Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moles and Skulls

Like how it rhymed?

That's today's theme.

Moles. Not the annoying ones that are like in your garden and are really ugly. The ones you measure in Chemistry.

Skulls. Our Bio lab consisted of measuring different animal (and human replica) skulls. We were making them talk. It was super confusing what we had to do with the data we collected but still fun to play with them.

Moving on....

I have a Chemistry exam this weekend. I'm really not looking forward to it. I'm actually writing my blog during the review session because the TA I can actually understand goes over all the concepts I know. The TA that has a heavy accent keeps explaining the harder concepts that I don't get. WHY!?!

At least there is a review session tomorrow, too, with the other TAs. Plus I'll be going to the TA hours, and I will actually have time to go get help in the tutor lab!

Unfortunately, it'll be Halloween and I'll have to miss out on the PJ party I got invited too, but I really need to get a passing grade on this next exam or else my grade is going down.....

Today, I've been on campus since 8am. I won't be leaving till probably 8pm. 12 HOURS.
I've got some Chem homework to look over and I'm going to eat dinner on campus. I could use a nap.

But noooooo.

I have to pick my classes at midnight tonight, so I'll be up. Trying to figure out my classes for Winter Semester, fighting for a seat, trying not be to waitlisted. Also, I'll be studying for my Book of Mormon test tomorrow....That I forgot about....Don't think I'm irresponsible though because even my Professor forgot!

I need sleep. I can't wait for this week to be over.

Monday, October 29, 2012

I love Fall (PG)

The leaves are brown, red, yellow and orange.
The sunset is blue, purple, pink and orange.
Pumpkins are orange.
But one of my favorite things about October has to be the World Series.
The best part about the World Series this year?
The Giants were in it, swept the series for a WIN!

Yeah. I couldn't be happier!!
You may be from California if your newsfeed on Facebook is filled with statuses about the Giants.
You may be from NorCal if your SoCal friends hate your guts right now because the Dodgers didn't make it to the World Series (: Oh well!

It's terrible though. No one in Utah is interested in Baseball because they only have a Triple A team, The Bees. I caused and scene in my Book of Mormon class today when my friend, who's a Dodger's Fan, told me to sarcastically go away because I was sporting my Buster Posey shirt! Everyone in the class was staring at us like we were total freaks, talking about some foreign sport....

Yeah. It was a little awkward.

But anyways. This weekend was a complete dud.
The dance was not as fun as I had hoped. It was lame. I got all dressed up for nothing. I was frustrated.

Saturday, I didn't do much at all. We didn't end up renting a puppy. Kam, Jake, Kalin and I went to play tennis for a while. I was not playing that well, but it was fun. Josh, ended up meeting us down there. We played for about 3 hours then they all came over and I made them dinner.

On Sunday, we (all 6 roommates) went over to Marcie's house in Lehi for dinner! It was so yummy. We got to jump on her Trampoline, and play scattagories.
The whole way over to her house though I was glued to the window like a puppy. I love the homes in Utah. They are so adorable!

So yeah, disappointed in my weekend. Definitely was looking forward to having some fun, but oh well.

Today was okay. I've got quite a bit of homework to get done so I can get ahead of schedule in order for my week.

The best part of today consisted of my Bio lecture. We had a guest professor come and talk to us about Reproduction and Genetic Variation. He used words like "Bro," "Dude," "Man." He was just on a roll. He kept making jokes about all the concepts.

These jokes are PG. Seeing as they are all talking about reproduction.

If you don't want to get ripped off, you gotta use your noodle. 
(Talking about choosing a mate)

The male is the one that picks the female because he cares, she just goes bowling or something.
(Talking about how the guy is the "choosier" mate, or more invested)

When you hook up, you're looking to make some mutants.
(Talking about how a child's DNA can be mutated from something different then its parents)

You gotta shuffle the deck a bit to get some variation.
(Talking about Genetic Variation)

Girls, why hook up with some dumb guy? Why give up just half your genome? Just clone yourself.
Talking about how girls are smarter, so they should just reproduce asexually)

Girls, GIANT egg. Males, tiny sperm. Girls, GREATLY invested. Guys, hardly invested.
(Being "invested" in offspring, the caring for them)

That is not even all the jokes, those are the more appropriate ones. He had great lines all of class. My friend and I couldn't stop laughing. She has a bunch more of the jokes written in her notes as well. Oh I hope he teaches class again on Wednesday!

Anyways, I hope you found humor in my Biology jokes. You probably didn't...Oh well.
I'm off to get frustrated at my Chemistry homework, as always.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Let's Dance?

So yesterday and today have been pretty grand.

It snowed yesterday! It wasn't as bad as I thought. I sort of liked it, even though I was freezing my butt off! It didn't stay for very long. It snowed in the morning, afternoon and that night. Kam and I ran outside that night without shoes (not the smartest but we had just painted our nails) and danced in it! It was so great (:

Since Learning Suite and the Library Search Engine were down, I wasn't able to do my homework. I found I was able to be productive by doing my nails. My left hand = candy corn. My right hand = pumpkins. My toes = black with red glitter. I went a little crazy, but what else is new? (:

My Giants won yet AGAIN! I love my boys. Don't even try to call me a band-wagoner. I promise you I've been watching the games since I was a baby, with my dad, on the couch. BEAT THAT. I've even got a Posey shirt so HAH. Nice try.

I went to Gym Kids (the program where I get to play with kids that have disabilities) yesterday and today. Yesterday, I had two little girls that hardly left my side. Except for when they wanted to play tag. We ran around and around that gym. One of them kept diving underneath the parachute just as they were waving it down so I couldn't go under! I don't know how she did it, but her timing was spot on!

Today, I had a little girl that just wanted to walk around the gym. We'd walk and walk, then stop, she'd have me read her book to her, she'd point at the pictures, get all excited when there was the lady bug page, then we'd walk around some more. However, then she saw that other kids were being pulled around on the Parachute like a sled....20 minutes later my arms were sore from pulling not only her, but three other kids on the parachute. Other volunteers helped but it was quite the job! Totally rewarding though (:

I got home from classes today at noon. I just hung out for a bit, watched Modern Family, ended up falling asleep (I haven't been sleeping well at night) and then woke up to make banana muffins from scratch! They are cooling right now; hopefully they turned out yummy!

Later tonight there is a Stake Halloween dance. The theme is Super Heros and Zombies...But I'm going as a Cat Lady...Yeah I know. Why not Spiderman or Peter Pan (Two costumes I've wanted to be for quite some time)? Because I found this sweet Halloween vest with Cats on it and a bunch of other Halloween symbols and I'm gonna wear my nerd glasses, crazy fun make-up and my bright teal pants. Just for fun (:

I'm really looking forward to that. Look for pictures soon (:
I'm off to try my muffins and make some dinner.
Maybe play my uke?
Happy Friday! :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What happened to Fall?

I went to Urgent Care today.
Finally after 3 weeks of a cold, that progressively got worse, I gave in and went to the Student Health Center.
They are treating me for a Sinus Infection. That means I'm on Antibiotics. Yippee Skippee.

In other news, it snowed this morning. It didn't stay but the mountain tops are white! It's coming!
It's sort of eerie because you can see the clouds making their way towards the campus. Like fog in a scary movie, it just starts moving towards you and then your trapped! It's completely freezing. I wore my boots, jeans, sweatshirt and a jacket. My nose has been bright red all day!

I'm worried about this snow. I love snow. Don't get me wrong. I rather it be cold then hot. However, I know me and my clumsiness. I just know I'm going to fall multiple times before this semester is over. I'm going to not see a patch of ice and BAM, my butt will be cold, wet and bruised.

It's going to be great :P

Seriously though...What happened to Fall? We got a good like 3 weeks of it then BAM. Hello Winter. No me gusta.

Tonight will consist of homework, Chem and Writing research. Kam is heating up a lasagna her mom gave her for dinner tonight. I'm really looking forward to it! I'm thinking early to bed, but of course, I'll have to have some Hot Apple Cider (Courtesy of Jordan, he put so many packets in my care package!) and hang out with my lovely roommates. (:

I may have been in a crummy mood a lot lately, but my roommates always make me smile and laugh. I love them!

Oh and by the way here is a public service announcement....In the spirit of Halloween.
I thought you should know this is how all your carved pumpkins feel. Depressed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Terrible Tuesday Musica

I haven't been sleeping well.
I'm still sick.
It's cold.
So cold it may snow.
My jaw hurts.
And today was an 8-3 Terrible Tuesday.
I came home at 5pm.
Ate a pomagranate. 
Went to the Creamery with Nat.
Then played my uke.
That made all the difference.

Not the best. Not the worst.
But here is my cover of 1901 by Phoenix (Birdy's Version). I sound breath-y. But that's because I can't breathe through my nose! And I messed up the words... Oh well. I don't do this often. So here goes nothing.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Step on ALL the Leaves

I sort of stole my blog title from a friend on Facebook, but that is seriously how I feel.
I LOVE FALL. Campus is so pretty. The only reason I liked Woodland was because of the Fall weather but Provo...Provo has Woodland beat. The trees, the mountains, the sky. Reds, Oranges, Browns, Yellows. It's beautiful. It's so wonderful walking through campus, stepping on the leaves and feeling the satisfying crunch underneath my foot. Ahh! I love it! (:

So this weekend was pretty grand :)

I went to adaptive aquatics. I had a disabled girl that gave me a bit of a challenge but I still had a smile on my face when I left the program. Something about working with these kids is just so rewarding, I love it!

I then went to take my Chem test. I did fairly well. I'm still waiting to see what I got on it. I went back to study for my Bio test. But before that, I picked up my two care packages! And to s
One was from my Aunt Angela, Uncle Steve and Taylor! It was great. Everything in it had to go along with the letters in October. Oreos, Chapstick, Trick or Treat (Candy), Orbit gum, Basket, Energy Bars, Rainy Day($). It was so creative!

The other was from Jordan! He's so sweet. He sent me a ton of apple cider, medicine for my cold, a Spiderman blanket (You could imagine my excitement) and a bunch of other little goodies.

I am loved. I definitely get more care packages than any other student here at BYU. I am such a lucky girl!

After studying (cramming) for 3 hours, I went to take my Bio test. I got an 84% on the multiple choice!!!! That is the first scantron test I've taken and actually passed! I beat the testing center! It isn't so intimidating anymore. I can actually do this! (:

You could imagine the smile on my face after all those activities, but then it continued. Lauren, Marcie, Kam and I went to the DI (A church thrift store). We met up with Kalin, Josh and Blake. We all went searching for ridiculous clothing and Halloween costumes. It was quite the adventure. I ended up snagging a trendy Halloween vest with cats all over it. I'm going to wear it to the Halloween dance on Friday, I'm going as a cat lady... The boys snagged a $35 couch for their apartment so they would have more seating for the football game parties in their dorm. There were surprises underneath the cushions!

Seeing as the boys walked, the couch ended up being transported back to the apartments in Lauren's truck. The boys took a while to walk back so we lounged in the back of the truck, on the couch, eating popcorn and rocking out to my uke playing. (I've started making my own songs up on the fly...they are quite interesting)

We spent the rest of the night with the boys. We went over and watched the Woman in Black (which scared the heck out of us) and then having a dance party of sorts out in the parking lot. It was quite the Friday night.

We were up early to hike the ward. I just about died. I rolled out of bed right at 9 (the time we were supposed to be leaving) so I was tired, my cold was acting up, and I was not used to the altitude, but I did it! Lauren and I were at the back of the pack together, pushing through our pain but we did it! It was totally worth it.

The rest of Saturday was relaxing. Took a nap. Watched the game. Learned three songs on the uke. However, we did make a trip to Walmart. We got some food. Trolled the clearance rack for some good finds. And got some other great things (:

Then we just had a roommate night. It was quite fun!

Nothing special. Church. Nap. Dinner. Homework. Sleep.

Today has been good. I'm very tired because I couldn't fall asleep. I've got quite a bit of homework but everything is going smoothly so it should work out pretty well and maybe I can catch up some sleep? (Doubt it but I can always hope!)

I'm going to try to start blogging every day again. It's been pretty tough but I'm sure I can do it! (:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sick of being Sick

It's the truth. I'm sick of being sick. I've had a stupid cough for a few months now, but now that is has gotten worse, and my nose is stuffy and I am tired all the time. I'm just done with this cold!

Anyways, this week has been really busy. And just overall, no bueno. I have two tests tomorrow, Bio and Nomenclature for Chem. Tuesday was indeed Terrible. I've had trouble getting out of bed. I have little motivation to put on cute clothes in the mornings because it's so freaking chilly. Cleaning Check is today. (My new perfume-Comet).

However, I have managed to get 100% on my Chem quizzes this week. I got to go to Adaptive Aquatics today and play with the kids! My little guy today, all he wanted to do was play Peek-A-Boo and walk around holding my hand and the other volunteer that was working with me. His speech wasn't clear, but his laugh was all I needed to know he was enjoying himself (:

Kam today said that "My smile is one that makes people's day." Totally made my day! I'm really stressed but I can't stop smiling today. It's fall. I'm wearing my favorite brown sweater. I may have to pull an all nighter...but my roommates and I are going down to the Cannon Center for dinner so we won't have to dirty our clean kitchen to make dinner. It may be expensive but I'm seriously going to eat well tonight (:

I have one more class, my Health Professions Seminar, that I'm just going to study in. I still have about 200 practice problems for my Nomenclature test to work through. I still have to study for my Bio exam. But, I'm really not freaking out.

Tomorrow: I get to go play with the kids at Gym Time again for Adaptive Aquatics. I seriously LOVE this service project. But after that, I do have to take 2 tests. (I'll be studying in between!) However, after that...I'm going to the creamery...Turning on Modern Family or some other show I need to catch up on and SLEEPING. Doesn't matter if it is like 8pm on a Friday night. I am going to get some rest.

Wish me luck as I brave the testing center twice in one day tomorrow (:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn is Calling

So I've just been crazy busy, it's a little insane.

Friday night I went to the Homecoming Dance with a big group. Adam actually asked me but it was my whole FHE guy group that went. Kam went with Axel! We went out to dinner, walked around the trophy room, broke a mannquin's arm off...then fixed it, went to the casual dance and then played catch phrase!

The dance was super fun. It was just a casual but a bunch of people dressed up all crazy. Kam and I made up for our lack of colorful dress by dancing crazy. Also, during a song of Kesha's, she sings "Throw some glitter make it rain..." Well someone made it rain glitter and Kam and I went crazy with it. We put it all over ourselves, each other, and of course our friends. (I'm still finding glitter in my hair, and my ears...) It was totally fun.

Saturday, I wasn't feeling 100% so I didn't get to go to the Homecoming Parade. However, our FHE brothers did make Kam and I breakfast. It was quite yummy. Afterwards, we met up with Blake and went over to the game. 4 hours later, we lost. It was such a good game till we made silly errors and Oregon caught 3 interceptions. We had a chance of winning!!

After the game, I ended up going over to Blake's apartment to hang out with him and his roommates. Kam came by later and we all watched The Italian Job. It was a good movie! Later that night, Kam and I went to see Tarron to say hi. I skyped Jordan, and Justin Irby (Or you can call him loser, that is what he calls me!).

It was nice to catch up with Justin. I miss him and his loserness. (I'm just kidding, it's an inside joke. He's really not a loser...) It seems like he is enjoying Cal Poly!

Sunday, I was lazy. I made pancakes before church but took my sweet time getting ready. Church did end up being great. Erik, our Elder's Quorum President, told us ladies in the Relief Society "Don't be the girl guys look at, be the girl they look for." LOVE IT. Probably my new favorite quote.

After church I made myself an entire meal, I needed some comfort food. I then got working on cupcakes for Lauren's birthday. Karina and I tried making Zebra striped cupcakes....They didn't really work.

However, come Monday they ended up being just fine. I decorated them so they looked like beach scene! Our FHE boys decorated their apartment for Family Home Evening and we had a little party for her. Pizza, card games, sweets. The whole nine yards. It was really fun! Afterwards, Axel and I, and Kam and Jaron all went to get ice cream! It was very eventful Monday night.

Today has been rough. But of course, it is Terrible Tuesday. I am almost done with all my homework that is due tomorrow though. I just have to read some chapters in the Book of Mormon. Then I'm going to work on other homework that will be due through out the week. I've been pretty productive.

The weather is so wonderful here. It is definitely fall (:

Check Facebook for new pictures! I've posted quite a few. They are great. Especially the ones from last night...Kam and I stole Axel's camera. Note to everyone, don't let me have your camera...You'll end up with some really great pictures on it! (:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I see Blue People.

Did you know that the reason Mormons are so hot is because there are so many flavors of us? Yeah. According to some writer, "Mormons come in many varieties, just like Doritos and Supreme Court Justices." 
Read the article here....

Anyways, the last few days have been busy.

Tuesday was my long day. Class from 8-3. Then I was back on campus to do a lab at 4pm with Nathan. I did get a care package from my Grandma Krause! I loved it. However, I think my whole family is conspiring against me. They are trying to get me to gain the freshman 15. THEY KEEP SENDING ME CANDY. I have sooooooo much. It's a bit ridiculous but then again, I love it, my roommates love it, and so do the boys that come over or are in our ward.

Also on Tuesday, for anyone that saw my Facebook, I was indeed hacked...While sitting right next to the person who took over my Facebook. My laptop was open and Kalin decided to take advantage of that fact and post a status and pick up lines all over his wall as me...people probably think I'm crazy. Oh well. But Kalin, Jake, and Josh were over for a bit that night after they went running with Kam. It's always a party in 217.

Wednesday was awesome. I only had two classes. Book of Mormon was cancelled. So I went to Chem and Bio, then I had a conference with my writing teacher. No problem. DONE by Noon! Then I met up with Marcie, Lauren, Natalie, and Mandy (Lauren's friend) and we all went to the major fair.

Yepp. I'm thinking of changing my major. I never want to take another Chemistry class ever again. I just can't do it.

Anyways, after the major fair they were giving out free pizza in Brigham Square! SCORE. So Lauren, Mandy and I all got pizza before heading back to our apartment where Kam had more pizza waiting. We hung out for a bit, then I proceeded to fall asleep on the Couch (tiny love seat, it was so uncomfortable). Then I woke up, and it was time to play tennis!

Kam, Jake, Josh and I went down to the BYU courts to play for a bit. It was quite fun. Definitely enjoy playing with them. We all (well minus Jake and adding Kalin) went down to the True Blue football and Foam Slides. It was crazy. There was a slide, and a pit, of just blue foam, and we got to blue in it. Just wait for the pictures. It was awesome. Except parts of my body are still dyed blue. Kam and I were were told we make good Avatars though. Possible Halloween costumes? I think so. (Check Facebook later for photos of the blueness)

Afterwards, Kam and I tried getting all the blue off ourselves. The poor bathroom was a complete mess. Good thing cleaning checks are next week. We've got time to get all the blue off the showers and floor!

Then I went over to see Axel open his mission call. He's going to the Ukraine, and will be speaking Russian! I'm so excited for him. It's sad though, half of our ward isn't going to be here this next semester!!! :(

The rest of the night I made dinner (yeah, I didn't eat till like 8pm), helped Jaron make copies, called Grandma Krause, attempted to do my Chem homework (that made no sense), talked to Jordan then went to bed. I was nice and warm last night with my heating blanket. My dad sent it to me, along with a Giants Rally Towel. My blanket will  definitely come in handy in the coming weeks. People are saying it's going to snow soon. I'm worried!

Today I'm tired and sick. My cold has finally caught up with me. My body is sore. My cough is getting worse. My nose is stuffy. And I couldn't be more tired. But I still have one more class tonight at 5. Then it's Chem homework, some essay time, then BED.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

In other news, GIANTS are going to the NLCS! (National League Championship Series!) I freaking love my boys! Especially Posey. He's my fave (:

Monday, October 8, 2012

All Smiles (:

What a weekend. I probably got a total of....12 hours of sleep this whole weekend, between Friday to Sunday night?

I don't regret it at all though :)

Friday afternoon was busy. I cleaned, did laundry, went to the Creamery with Tarron. I went to my Service Project for the first time!! My goodness it was amazing. Playing with the kids was so wonderful. They all have some sort of disability but they are all so adorable and sweet. My kid this week was named Caleb. We played with the giant parachute, threw balls on it so they would fly back up and then we'd do it over and over again. Then this other volunteer, Josh, joined me and we continued to play with Caleb when he decided I was a monster. So Josh put Caleb on his shoulders and I chased them around as if I was a scary monster. Then we colored and taught Caleb how to write some numbers on the clocks we drew. He also drew a great picture of me, as a monster. I loved it (:

Later I ended up buying a router and setting up WiFi for our apartment! It's so nice! Our Router's name is Kim Possible for reasons that unfortunately you guys do not get to hear about :)

I went to the game that night with Kam. We had trouble finding my seat. You'd think they'd put signs up to direct you to the upper portals to the stadium seats but they don't! We went up and sat with Tarron and his roommates and watched the game. It was a bit boring, but Kam and I did enjoy ourselves because we got foam spirit sticks as we were walking around trying to find our seats. They were FREEEEE (Yay for College and Free Stuff!) We left at halftime though because it was freezing.

We ran home and made some hot chocolate and invited Jaron over. Kam ended up falling asleep but Jaron and I talked for a bit. I think I scared him a bit though because I had way too much energy and was practically bouncing off the walls. Thankfully he doesn't think I'm too weird though!

Later that night, I ended up meeting up with Jordan. It was so nice to finally get to see him! We talked for quite sometime until we about froze at about...3am? Yeah. It was really wonderful to just to talk to him in person instead of on the phone or Skype!

Saturday morning, he came over to watch conference with me. Karina made us chocolate chip pancakes! (All of our roommates were gone this weekend! It was a quiet in 217 which was so weird!) Jordan and I walked over to his Mission friend's apartment and watched the afternoon session with them. Then came back and he helped me with my Book of Mormon essay on Isaiah. I'm so grateful that Jordan's knowledge of the gospel and his willingness to help me my assignments. His understand of the scripture readings for that class has helped a lot. I don't know what I'd do without him!

While Jordan was at Priesthood session, I took a nap and played my uke. He and his mission friend, Reilly, came by afterwards to pick me up and we went to get dinner at Subway. We walked back to their apartment and all hung out for a while. Then the three of us decided to go see Spiderman at the dollar theater  (I love Spiderman...and Andrew Garfield♥). After the movie we went back to their apartment and hung out for a bit longer then Jordan walked me home.

Once we got back to my apartment, we again talked till like 3am. He is a talker and I am a listener so it just works out very well. Though, he wasn't the only one talking; I could talk to him for hours. We talk about everything!

Sunday, the same routine. He came over in the morning to watch conference here and then we went back to the apartment he was staying at. After that, we came back to my apartment so I could work on my homework. All my roommates eventually came back which was so nice because it wasn't so quiet with just Karina, Jordan and I. We all hung out for a bit, Tarron came by. Jordan played his guitar and I played my uke for a bit. It was very nice :)

Reilly came by and we were going to get a group to walk to the temple, but that fell through...So we ended up watching funny videos on Youtube for a couple of hours till Tunnel Singing! I made them come to tunnel singing with me. They said they enjoyed it, but I'm still not sure if they did. I loved it of course because it is just my favorite thing about Sundays!

After we went back over to their Apartment to hear their friend play some fun song on his guitar. Oh my goodness, their friend...he was a character! His songs were very original, it was fun!
Then Jordan walked me home. And again we stayed out talking, till 2am...

Yes. It was a school night. But my homework was done. I even got a 100% on my Chem quiz today. And I only fell asleep during Book of Mormon because everyone else was asleep as well.

It was a wonderful weekend. It made up for the awful one last week. I couldn't stop smiling. Jordan left today at noon. I got to go over and say goodbye before he left. I'm going to miss him!

After class today, I came home and took a 2 hour nap. It was so nice. Kam was home when I woke up and we had a incredible, deep talk. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing roommate that I get along with so well. I love her to death!

We all went to the Indexing Party for Family Home Evening. It was fun! We got Pizza! I missed Pizza. I hadn't had pizza in so long. Seems like a silly thing to miss, but pasta and sandwiches get old after a while. But now I'm here, typing my blog. Listening to Spotify,

Aubrey, my visiting teacher, actually just brought me a little treat and we talked for a bit. She's the sweetest! I'm so blessed to have the Relief Society President as my visiting teacher!

I need to do my Chem homework. Yes, I know it's late. But Chemistry is hard and I looked at my homework and it makes no sense. I'm going to the tutorial lab to get help with it tomorrow before class again. So I'm not a total procrastinator.

I can't say it enough, this weekend was wonderful. And today was just as great. I'm so blessed. I can't stop smiling. Really. I am happy (:

The only thing that could make me any happier would be if Chemistry made more sense!! Oh, and if it was a little warmer! This chilly Utah weather is kicking my butt. Our heater didn't work all weekend and just this afternoon did it start to work!!!! I still need to get another blanket though.

Anyways, yeah. Let's hope my smile keeps this week and the Utah weather doesn't freeze me (:

Friday, October 5, 2012

What is Sleep?

Hello, I've become one of those college students that doesn't get enough sleep. I'm done with all my exams but all my classes picked right back up so I still have about the same amount of work. That's why I've been MIA.

I'm already working on another essay for Writing (I hate my writing class so much. Seriously, I've had to rewrite parts of this essay multiple times because my professor is so confusing and keeps changing things on us.)

My Chem teacher is making us to a Inorganic Chemical Nomenclature project. (More memorization, Yippee Skippee. There is over 200 of them to learn how to name. There will be 50 of them on the test)

Bio is all genetics stuff so that is cake. Plus I found out I actually passed my exam! I saved myself with my free response questions. I'm an awful multiple choice test taker but I can explain my way to a passing grade!

I did the same for my Book of Mormon Test! I wouldn't have passed that one though if it weren't for my many tutors!!

Nothing too exciting has happened this week. This last weekend was pretty awful because of not doing so well on all my exams. I did get to play Tennis with Adam. It was really nice to finally got out there and play again. Adam was a good sport as he chased after all my vollies and lobs. Playing definitely helped me get out some of my frustration.

However, things got better on Monday. I got my second care package from my family. (I'm so spoiled and loved!) We decorated our apartment with our Halloween decor and Christmas Lights. And now I have enough candy to last me the rest of the semester. We went chalking and played Four Square (Yes, the recess game we all grew to love and miss very dearly. It was great!) for Family Home Evening with our boys. It was a nice day after a horrible weekend.

Tuesday, ehh. My long day. Not the best. I was frustrated. So when I got home after trying to do homework in the Wilk, I cleaned the kitchen. Like really cleaned it. Burners and everything. I didn't do the floor because that is a project for another day, but still. I scrubbed the counters down and the stove. I just couldn't take it anymore and my OCD kicked in. So yeah.

I helped with the Relief Society Sweet and Salty activity. It was quite the success. We ended up with the left over food :) My calling is Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. I work with Marcie, she's the 2nd counselor in RS, to help plan and take care of all the meetings that are not on Sunday.

Wednesday was notn exciting either. I worked on homework in the Wilk. 5 people have come and sat at my table with me...Only one has cared to strike up a conversation with me. He was very nice. His name was Dallin. We talked about Chemistry. Not my favorite topic but still, he was the only person who cared to ask me for my name.
Lauren and I went going shopping so I could finally get clothing. I spent a total of $40, but bought $90 worth of clothing. Aren't you proud of me? :)

Thursday, done with class at 11am. Hung out for a bit, watched Modern Family, took a nap, worked on homework. Went to my seminar at 5. Looked at Wireless Routers, worked on homework. Stalked people out the window with Lauren. Went to bed.

Today, I'm done with class now. I'm going to my Service Project at 11am till noon. Then I get to do homework, clean, do laundry and go to the game tonight! Hopefully I get to see Morghan while she's up here too!

This weekend is going to be fun because Jordan is going to be up here for conference! I can't wait to spend some time with him! :)

I promise I'll try to sleep more, and update my blog more often!! :)