It was still fun to hang out with him again before we head up to BYU. I'm glad he'll be up there with me. It'll be so nice to not start this new adventure off totally alone. (:

Then Adrinana (HAH!), Ian and I went to the fair. EPIC FAILURE. It was super hot and nothing was going on because it was all still being set up. We saw the animals though..Or in Adrinana's case, talked to them! We ended up leaving after an hour and went to the water store for some shaved ice. Did you know that there are flavors called Fuzzy Navel and Tiger's Blood? I just find that to be soooo weird....I can't get over it.

Adrinana (or as most know her as Adriana) is on my hit list. My so called best friend likes to post awful statuses on FB for me. So this is the start of her payback. Muahahahahahh (:

Anyways, Ian downloaded Pokemon, like the gameboy versions, on my laptop so I could make up for my Pokemon deprived childhood. So yes, Josh! I'm making up for my lost time and I'm going to try to learn and understand this game. So far, it's not going well!

Then Adrinana and I went over to Jackie's house to see all the girls one last time before everyone leaves. I hadn't seen most of them since June so it was good to hang out with them for a bit. I'm going to miss them all (even if they won't miss me!). I was bummed I couldn't spend the night.

Guess who decided that she should schedule an appointment at 7:50am for the orthodontist?
THIS GIRL, 3 months ago. I had way too much faith in my good sleeping habits back then...

But on the bright side, I didn't get scolded for not wearing my retainer this time and I don't have to go back unless something happens to it (:

Today will consist of one last trip to the taco truck for lunch, and some kind of adventure in the afternoon, and the fair tonight! Should be great fun (:

Countdown 4 days.

AHHHHH! I have no idea how everything I have to bring is going to fit in our car on Monday morning...

And if you still want to come by to say goodbye, let me know! I'll try to fit you in ;) Kidding!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little help from my friends (C.C. Day 14)

Sometimes all you need is your friends to pick you up when your down.

Now that I have less than a week till I leave it's all been hitting me pretty hard. Saying goodbyes to friends and family who I love. Trying to remember it's just for a few months. Trying to think of rainbows and puppies so I don't cry. Yeah. Difficult.

Tears have been shed twice already this week.

I know I'm not alone though. Maybe not everyone is sad about leaving or nervous about starting a new chapter, but other people are distraught about people who are leaving them.

My last blog couldn't have been more depressing. But between people telling me they have to same fears or coming just to spend time with me, I've been feeling better about my departure.

(I shall not use a name but...) One friend sent me a message on Facebook that made me cry. She told me that she was feeling the same way but that I needed to "Chin up." I told her she had to do the same as part of a deal, and that I didn't care if she wanted me to or not, but I was going to stay close with her to make sure she's was doing well...and eating her veggies (:

Then Parker called unexpectedly on Sunday. We talked about lots of random stuff and of course how we are going up to BYU, but it was really nice just to talk on the phone. (Even though my stupid phone was being butthead, and kept dropping the call!) Just a simple conversation helped to make me be a bit more positive about moving up there. It really helped cheer me up (:

Then yesterday, it was so nice just to hang out with Amber before she left. It was the last time I was going to see her before I left for school. We didn't do much, but just sitting and talking was great. And of course going on an adventure with her and her brother, Brett, was fun and quite interesting, too. I'm going to miss her, and her sarcasm, very much.

Last night Adriana came over. It was great to see her after a week away. She gave me the cutest mug and "Worry dolls." (The Mayan dolls are there to listen to your worries and then they help take them away) Something so perfect for me because I'm the most worrisome, biggest worry-wart, worrier, stress case (call me what you want) in the freaking universe. My best friend knows me all too well.

Then Robert called. He came over and we talked for a couple hours. It was so great to see him and just sit and talk about everything and anything. We've been friends for years so it was good that we got to catch up for a bit.

What can I say? I have wonderful friends. I love them so much. I'm going to miss them all. I know I'm going to meet some great new people at BYU, but no one can replace the friends I've made growing up. The only reason I will come back to Woodland is because of them and of course my family. (:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's happening. (College Countdown: Day 10/11)

I went to my last Youth Dance with Kurt and Carlos last night. It was a blast. Very hot. (The AC wasn't working) But fun.

I was sorta pessimistic though. I kept thinking about how much I was going to miss those silly boys. And the dances with their awful music and awkward people.And How I was going to miss my Young Women. I'm going to miss getting pushed into Sunday School by Brother Pratt and Brother Haley.

How I'm going to miss Adriana and I's adventures, getting Bubble Slushes in Davis, getting Fluried. How I'm going to miss my friends violent games of Rat Slap, and weird conversations and awkward moments. Playing Minecraft at Ian's. Movie Marathons and Phase 10.

I'm going to miss my Family and their crazyness. Marley Moo (this dog already is planning to take over my room once I leave, it's so evident). I'm going to miss my purple walls. My bed.

Don't get me wrong. I'm excited. This is all I've talked about since February.I got into my first choice school. I broken down in tears when I found out I got accepted. I was convinced I wasn't going to get in. I was going to have to go to BYU Idaho because there was no way I'd be able to afford UC Santa Cruz. This is a big deal for me.

But -"When are you leaving?!" "Are you ready?!" -s are getting to me.

My reply: August 20th. And I DON'T KNOW! (Of course, as unsure as I am...I'm still smiling through out the conversation so you don't believe me and think "She's full of it. She's just saying that to be nice because she's ready to get the heck out of here." But that's only partly true....I'm ready to get the heck out of Woodland.)

I thought I was ready but it's really hitting me that I'm leaving. I feel nervous now as the time till I leave keeps decreasing. And of course, being the worrisome person that I am...I've come up with a million and one scenarios about how things could go totally wrong...

I could actually hate it up there.
I could make like no friends.
I could be homesick.
I could be totally broke and hungry.
I could get extremely lost on campus and miss all my classes.

That's just a small portion of the list.... Why I do this to myself...I'm not sure...

You're probably thinking "Jensen, you're being silly." "You'll be fine!" "You worry too much." "You're going to have so much fun!"

Yes. Yes. I know. I truly am ready to go and have so many new and exciting adventures and make friends. But I'm going to miss everything that I'm leaving behind. I can't shake these negative thoughts out of my head.

I won't let this blog end on a negative note though...

I'm going to make the most of the next few days. I'm going to have a blast! I've got lots of stuff I want to do before I leave. So stay tuned in to read all about this week's adventures. I'm sure they'll be interesting, as always (:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Genes & Names (College Countdown: Day 9)

Recently two topics have come up in conversation quite often. Whether the conversation involves family, friends or complete strangers-They've been brought up multiple times in the last few weeks.

I would just like to clear them up now for those who are reading who don't know.
I'm sure I'll have to explain myself quite a few times once I get up to BYU too though, but I want you all to know NOW. (And I don't mean to sound rude in this blog, I'm just clearing up a few things!)

The two topics? My name & My teeth. You're about to learn a bit about me!

My name
Jensen Leigh Krause
Phonetically spelled: Jen-sin Lee Kr-ow-ss

Yes..I have three last names in my full name. Yes...Jensen is a guy's name too. initials are JK. name doesn't have some cool story behind it. My mom heard it on TV and thought it was pretty. I was supposed to be Sarah, Melissa or even possibly, Fiona.

My nicknames include Jenn (I tell people my name is Jenn when I go to like Jamba because they can spell Jenn better than Jensen.), Jay (Most popular with my friends and fam), Jaybird (Softball nickname and immediate family) and the occasional Jenny (But ONLY Bryanna is allowed to call me that).

Jaybird - Came from putting my head back with my mouth wide open like a baby bird when I was hungry as a baby. Why I did that? I don't know. But the nickname stuck.

So yeah, that's the story behind my name and all the answers to all the questions I'm most frequently asked.

My teeth.
I have two white spots on my front two teeth. They are square spots that are brighter white then the rest of my teeth.

Why I have them? Two theories:
Genetics- My mom and Nana each have a spot on one of their front teeth...but I have 2...
High Fever - Something about having a high fever as an infant...which I did have...and it does something to your adult teeth..Not sure how or why exactly. But that's what the dentist said may have affected my teeth coloration.

No, it's not leftover frosting on my teeth. (Got that one in Fifth Grade) It's not from my 4 years in braces. I've had them forever. After I lost the baby teeth, they came in like this. And No, I'm not going to get them capped. I think they add character to my smile even if they are a little odd looking.

I'd post a picture of my lovely spotted smile but luckily they don't show up in pictures very well!
So yeah. That's me. The girl with with three last names and checkered teeth. But I think my teeth and name really fit me. They're different, random and original (:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Adventure Time! (College Countdown: Day 8/9)

What a crazy three days I've had. Seriously. Crazy. Non stop. Adventures.

Josh was in town so he surprised me and took me to Six Flags! It was super fun. I hadn't been on any of the big roller coasters there before (Let alone been there in probably 8 years). I just have to say, I'm mad I hadn't been on those rides before.

However, I did not like Boomerang, felt like I was going to fall out of that one, and Kong, my back and organs were realigned in the process of enduring that ride. No bueno! I also learned that you don't wear earrings if you plan on going on rides. They stab your neck and it hurts. And no bobby pins. Superman made my hair look just...fantastic...

We both needed to get out and have some fun so it was perfect. Definitely was a very fun and tiring day. So yes, Josh. You've been included in the blog and thank you. It was great!

Went out to Roseville! Taylor and I made plans to hang out and have one last adventure before I head off the BYU. We window shopped around a bit at the mall. We also went thrifting and made a new friend, Samantha! She's attending BYU and a big thrift-er/pinterest-er so it was quite a coincidence we ran into her!

After shopping, we went to Cameron's house and hung out with his cute siblings. We went to Chicken Park and Sunflower Drive-In,-Chased some chickens and had some good vegan food. Then we went to Heaven. An overlook up in the hills in El Dorado. It was quite an awesome last adventure. Even if I am "Forever a Third Wheel..."

Definitely going to be weird not going out to Roseville every first Sunday for dinner and adventures...I'm going to miss it.

Woke up and went to Jamba Juice for $1 drinks. Yuuuummm. I love my Jamba.
But also I went to meet up with Parker! Parker and I know each other from a long line of connections (trust me, it's a bit crazy how we know each other) and now we're both going to school at BYU. We got to hang out for a few hours before I had to go back out to Woodland.

We didn't do much. But it was fun hanging out with him and his brothers and driving around to meet up with his mom. Plus I learned that I am easily distracted and I shouldn't play Mario Cart...I'm awful at it!!

But yeah, I'm super tired. Definitely could use a nap. It has been a great three days. I'm going to miss Josh, my family, Taylor and Cam. But I get to look forward to having more of my crazy adventures with Parker and the other people that I meet up at BYU!

I'm getting really excited.
11 days till I leave! (Leaving Woodland on the 20th now! Driving from Reno to Utah on the 21st) Whoot Whoot!! (:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rise & Shout! (College Countdown: Day 7)

Rise & Shout, The Cougars are out! :)

I bought an All Sports Pass which will allow me to go to all home sports events for BYU! (: Football. Basketball. Baseball. Tennis. Volleyball... & more! AHHHHH!!!!!

 Can you tell I'm excited??

But anyways, my room has been torn down. All my decorations are gone. My Jones Soda bottles were the last to go.

You can see my periwinkle walls now without looking behind all my decor. Here are pictures of the awesome bottles. All open wall used to be filled with my shopping bags...

I think the most depressing part was I had to throw them away, not recycle them, because of the paint!

Anyways, my room is pretty much cleaned up. I just need to make a trip to the Goodwill and drop off a few boxes of old things to different people and it'll be done!!

Yesterday, I also went out with Kathy and Jacob! We enjoyed some CPKs (California Pizza Kitchen) and then walked around Arden Mall for a while. It was so nice to see them both (:

Today, Josh is back in town for a bit so he's taking me on some kind of adventure. Not sure where we are going, he won't tell me. Should be fun though! I'm sure I'll blog about it tomorrow!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Just a little Crazy (College Countdown: Day 5/6)

This weekend has been a little crazy.

To start off, we haven't had hot water since...Thursday? I've taken 2 very quick warm showers and three long cold ones in the last few days. Let me tell you, you may think cold showers are nice in the summer...but you're wrong. 

Saturday though we went out to Nana's house to celebrate her birthday with my cousins and Tauntie Erin and Uncle Tim! We went to the pool on a that cloudy day. It was cold but everyone was in the water at some point. Sarah made me her little servant in the kiddie pool and I kept having to fetch her beach ball every time she threw it out too far. It was cute. Funny how kids never get tired of the same thing...over and over and over again.

Once it got to cold we left and had some pizza at Nana's house and ate so many Soy Beans. YUMM (:

Sunday, was another Krause Family Dinner. And Of course, it was eventful. It was my last one before college and my birthday/college celebration. I got lots of fun stuff for my college adventures! One of my favorites is my boyfriend pillow, my first care package from Grandma (Oreos!), and my new Forever Lazy. 

I'm such a cool kid in my new Forever Lazy...I'm gonna have lots of friend in college! They're gonna be jealous of how cozy I am during the winter (:

I look sorta like Justin Bieber with my bangs all swept to one side with my hood on.


But yes, I got lots of goodies from my family! Hopefully it all fits in the car when we come to pack it all...

After family dinner, my immediate family went to take pictures with my Aunt. They were pre-college-you're leaving-and-we won't have pictures for our Christmas card-pictures. It was fun, a little obnoxious, but fun.

So yeah. Definitely a great weekend with family. Won't be seeing most of them until Christmas! :( 
15 days till I say goodbye to California. Still can't believe it. Enjoy a few selections from our portraits yesterday. The rest are on my FB in my "We're related" album!

I worry about my brother...


Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's hitting me. (College Countdown: Day 3/4)

Not three fourths...3 slash 4. I didn't post yesterday. I was too busy.

Yesterday was good but sad.

Everything revolved around departures and college.

Adriana and I spent most of the first hour we hung out together talking about packing for college.
We then went to Michael's so I could buy ribbon to sew onto a throw pillow I'm making and my glow in the dark stars. (I love the stars and the moon. You'll often find me staring at the sky at night. However, I'm scared of the dark... so it's difficult for me to enjoy the night sky too long.)

Anyways, Adriana left after we painted our nails and I then continued to disassemble my room.
My walls are very bare. 24 shopping bags came off my walls. My walls are almost bare now.

Then Ian, Gladys, Abbie and Adriana (she's at my house a lot) came over. We at pizza and watched the Olympics.

Yesterday was the last day I'd see Abbie for at least a year. She's leaving us to go to the Philippines. I'm going to miss her so much. I don't know who else is going to take awful pictures of me and make fun of my amateur tennis skills. I've gotten so close to Nice Lady this year and now she's leaving! Thank goodness for Skype.

It's exciting that we're all going off to college and growing up, but lately it's been really hard on me. I think it's finally hitting me that everything is changing. I'm not going to orientation at Pioneer. I'm not going to have tennis the first day of school. I don't have to plan any more class events. I won't be living in my house. I have a whole new experience waiting for me in Utah. I just have to pack up and say goodbye to everything and everyone here...No big deal right??

Meh.Well on another bleh note -
   If anyone reads my Twitter, probably no one (except for my parents)...I'm looking for a hug. I haven't had a good hug in a long time... Silly, I know. But sometimes when you're feeling down, you just need a hug.
And well... I need one.

Sorry this was sort of depressing, but what did you expect? I'm leaving in 17 days. You're bound to have to read some depressing stuff on my college countdown.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspirational (College Countdown: Day 2)

I already know that I don't feel like blogging today.

Plus, I won't have time.

 I'm going to the Galleria with Adriana to hopefully find the last few articles of clothing needed on my college list. Like a freaking 1 piece swimsuit (That doesn't have some hideous pattern on it) and a new knee length skirt!

In the words of the Jonas Brothers -"Modesty is just so hard to find."

However, I'm supposed to post meaningful blogs for my college countdown.
So what do you get?
My favorite quotes/sayings that I live by, & believe.
Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.
~Jonas Salk

L'amore vince tutto.
(Italian: Love conquers all)

La vita ѐ bella.
(Italian: Life is beautiful)

And my blog title and motto...

Stay True.

Side notes:

Happy Birthday to the most amazing Nana in the world. (:
She's still battling cancer but she's fighting! There is a reason she's still here with us all today. I'm so thankful she is here and fighting! She's such a smart, strong and inspirational woman. I love her so much. I can't wait to spend sometime with her and my not-so-little-anymore cousins on Saturday.
Love you, Nana!

P.S. I'm taking my stuffed animal, Tuggles, with me. Kaeli told me I shouldn't pull an "Andy," (Toy Story 3 reference) so she's coming with me.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet Tuggles. (College Countdown: Day 1)

 Hello, I'm Tuggles.

I'm a Dalmatian stuffed animal, acrobat, comforter and best friend.

Jensen got me when she was 3 (maybe 2)
We've been through everything together.
She loved me because:

-I was a "Mation-Puppy-Mation."
(Translates to Dalmatian)
- I could go everywhere.

This came with it's positives and negatives.
I love Jensen, but she wore me out.

She could use my little harness to pull me around on a leash.

Or she'd use the harness to throw me up in the air and I'd hit the ceiling and fall (Thus the acrobat title)

I was like her real dog, Nikki. But I could go everywhere and I didn't stink that bad...

   One time, I ended up going swimming in the toilet somehow. Thankfully, it was clean water.

   I also took a dive into a bowl of Tomato Soup. It just looked to good that I wanted to enjoy it with Jensen too.
Jensen played with me so much that the plastic on my paws wore out and I needed surgery.

Mama Krause replaced the top two herself but Jensen did the bottom two...You can tell who the better surgeon was.

But I'm all fixed and for the most part. I'm pretty healthy!

However, I've been sentenced to a life on the top shelf of her closet. (Better than a tub where the other few stuffed animals live)

But Jensen is leaving in less than a month, and I'm worried she's going to leave me behind.

She's got a ton of stuff to pack and I'm worried there won't be space for her first best friend!

What do you think? Do you think Jensen should take me? I mean, I've been with Jensen through thick and thin, should I go with her to start her life in college?

Help her decide?? Leave a comment on her FB post or this blog and help her make a decision!

Thank you. Much love. Tuggles (: