Friday, September 28, 2012

Series of Unfortunate Events

Yesterday, was great. Class was done at 11. I saw a bunch of people I knew on my home. Got a nap in. Finished my Chem homework early. Went to my seminar. Found a possible career I want to pursue (Occupation Therapy) Hung out with some guys from my ward. Had a good DTR with the roomies (Define the Responsibilities, we discussed chores and cleaning and such). Procrastinated on some homework and went to bed.

Today. HAH. It was a roller coaster of good, bad and awkward.

I woke up 20 minutes before class. Found out I got a solid B on the essay that I pretty much put no effort into because it frustrated me so much. (Sorry, but it's the truth. I tried. But it was just so...stupid). Went to Chem. Then Kam told me I had received flowers!

Yeah, I couldn't concentrate after that. Ran home. (Good thing I did) Found out I got some wonderful flowers delivered :) Finally had time to shower and make myself look presentable to the world. Went to the Testing Center, feeling confident about my Bio test. Confidence was shot after the third question. Ended up not doing so hot. Ate my feelings in the form of a Subway Sandwich because I didn't feel like making myself a meal when I got back to the dorm. Tarron ended up treating me to Ice Cream. I've been moping around the dorm since then, feeling like a failure because I totally bombed a test in a subject that I really understand (or at least thought I did).

I skipped the game. Now i'm sitting here writing this. I'm going to study Chem. Play my uke. Make some dinner. And hang out with Kam once she gets back from doing her homework on campus.

Chem test in the morning. After that, we're going to the mall so I can buy clothing! (Example: NEW PANTS) and go to the DI and maybe the grocery store. But I'm really excited. And then that night, Adam and I are going to play Tennis which I'm super excited for since I haven't played in a month!

So yeah. Today needs to be over so I can get over a few bad and awkward moments. The flowers do help a lot though.

Anyways, don't let me get you down. Smile! And if you can't. Well...Here is a funny picture of a dog.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Positive Polly

The last few days have been tough. I've had a ton of homework and stuff to do.

Monday was the worst. Definitely did not enjoy Monday.
Tuesday. It was good. Surprisingly for it being my long day.
Today, today was better.

So I went to Writing on Tuesday. I didn't want to be there. I really didn't. About fifteen minutes in though, FIRE ALARM. Boom. Day = made. Fifteen minutes of class wasted as they evacuated the building. Got back into class with maybe fifteen, twenty minutes left. Did really talk about much and then my professor let us out 5 minutes early. AWESOME.

I went to Chem. Nothing exciting there. However, my TA showed us that we can run our hands over these holes in the concrete walls and it makes like a suction cup POP sound. It's super nifty. Definitely, didn't pass my quiz because the answer was an "exception" to the rule of Chemistry. Yeah. FYI. Everything is a freaking exception to a rule. Riddle me this...Why have rules if there are exceptions? Yeah. I don't know either.

I watched the Devotional. It was a big help. It was on "Being Positive in a Negative World." If you know me, you're probably thinking...Jensen...Negative?? No!! She's always smiling. Well I hate to break your little world, but I have been having trouble with trying to get through all this work. (I am feeling much better now though thanks to my lovely friends and roommates). So I am being positive again :)

Biology came next and it was the Fruit Fly lab! It was similar to the Lab we did in AP Bio so I just finished the homework super fast and got out of the lab an hour early. It felt so nice!! Seeing as I had extra time, I ran back to the dorm and took a quick nap. It felt so nice!

4-6, I went to a Chem review. Nate and I had trouble staying awake during it but I definitely got some good info out of it. Afterwards, I went back to my dorm. Kam and I went over to the creamery (I now have milk!!), we delivered cookies to our Visiting Teachies, got rushed out of the building for a fire alarm and hung out with Josh for a bit. (Kam made really bomb cookies by the way. I ate way tooooo many)

We also went and delivered cookies to friends around Heritage Halls. I played my uke around the parking lot. I don't know why I grabbed it on the way out the door. We visited with Kalin, Jake, Blake and Josh for a bit. They are all so fun.

I then took a walk to the Temple with Parker, Ray and their friend Nea. It was so nice to get to see the Temple and take an hour just to settle down and clear my mind. It was wonderful!

When I got back though, I worked on my Book of Mormon essay and called it a night at 11:30. Early!!

Today has just been good. I've been in a great mood :) Plus, Kam...Kam is just awesome. She fell back in her chair this morning and spilled her yogurt all over the floor. It was so funny. What does she say after she falls? "Take a picture!" Oh I did. And now all of our funny pictures have been posted on FB..well some of them (:

But yeah, class has been good today. I'm done but I have two review sessions today. Bio from 4-6, then Chem from 6-8. My brain is going to be fried. And I'm going to be starving. But that's okay. It's going to help me study for my exam!

Just gotta stay positive, right? (:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Get Sassy

I have been MIA because I've been super busy with homework. I have three exams this week. Quite a bit of stuff has happened. Good stuff. Frustrating stuff. And annoying stuff. This blog does include some rants...

Friday, I did a whole lot of nothing. I came home from Chem, cleaned, attempted to work on homework but couldn't, and sat in the window of course. Oh and called Maintenance...again.

I did go a Bio review session that ended up being a waste of time. I thought it would help answer my questions but it didn't. This Bio class is just like AP Bio. It's practically a review.

After, Marcie and I went to the creamery. We got a ton of food that we needed. (Yes. Oreos and chocolate pudding are a necessity in our apartment) We made dinner. I watched Glee. (You guys are all fired for not telling me that Glee was back on!) I played my uke for a bit. But then I started to feel sorta sick. My allergies were acting up.

Marcie's friends Logan, Mark, Josh, and Jackson ended up coming over and we all hung out for a bit. It was  "Get Sassy day" thanks to Logan. He believed I was wearing my "sassy pants." (He likes to write on our calendar. & Kam ended up drawing on him with the window markers.) We walked down to the Arts center area where we climbed on all the statues. (Don't think that's allowed but it was a lot of fun. There are pictures.). We went down to the practice rooms in the HFAC and listened to Mark play the piano. He is amaaaaazing! Then we returned back and they all decided to watch a movie. I ended up taking a benedryll, talking to Jordan on the phone and falling asleep. I was tired.

Saturday was all homework. I was very productive. I made a freaking awesome poster for my Bio class....yeah it's hanging up in our kitchen now because I'm so proud of i I ended up getting a lot of my homework done so when my FHE boys invited me to play Capture the Flag, I was out the door! (I've had cabin fever a lot lately.)

Capture the flag was awesome! It was organized really well with maps, headbands and glowstick boundries. It was awesome! I even helped try to get the flag the second round of it! (I did get caught in jail like 5 times though...) Definitely looking forward to more big games like that. It was a blast.

On Sunday, the temple dedication was broadcasted. I went to that at 9am. Then finished the rest of my homework most of the day. Tarron came over to help me with my Book of Mormon study guide. And we ended up hanging out for a bit. He went and took a lap with me (Cabin Fever again) around the dorm buildings because I had way too much energy.

Karina made us dinner! It was quite yummy. After, I played my uke out on the balcony and got ambushed by boys. They heard me playing and ran up the stairs all at once and were pushing each other down to get up to the balcony first to reach their "Juliet". It was quite the production!

We ended up being in charge of Ward Prayer so we got to introduce ourselves to the ward. Natalie introduced me as the Dorm Mom! Later, I went to tunnel singing with the roommates and Mark, Jackson and Logan, worked on my homework then went to bed.

Then a stupid car alarm decided to go off at 3:30am. And continued to go off till about 4am. It was right outside our window. Our window was open. Yeah. I was very upset.

I woke up sleepy and irritated. However, I got a 8/10 on my Chem quiz. I was pretty proud of that. Then I took my Book of Mormon exam which was frustrating. Hardly any of what was on the Study Guide was on the test. Sure, tell the convert to do the Study Guide and then test her on everything she doesn't know. REAL COOL. Then I wasted an hour in the writing center with a tutor because it's 5% of my grade. Seriously. I don't need help with writing! 3 Advanced Writing classes and 2 AP ones. I think I'm good! Yes, this is college but this is a ridiculous class....What is a comma? I don't know. WHAT IS IT?! (Sorry, about the rant)

Now I'm home. About to take a nap. But I should first go to the Creamery and get milk. I drank a whole gallon, by myself, in three days.... I haven't had milk since Saturday. GAH!

I have quite a bit of homework but my brain can't function because my sleep was interrupted by that stupid car alarm. I'm of course trying to stay positive. This week just needs to be over and then next week will be cake! Why? NO EXAMS. And it's conference week. Rumor has it, Teachers don't give as much homework then... Cross your fingers!

P.S. In case you forgot. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. Come on people! You'd think BYU girls, with their modest clothing, would at least know that. Guess I was wrong.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Always a Party

What a great 24 hours it has been!

Wednesdays: Always great!
Classes got done at 2. I went home. Got working on my career research paper. Totally had no focus. It was so hard to concentrate. Kam got back and we talked for a bit. I ended up getting so excited about what we were talking about at one point I rocked back too far in my desk chair and fell! Kam watched me fall, laughed and took a picture! What an awesome roommate right?? I love her! :)

I eventually gave up trying so hard to write my paper and cleaned my room. That means I made my bed and stacked my books neatly. Everything else was fine. (I'm so OCD about having a clean work space)

I eventually got cozy on my bed and typed a few paragraphs. I ate some leftover Shells and Cheese. Typed some more. Then Kam and I decided that we wanted to use all our vegetables that were going bad so I got creative!

I cut up miniature peppers, cucumber, zucchini, grape tomatoes, and basil and threw it all in a pan with a bit of olive oil with sea salt and pepper. Kam and I put some Feta cheese on it and oh my goodness. YUMM!!! I've become quite the chef, let me tell you! :)

However, I did leave the oil on the stove for a little too long because I got distracted by my crazy roommates and it sorta started...smoking. The whole kitchen was filled with smoke so we opened all the doors and windows and turned on our scary kitchen fan that did not help...and I danced around the kitchen with a folder in my hands waving it around like a crazy person. Yeah. Our window was wide open so everyone could see in and watch our sillyness.

Anyways, I then got to Skype Jordan for a bit and ask him my Book of Mormon questions! But then I returned back to doing my homework. I attempted to do my Chemistry. It was easier than it had been lately, but I could not concentrate. I was almost done when at 10:45 some random guys started throwing acorns at our window. They were out and about meeting people who had their windows open and kitchen lights on...Yeah. Weird but they were pretty nice. My roommates and I had a nice chat with them for a bit. They said the saw our dance party last Thursday....Awkward.

I eventually got to bed at about 1am. Only because I took a long time memorizing my elements. It all paid off! I'm pretty sure I earned myself a nice 100% on that test today! :)

Class was over at 11am for me today. So I went to do my Chem lab. (We got to shoot little pipette rockets. It was pretty cool!) Then I took that test. Came home. Cleaned our kitchen and bathroom. Took out the trash and recyclables. Finished my research paper. Now I'm going to work on my chemistry. And maybe go to the Farmer's Market. I have my last class at 5. Then I'm going over to a boys' dorm in our ward at 6:30 to watch the BYU vs. Boise State game! I can't wait!!!!!!! :)

Oh and today is Thursday...So that means it's party time in 217 tonight. Whooooot!
Annnnnd I don't have writing tomorrow. Only one class tomorrow, (Chem) and it's not till 9!
I am alllll smiles lately (:
Well except for on Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yippee Skippee

To start off, I must inform you of a recent development in my craziness. Lately, my energy levels have been at an ultimate low (falling asleep during lecture) or ultimate high (jumping on the couch). As a result, my sarcasm has been quite bad; I have been extremely snarky and clever. I don't know why. I have been getting at least 6 hours of sleep... Oh well. It's entertaining.

Anyways, I haven't posted much because, well, nothing exciting has happened. Monday was uneventful. I really don't hate Mondays like the rest of the world. I don't hold a grudge against them. I just deal with them as they come. I mean, I have class at 9. It's not like it's early. I do have Chem first, and I hate Chem, but it's not terrible. And I end at 2pm. My Mondays never are too bad.

On the other hand, Tuesdays are my enemy. On a good day, I'm up at 6:15 and I leave my apartment by 7:40. Then I'm on campus from 8am-3pm. Yeah. It's like a normal high school day but let me explain to you why Tuesdays are so terrible (this last one especially)

So I woke up late. I guess I hit my snooze button 1-4 more times than usual and BAM it was 7 and I needed to shower. I rushed to get ready. I needed to print something, not that big of a deal, except for when my printer has a mind of its own. I had to change the ink and then it decided to like try to eat my paper. Yeah, I don't understand why it does that, and it picks the most convenient times to decide it wants to have a snack (sarcasm). So I finally was out the door at 7:50. Not a big deal, my class isn't that far, but for anyone who knows me...knows I'm OCD about being late. I have to get to class early or else my whole schedule is off. Well I was late....

So then the rest of my day was just awful. I could hardly keep my brain focused in Writing. After, I went to go work on my Chem the hour before my class. It was going alright. I decided to get my lunch from the Vending  Machines. (Campus closes at 11:15 for Devotional. My class ends at 10:50. My next class is at 12. I eat from the Vending every Tuesday. It's not my favorite) So I go to use my card...Signature cards aren't working for those vending machines...I luckily had some change. I selected my food, and it got STUCK.

Went to Chem. Tried to understand what all was going on. Asked some questions and BAM. Fire Alarm goes off. And this fire alarm...IT WAS LOUD. We evacuate and go about to find a place to watch the Devotional. No such luck because we went to a building where we couldn't find a place to watch it. So we sat in the hallway where there was no cell service and worked on our homework. I did get some food. But then I go to the bathroom to wash my hands. HUGE BUG on the sink. I nearly screamed because it scared me.

Hour later, go to my Bio lab (for 3 hours) and I am irritated beyond reason. I can't focus. I'm tired and I'm frustrated with all that is going on so I am more than happy to leave after. (Which is weird because that is my favorite class).

I got to the Wilk and sat down at a table alone. (I wanted to get homework done so I brought all my books and laptop with me to do homework till 5. My back hurt). On the verge of tears because of my frustrating day and I called my friend Jordan. He just listened for about five minutes and I instantly felt better. People probably thought I was totally strange, talking on the phone so hastily as I went on about my terrible day but I didn't care. Sometimes you just have to vent and I felt so much better after.

I took a deep breathe after the phone call and got down to work. Hour and a half later, I finished all my chem reading (didn't help me much on my quiz today though. My professor likes pick his questions on all the stuff I didn't read into much) I went over my essay. Picked my career for my research essay for my Health Professions class. Then I worked on my memorization of the Periodic Table. I was really productive. It made me feel a lot better and less stressed.

Then Parker and Nate met up with me and we went over to the Cannon Center for dinner. I ate great food (Fish Tacos! Salad! Ice Cream! YUMM). It was a lot better than having pasta, again. With a full stomach and a smile on my face, I went back to my dorm to have my interview with the Bishop. (I got back at 7pm, I hadn't been back alllll day. I plopped down on my bed and hugged my pillow real tight :) )

Yes. I have a calling. You won't find out about it till the 30th though! It's a secret and a big responsibility! I told my Bishop about my bad day and he actually apologized for giving me the news about the calling on top of all my stress. Surprisingly though, I was smiling when I left the meeting and I'm looking forward to it :) I can assure you though, I'm not Relief Society Prez! So keep guessing.

I then proceeded to have a large burst of energy (it was the ice cream) and played my uke out the window for people passing by (: I did get back to doing homework. I ended up memorizing the rest of the Periodic Table. YEAH. I DID IT. I'm taking the test tomorrow (Thursday). So I didn't mess around too much.

Now today was better. I'm not 100% but I'm feeling better and rested. I found that I have 3 exams next week though. And I have a research essay to write tonight, due tomorrow at 5pm. So I'm trying to not stressing. It is going to be okay. I had my first stress fit Tuesday, and survived. I'm sure it won't be the last but I got through it. I can do this!

So now i'm off to do my homework. Sorry for the negative blog. I guess it did get better and more positive towards the end but I wanted to get writing. I wanted to get rid of my writer's block so I wouldn't get stuck when I tried to write this research essay. ANYWAYS. I'll be sure to write about something more interesting and exciting next time. (:

P.s. Blog title=One of my sarcastic phrases that is often said. Phrase of the week goes to "Fudge Monkeys" though. Habit of the week: Putting "Bs" in front of words. Ex. Bawkward....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Weekend of Greatness

Friday night Game Night was quite the success. Some of our guy friends from our ward came over, we made some 7 layer bean dip and cut up a water melon and played catch phrase! Plus Kalin and Bryce played my uke a bit. It was great fun! We're lucky to have such great guys in our ward.

Saturday morning we made a two hour drive to the Brigham City temple Open House. It was quite the drive. Utah is so pretty though! It was really nice to leave the campus for the day, and for the first time in like 3 weeks.

The Temple was gorgeous, and it was just a beautiful day on top of it. Everyone kept saying it was small but in my opinion it was huge. Compared to the Sacramento Temple, it was big. It was a lot of fun to walk through all the rooms. They were all so nicely decorated and constructed. Oh it was great!!

After though, we had to wait for about 30 minutes for our bus. I came prepared and had my Rubik's Cube to mess with, (And some snacks!). I completed my cube a few times. Other guys, Eric and Adam, knew how to do it as well and we were trying to teach Kalin.

Eventually the bus did get there and we went and picked up our box lunches. Then during the 2 hour drive Lauren and I fell asleep. (School buses are not ideal for naps.) We woke up hot and even more tired. We arrived back at campus by 4. The trip was about 6 hours. I was hungry and tired!

I got to talk to my daddy on the phone once I got back though. And I got a letter from my lovely Nana. She sent me a magnet that says "If it walks out of the refrigerator...Let it go!" My roommates and I all love it. So far, none of our food has grown legs...yet.

I made pasta with garlic sauteed zucchini. Yes, it was as yummy as it sounds. Tarron came over and enjoyed it with me. But first we cooked up some cucumber that he bought at the farmer's market. I found a recipe for Crisp Sauteed Cucumbers with Lemon. Cucumbers covered in flour, crisped in oil and then sauteed with lemon zest and lemon slices. I'd have to say, the recipe was pretty awesome. A bit messy though. Tarron decided he wanted to wear one of our aprons. He chose the one that has lady bugs on it!

Then we went and watched the game in his apartment building because New Heritage has big activity rooms with flat screens. (I'm way jealous). BYU almost almost almost came close to matching Utah's 24. But we came up short, 21-24.

It was the most intense end of a game ever though. If there was any way to lose, that was the way to do it. (Sounds bad I know, but I mean we could have not fought and just looked silly but it was a good way to end it) We had 4 seconds on the clock, and made an amazing pass but came up short. However, because we were supposed to have 5 seconds (they didn't stop the clock when they were supposed to), they added on more second so we could make one more play to try to score. In that one more second we didn't make it very far, but because the Ute fans stormed the field a little too early, they got a 15 yard penalty putting us just in the right vicinity to try to make a field goal to tie it. But that kick was just centimeters off and it hit the goal post and bounced out. (If that isn't correct I'm sorry. I was trying to explain what was going on to my FHE guys and Tarron while trying to pay attention to the game at the same time! )

GOSH. It was so crazy in that room. Funny thing is that the game ended right at 11:59pm on Saturday. If it would have gone into overtime, we would have had to stop anyways. BYU doesn't play on Sundays :) hahaha It was great! (Plus if we would have gone into overtime, the girls would have had to watch the game through the window because of visiting hours!)

After the game, I walked around with my FHE guys Steven and Axel. They acquired some cookies from some girls and we tried to find one of the other FHE boys, but we had no luck! Axel walked me back to the dorm but we ended up just talking in front of my building till 2...Oops? We were both a little delirious and tired but that just made the conversation more enjoyable!

Today we had Regional Conference (It's been decided that I have the attention span of a three year old. I can't sit still for too long without fidgeting.) And now I've been memorizing the Periodic Table. I've got 40 down so far! :) Later our FHE boys are making us dinner. Twice baked potatoes! Yumm right? Can't wait!

It's been a wonderful weekend! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Epic Escapades

My roommates and I have way too much energy..

Kam broke the door knob AGAIN. We've decided she's like Mr. Incredible.
This time she broke it like I did. Badly enough to where you can't put it back on...Maintenance didn't come till the next day..They come way too often... Even when they aren't supposed to come...They just show up to fix something we didn't call about... Anyways, we have a new one now!

But we decided to go to the creamery at maybe....9pm Wednesday night. Nat needed her Oreos!
We got nothing but junk (I got milk though!). Junk = Chocolate pudding, ice cream, and Chex mix. I hadn't had a Creamie (Creamy?) before so I decided to get a box of them. They're quite good!

After a crazy, energized walk back from the creamery, we came back and had a dance party to Stacy's Mom...The song of course...Long story as to why we picked that song...but we got a little wild. So wild that we had to close our blinds. People could hear and see us...I even got a text from one of our FHE boys saying "What the heck...." hahah it was great! :)

I eventually settled down at about 10 and did my Chem homework. Yes. All that was totally worth waiting till late to do my homework. I don't mind doing my homework later anyways. It's easier to focus when there isn't so much to go and do.

After classes on Thursday, I got home to find I had 2 packages to pick up! My care package and my new ink cartridge (Hallelujah! We were soooo low on ink) It was so great to get a little piece of home, for example a Ludy's Rib Bib. Plus a ton of spices, candy, chapstick and vitamins(:
That afternoon I went to the farmer's market with Tarron. I got cucumbers, Asian pears, and zucchinis. It was  great! I'm going to go every Thursday I think!

Then after my seminar that night, I wasn't feeling 100% so I went over to Javier's to hang out for a bit to lift my spirits! We made some Mac and Cheese for dinner(We ate at like could hardly call it dinner) Played the ukulele. Listened to music. Played with Larry/Ms. Pickles the Hedgehog. It's he/she adorable?

When I got home, my roomies were going nuts. My roommates and I have decided that Thursday night is party night. We had a dance party in the kitchen, strobe light included and they all ran through the sprinklers. It was fun! I had already finished my homework so I was able to participate in the fun! (:

Now today, I'm done with class. I walked home with the nicest guy, totally made my day. I skyped my best friend and I'm hoping we order pizza tonight for dinner for our game night! It's going to be a great weekend :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Walking home from campus today, I was just enjoying the people walking by, the beautiful weather and being done with classes when I've come to the conclusion that I am truly happy. I can smile and say I'm fine and mean it.
And make funny faces (including my signature thumbs up) because I am in such a good mood :)

School is going well. (Chem is going to kill me though!)
I'm going to become involved with BYU/SA (Student Association).
I'm going to join a service project for the disabled as part of my Intro to Health Professions Seminar.
I'm still looking for a job!
I'm eating well. (I'm actually cooking, or other people are feeding me!)
I'm sleeping at least 6 hours a night. (More than I got during high school)
I've made great friends. (I have a social life!)
I love Utah weather. (It's rained a ton since I've been here!)
I'm studying my favorite subject, Biology. (My favorite class because of the 3 hour lab!)
My roommates are amazing. I love them all so much. We all get along so well and have a blast. We've started a quote wall!
I've gotten used to campus. I've got all the acronyms down.
I discover something new that's cool about campus every single day.
I meet someone new everyday.
I love college. I love BYU.

However, I do miss my family. Marley. My best friend. My nerd herd. And everyone in between. But I've gotten over the homesickness. This is where I belong, where I'm supposed to be.
I've made this place my home. :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Just Call Me Mom.

So it's been decided I am the apartment Mom for 217 (my apartment). It was not my decision, all the girls just keep calling me mom because I take care of so many things in the dorm! Plus, I even got offered the job by John to be the apartment for the boys over in Building 28 (Parker's dorm).

I promise, I'm not taking my mom duties to the extreme. I am still having a blast. I'll prove it.

Saturday I had a shaving cream and cheeto fight. Yepp. For reals.

It was supposed to be a game where you put shaving cream on your face and throw cheetos at your teammates face and try to get them to stick. Team with the most wins. However, Nathan decided to cover me in shaving cream right off the bat so the war began.

Parker, Nate, Nathan, Wendy, Ray and I (Ali was the photographer so she wasn't too bad) were covered in the mess. And so was the ground. Ali has pictures and I'm really hoping she posts them. It was the messiest but best thing in the world.

My roommates thought I got attacked when I walked back into the dorm. They were ready to kick someone's butt! (I love my girls!)

But yeah, after I was clean, that night I made friends with random people that were playing catch phrase. They all knew my name but I only knew my FHE boys and two other guys who were super into catch phrase as I was. (I'm a pro at the game!)

Sunday was nothing special. Just church and homework. I got to go tunnel singing again. It was just as wonderful as the first time. I loved it!!

And today. Today has been bad. I have soooo much homework. I've pretty much finished my rough draft of my writing paper. My bio homework is done. My chem homework....GAH. It's so scary looking. I tried it and my brain hurt so now I'm writing my blog.

I'm actually in the Wilk (student center). I've found my studying niche. It's not too quiet. Not too loud. I'm in a comfy little booth. I can put my head phones in. Eat. It's perfect. Plus on the second floor, when I get writer's block, I can people watch...Muahahahah

Well back to my dorm. I need to make some dinner and attempt my chem. Plus. Family Home Evening tonight!

Feel free to send me letters. (If you want my address just comment on my FB post) I really love getting mail (:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Double Rainbow

So on Thursday I didn't start my homework till....9?

Yeah. But it was totally worth it.

I went to my last class of the day at 5pm. Learned about Physical Therapy, sorta. I was not intrigued so I was on Facebook. I went over to Parker's after and had some soup and hung out with him and his roommates for a bit.

I got back to my dorm at 7. My roommates and I were not motivated to do homework at all. That's when we heard our calling...Well not really. But there was shouting that triggered our procrastination!

It started to rain and some boys from our ward were yelling out the window that there was a double rainbow. We raced out into the pouring rain to find there was a lovely double rainbow over the mountains. We danced out in the rain for a while and the boys that were shouting joined us, Blake and Kalin. Then Kam had the great idea of going puddle jumping.

We ran around Heritage for a few minutes trying to find puddles but were disappointed in our findings. Instead, we decided to wade in the man made river/stream thing over by the road! (This is probably against some rule but it was pretty awesome, even though it was super cold!) We played around in the water and talked. And that's when the sprinklers turned on....

We then proceeded to run and hurdle over every sprinkler in our path on the grass near the river landscape. We were soaking wet.

My roomies and I returned to our dorm and decided to do a Wicked Sing-a-long. It was quite the show...We were going crazy. But after that...I did finish my homework at midnight. So I did procrastinate...But it was totally worth it.

Friday classes went by fast. Writing, we talked about breakfast foods. Chem, we talked about energy and I got a 8/10 on my quiz! BOOM!

Then I came back for the day. Went to the creamery. Skyped for like 3 hours with my friend, Jordan. I  made some Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. (Good ol' college food). Then I went to Javier's dorm. (Tarron's roommate).

We ended up going to the creamery to get some groceries. I made Javier get some food other than sandwich meat and cereal. And I got some produce and hummus! (YUMMMMM!!) Then we went back to Javier's and made brownies, wrote on his windows with the window paint, (I wrote their numbers on the window and they got some girls/boys calling them!) and I taught him how to play a few uke chords. It was a great night after a crazy week.

Today I slept in till 10! I NEVER do that. I guess I was just super tired. And I made myself some waffles, got ready. Got a wonderful card in the mail from my Nana, Tauntie and Cousin Tori. (I love you guys!) And now I'm off to the Football game! We're playing Weber State!! Whoot Whoot!  Goooooooo Cougars!! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I need Energy.

Funny story. I'm studying Energy in Chem...And I have NONE.

Yesterday was a very long day for me (Today was just as long though) I did not do well on my Chem lecture quiz. I was trying so hard not to fall asleep because we once again had a lecture on ATOMS! (I understand atoms, elements and everything we've gone over the past 2 lectures. I'm studying Energy on my own because our prof. hasn't gone over the stuff in lecture...I'm DYING!)

Then Bio was just as boring. And I hate that because I love Bio. I mean it's my major!

I went back to my apartment for lunch and I opened our back door from the stairs and the freaking knob came off with my key still stuck in it. Yeah... Thank goodness Karina was there because I wouldn't have had a way to get in.

I did call maintenance to come fix it! And the lady came and fixed it like it was no problem. Made me feel really stupid. Worst part was I wasn't the one who broke it to begin with. Kam broke it that morning and put it back on well enough so it stayed. I just totally broke if off!

I had Book of Mormon, or my religion class, and I did ace that quiz thankfully! But my Chem homework was awful last night. The online problems took an hour and a half, and I took about 3 and a half hours to work on the book problems. Yeah. I HATE CHEM. I was going to go to bed early but I didn't get to bed till 12:30... I had to wake up at 6:30! I'm SO DEAD TODAY.

I went to Writing. My essay topic is going to be on the loud people outside the dorms at night. No, I'm not saying they should stop having fun. My stance is that they should not scream or play dubstep outside my window at 11pm on a week night when I'm trying to study. It's not cool. Common Courtesy people!

Then Chem. Chem is so hard. I really don't like it. My TA is the best though. He makes even the most awful Chem subjects, funny. It's great.

When I got home, I found that our sink and/or dishwasher was leaking...Turns out it wasn't the dishwasher. It was simply our garbage disposal. The guy came by and installed a new one! (Hopefully nothing else breaks, I'm so tired of calling maintenance)

Now I've got my Health Professions Seminar at 5. I need to do my Chem and Writing homework. Make some sort of dinner. (I really need to go to the creamery, but I didn't have time today with stupid sink incident) And get to bed. Thank goodness I end class at 10am on Fridays. I'm going back to bed as soon as I get home tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So yesterday, I spent 6 hours working on a stupid Bio lab only to find it isn't due till NEXT Tuesday...Not today. We didn't even have lab today!

I went to bed at 12am because I still had to finish chem homework. Ergh.

Our FHE boys did come over and sing to us. I love the Y-Guys (Their group name, check them out on FB). They brought us treats too. They were quite yummy.

Today class started at 8am. I woke up at 6:45. It felt nice to sleep in a little bit longer than 6, even though I rushed to get ready.

I probably should be in the Honors Writing 150 Class. Honestly. We went over punctuation today...Like what do commas do? When are dashes and hyphens used? My teacher called on me to read but first asked me if I was falling asleep. Of course, I said no but I was. I was bored. I do all the homework and it feels easy. It shouldn't be easy! It's college!

However, my Chemistry class makes up for the easiness of writing. I had another daily quiz and I aced it! (Daily Quiz Scores so far: 3 As, 1 B) I may be passing my daily quizzes but I already know the exam is going to be tough. Yay for Chem 105 being one of the hardest GE classes :P

After Chem, I went to devotional with my new friend, and Tarron's roommate, Javier! We made the hike, I mean walk, down to the Marriott Center for the devotional. It was really nice to just take a break from the school day for a spiritual message. It was amazing to me how many students were there!

With no Bio today, I've been home since noon. I made some lunch. Finished some Chem homework. Parker came by with some ice cream for a study break. And now I am listening to Pandora, getting ready to finish my writing homework (sending my professor an email about my essay topic. CAKE.) and then I'll finish up my religion  and chem reading. Somewhere in there I'll make some dinner, probably clean the kitchen and play my uke. It'll be a great night (:

Word of advice: "Gamma rays are very dangerous. So if a guy comes up to you and is like 'DUDE! I have this thing and it emits gamma rays, it's like SO COOL.' No dude. Just walk away..." -Logan, my Chem TA

Monday, September 3, 2012

Best Days

This weekend has been great!

Saturday night Kam and I were bored after delivering cupcakes all day so we sang out the window to the other apartments, danced in the rain then went and threw bark at our FHE boys' window. They ended up inviting us over to watch Finding Nemo and Rootbeer floats. Then we all just talked and quoted movies, it got a little crazy...and of course awkward. Kam and I called it a night at about 1am.

Sunday was surprisingly eventful as well.
At church, our FHE group had to teach Sunday School. It was pretty well for being organized an hour before! I could hardly pay attention during Sacrament Meeting and Relief Society though. Some girl started talking about how she got ridiculously homesick and other people were talking about their families. And as an end result...I was very homesick.

The girls and I all made a ton of comfort food to break the fast. We made raspberry lemonade and mashed potatoes as a whole group. By myself, I made a Pork Chop (Only meat that didn't cost a ton of money at the Creamery!) and shells & cheese. Perfect meal for a little homesick girl.

I ended up going over the Parker's dorm after dinner. He comforted me, his ridiculously homesick friend. We looked at pictures, baked cookies for his Ward, listened to music and watched Grimm. It definitely made me feel better.

I left Parker's and went to back to my dorm for Ward Prayer. After that I actually talked to Parker's mom, Tami. (Parker told her I was homesick!) She's the sweetest lady ever, it was nice to talk to her for a bit. Plus I got to talk to my own mama for a while. We talked about all my adventures and my homesickness. She's sending me stuff in the mail! I'm ridiculously excited! I love getting snail mail! I really miss my family, Marley included!!

Then Parker, Ray, Nathan, some of the boys' FHE girls, Emily and I went Tunnel Singing! Tunnel Singing: Located in the Tunnel near the Marriott Center, students of BYU sing hymns on Sunday nights and the sound and spirit are so powerful. It was such a wonderful experience! If you are really curious...look up a video on Youtube! "BYU tunnel singing"

Then after Tunnel Singing we walked to the temple again and looked at the stars. It was another beautiful night in Provo.

So today: Parker and I tried to go play tennis...courts were closed...I was very disappointed. I came back, made myself some french toast, cleaned the apartment a bit and now I'm working on homework. I've got a lot to do. I've been working on my online Chem problems for about 4 hours now. And I still have a Bio lab paper AND 20 problems in my Chem text book. (I HATE CHEM.)

Wish me luck this week. Not only is it my first week with actual school work but most of my roommates are catching a cold...I've had the same cough for about a month now so let's hope I don't catch whatever they've got, on top of my cough, and that they get better soon! I love my girls too much to see them sick! :(

P.S. If there are errors, I apologize. I'm usually good about proofreading but I'm getting lazier because I have so much to type and I don't want to have to read through it all again... (:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's the Pants

Between last night and today...I have been all smiles.

After I played my ukulele for like 5 hours. Kam got back from class and we went shopping at the Creamery. First the creamery outlet and we used these little hand baskets that ALSO turned into mini carts. They were so cool! We then went to the Creamery on ninth. We got some food but also ingredients for a recipe that she had for chicken.

We went back to the dorm...rearranged all the furniture...(we wanted more space in the kitchen, didn't work though)..and got cooking! Oh boy was it yummy! Lemon, Garlic, Bell Pepper, Feta Cheese, Parsley...YUMM.

After dinner, I went over to Parkers. I played Frisbee with Ray and Nathan for a bit then everyone showed up. We all just hung out for a bit. Got ambushed by people at the "First Big Thang." (It was scary). Later I went back over to their place to watch Father of the Bride.
Afterwards Claire, Ray, Parker, Nate, and I all walked down to the Temple. It was super pretty!! We spent a few hours down there just talking and enjoying the beautiful night, thanks to the lovely moon! When we walked back we decided to stay out and watch the lightening for a bit. We even got a little rained on! It was a great night (:

This morning, I bake blueberry muffins. Went to Tarron's apartment and joined in on their Breakfast Party with their FHE group. Hung out with his roommates for a bit. Javier took this sweet picture of me playing Griffin's Uke! 

Tarron came over after and we baked 48 cupcakes. He is a pro at mixing the batter. Kam and I went and delivered some to friends from our ward. We went and had a little music session, it was great! Then we went to see our FHE boys. They performed some great A cappella music for us! They are amazing! We've got great guys in our ward!

Now I'm just sitting here. Procrastinating and trying to find an article for my Library lab for Bio... I'm going to make some dinner then find something fun to do! It's been quite the day.

Oh and my blog title...I'm wearing bright blue pants...and earlier I was in a very peppy, happy, bouncy mood...I blame my huge smile and good mood on my loud colored pants (: