Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I believe

I believe that:

  • Life is great.
  • Chemistry is pure evil.
  • People that smile at you, even though you are a stranger, are wonderful.
  • Dressing up for school takes too much effort, so I will happily wear a sweatshirt and Jeans every day (Especially since it's so darn cold)
  • Christmas isn't about the gifts, I would be happy with nothing. As long as I get to see my family.
  • Utah Milk tastes different than California Happy Cows Milk. I miss California milk. (Yes, I'm weird. Let me be)
  • Wearing high heels on campus is a death sentence to your feet. They may look cool, but personally, I would be dying walking around in them all day.
  • Some rules are meant to be broken.
                Example: Sometimes you just have to sit on the cement block outside our stairwell and think about life or talk on the phone. It may be against the rules, but it's the perfect perch. You can sit there, you just can't get caught (:
  • Long, late night phone/skype calls are great!
  • My family and friends are amazing.
  • People that judge me for wearing 3D glasses' frames take life too seriously. I may be an adult to society, but I'm a kid at heart. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun.
  • Painting my nails fun colors with different designs keeps things interesting. 
  • Every person has something special about them that makes them different. They might not know what it is, but someone does (:
  • Blank walls are an open canvas. Give me an open wall and I will find some way to decorate it.
  • Sometimes you just have to dance or sing in your room when no one else is around.
  • You should always be kind. To everyone. No matter what.
  • A hug can make everything better. (:
So yeah, I believe a lot of things. These are just a few funny things I believe.
Why'd I post this? There was a guy in front of me while walking to class and he said hello to people he didn't even know. He complimented people, said hello to friends and strangers, recognized people that he had sat with at lunch randomly. He was really kind. Some people walked by and thought he was odd, but it was great. It made my day that someone went out of their way to be kind to a bunch of people he probably didn't even know. I believe everyone should do that. (:

That's my message for the day. I'm off to a 2hr Chemistry review after taking an hour break after doing 2 and a half hours of chemistry homework. Awesome right? Now you understand why I think it is pure evil.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Missing in Action

I haven't posted since last Saturday!
Oh no!

I'm sure you guys didn't notice or care much. But here is an update.
Short and Sweet.
Well as short as possible. I don't talk a whole lot but I write quite a bit in my blogs...I'm sorry.

Last week was great. I was so nice to have a few days off. I wish I had been able to go home though.

After class on Tuesday, I spent the rest of the day in bed watching tv shows and movies. An interesting life I live. I know. I did get a phone call from Jordan though! It was nice to hear his voice again. Sooner than expected but still nice (:

Wednesday, I went to the Temple in the morning with Kalin, Josh, Ben and Madison. 3 hours later, we were finally done! It was great though. Going to the temple is always wonderful, even if you have to wait in a huge line! That night, Kalin and I went to the Malt Shoppe and got the huge milk shakes they have. SO YUMMY. We selected good songs for the Jukebox to play, and almost tipped the table over when we both leaned out of our chairs to pick up a quarter. It was frightening! After, we went to the basketball game where Kalin grabbed two shirts when they were thrown into the crowd. I ended up with one of them because 1) it was from Down East Basics 2) It was way too tight on Kalin...yes. He tried it on!

Thursday, I went to my family's house in Orem. They are all so crazy, but what family isn't crazy? I love them. I was just meeting most of them for the first time, but they all acted as though they'd known me forever. It was comforting. I ate way too much good food and pretty much went into a food coma. However, I did feel sick when I got home that night! It was not good.

Those two nights I was the only one in the apartment. 217 was strangely quiet. I did not like it one bit!

Friday, I went out to Kam's house. She and her mom had to pick me up though because the bus schedule LIED to me, so after sitting there for about 30mins, it was decided that the bus wasn't coming and I'd need a ride out to her house in Sandy. We went to visit Kam's old work, then to Temple Square which was BEAUTIFUL all decorated with lights for Christmas. Then we met up with Nat at City Creek mall and shopped around and went out to dinner. We went back to Nat's house in Salt Lake and watched a few movies. It was a great night with my a few of my roomies!

Saturday, Kam and I went to the DI. We got some great stuff! I bought 3 sweaters and a few other trinkets for a total of $13! It was awesome. We just relaxed the rest of the night, watched a movie at her house and at her friend's house.

Sunday, Church and then came home. It was nice to finally be home with all my roomies though! I missed them all.

Now I'm busy as ever trying to get through the next few weeks of school. Finals are going to kick my butt. But I'm looking forward to going home so I'm sort of happy they are only in a few more weeks. I'm not totally stressed yet. This week is going to be the worst yet, but it'll be okay.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I promise I'll blog at least twice a week so you are up to date with my life (well, I promise my mom and Nana, They are really the only ones who read my blog avidly).

I send love to all from here in the Happy Valley Bubble, (or as you guys know it...Provo, Utah.)

P.s. I started something new. There is a "Quote of the Week" over on the side bar, just for fun. You guys know how I am with my quotes! (:

Saturday, November 17, 2012


It's been quite a rough week. A very long week.

Sunday, I spent all day working on my Biology Research Paper on how PKR enzymes affect Alzeheimer's and other neurological diseases relating to memory loss. A very interesting topic, but the big words after reading about 10 research journals and articles just about killed me. Since it was just a pregrade rough draft, I didn't work that hard on it, but it took a ton of effort because I had to be all scientific and precise....Turns out I could have put less effort into it because my TA replied to my email saying I didn't have to make any changes except for a few grammar issues. GAAAAAAH. I spent probably....10 hours on that stupid thing. At least I know I'll be earning an A on it.

Monday: I had the ward talent show. If you haven't see my it is. Cool thing is, the woman that sings this song originally (April Smith) saw my tweet about doing a cover of her song and she's now following me on Twitter! I felt like a rockstar (:
But after this long 2 hour talent show, I spent another....5 hours on my Writing Essay on how social media affects individuals during Presidential Campaigns. (Probably the worst topic I could pick after an election) Yeah. Two late nights in two was terrible.

Tuesday: Terrible. I had no motivation. I was in a bad mood. I was tired. I ended up taking a walk in the freezing cold that night to my favorite spot on campus (Well one of two), the clock tower, and just sitting there like a loner, but enjoying the fresh air. It was a rough day for me.

Wednesday: The beginning of my sassy pants streak. Since then, I have been in a total mood. Well actually not really. I was just being normal for all those who know me from home. I was just showing everyone how sarcastic and quick witted I can be. My real personality is starting to show...I don't know why it decided to show up all the sudden...It may because I'm getting a little impatient with everything that is going on...I need a vacation...

But I did get the idea to randomly build a tower of cardboard boxes with Kam. Don't ask. Really. I was bored. It looked like fun. 18 boxes later and we've got this baby....

Then after, I skyped Adriana for a good chunk of time. I miss my best friend quite a lot. I can't wait to get back to Woodland just to see her and of course the rest of my friends. It was good to talk to her for so long.

Thursday: Cleaning Checks are terrible. I hate them. We passed. But I had to clean the floor. Our floor is gross no matter how hard you try to clean it. You can't win. 

Though I did get to talk to Abbie and Adriana, and Gladys for a bit that night on Skype. That was fun. Plus some boys from our Ward made us dinner. It was yummy! They are totally fun guys too.

Friday: Only one class:. Chemistry. (Writing was cancelled) In which my friends and I took funny pictures of ourselves, with fake mustaches made of our hair, the whole time...I know, not smart but lecture was just so boring.

 No more Gym Kids for the rest of the semester because it ended last week. (Can't wait for it to start up again next semester!) I came home, after treating myself to Jamba, and made muffins. Not just any Muffins but Jordan's recipe for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Spice Muffins. Yeah they were as good as they sound. I made about 30 of them and took them to friends' apartments.

I got to go visit some friends I haven't seen in a long time, plus Jordan's friends, Reilly, Ryan, Brant and Jono. They are such great guys! It was really nice to visit with them after not seeing them for a while.

Later, I went to bowl and play billiards on a group date. Two things I learned from that date: I am terrible at bowling and I am awful at pool. Seriously. I got the lowest score at bowling and my first shot in pool, the ball shot OFF the table...Yeah. It was bad.

The rest of the night Kam, Lauren and I spent hanging out with Kalin, Jake and Blake. We played a few games, had a jam session with my uke and Kalin's guitar, and played Foosball. It was fun!

Saturday: Girls Day Out. All of us girls from 217 went to Cafe Rio and enjoyed some yummy food. Then Nat had to leave us, but we went to see Breaking Dawn. Jake ended up taking Nat's ticket and joining us girls on our day out. It wasn't a terrible movie. Quite interesting how they changed it up but yeah. Not bad!

Then we went and window shopped and looked at cute stuff and picked out awful clothing and tried to figure out why anyone would wear such terribly tasteless clothing....It was fun!

Now we're all just chilling. I got to talk to my parents, I may (or may not) do some homework, I sorta want to paint my nails and then we might go watch the football game at our friends' apartment later. Still not sure what may happen tonight but that has been my week. It's been long, but things are getting better. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving break. I am SOOOOOOOO excited. Can you tell? It'll be that much closer to Finals then Christmas break and I can GO HOME.

btw. Do you know what a boombox is called in German?
A ghettoblaster....That's what my TA told me on Wednesday. Just randomly. He felt like I need to know that tid bit of information. I thought you would be interested in knowing.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let it Snow

Holy Cow.
It snowed. Not like a ton, but it stuck this time! It's so much fun. It's cold. I keep saying that snow would be better if it wasn't so cold. But it's still pretty awesome.


I was glued to our window after classes. Kam caught my excitement on camera. I just couldn't believe it. The last time I had seen snow actually fall and stick around was when I was 14 at Christmas when we stayed up at our Cabin in Lake Tahoe for a few weeks.

So I think I've made up my mind. I love snow. Playing in it, (I need my snow pants and gloves though), walking around at night in it, just enjoying it. HOWEVER, trying to get to class in it...not so fun. My shoes were soaked. I've been wearing my actual snow boots, my vans and Uggs are NOT cutting it. No more Toms or Flip Flops for me. I've gone into full 5 layer mode. 2 Sweaters, an undershirt, t shirt, then a scarf and long thick socks (so my boots stay on my feet). Then when I have extra time, my knit headband and gloves. I wear my hair up, bangs pulled back (mostly because I desperately need a haircut and I'm scared to have anyone but Jennifer cut it) and I go out in the snow and brave it! It's great!

I have yet to fall! I've slipped quite a few times but maintained my balance enough to stay on my feet. Let's hope I keep this up because the last thing I need to do is injure myself.

The last few days have been really great though. Oh and I got my first letter from Jordan! You could say I was excited (:

Last night I went to Divine Comedy with Adam. The show was so awesome and of course hilarious. I love Divine Comedy, it was fun to finally see them live (not just on Youtube). Then we went back to his apartment and played Super Smash Bros. with his roommates. I actually WON once. Let me tell you, I'm awful at this game but I actually beat Dallin (The reigning champion of their apartment). I was very proud of myself. After that, we went out and played in the snow. It was great!

Today, I went on a photo scavenger hunt with Dave. We were competing against a bunch of other couples. We came up short with the points but it was totally fun!
Since then, I've been cleaning my room. I washed my blankets and sheets, went through my closet and desk and organized. I'm going to work on some homework here in a bit (I've unfortunately got quite a bit to do). Later tonight we're going to Marcie and Natalie's grandmother's house for dinner before the football game then we'll go freeze our butts off at the game! I'm excited. It's been a few great days. Busy as ever but good (:

So yeah, I'm doing great! Just need to get through this week and then I've got Thanksgiving break to look forward to! I'm so excited. I'll be that much closer to finals (Unfortunately) and Christmas Break. I can't wait to go home and see my family and friends! (:

 I still need to figure out home I'm getting home though...
Oh and this is a random video I found. Sorta awkward. "Say hi to your family" as I'm eating my Ramen.... Just thought it would be fun to post. Thanks Jackson for your random recordings! (:

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Oh goodness gracious. You're never going to guess what I found.
I found my old Photobucket account. I found the best/worst pictures from Jr. and High School.


Oh my, some of those pictures! So funny! It's so fun to look at the them all. After my computer crashed, I thought they were lost forever! Most of them are in a really small format from when I posted them on Myspace way back in the day...but they are still totally awesome (:

In other news, I'm in a grand mood. I'm having a really good day. I've been procrastinating working on my essay...but I'm feeling great! Aced my Chem test, my essay for writing isn't due tomorrow anymore, I only have my seminar tonight (in which I'll be doing nothing but probably Facebooking, looking at Pinterest, or if I feel motivated, working on my essay) and then we have a Zumba activity tonight for Relief Society.

And it's super windy here today so all the leaves are blowing out of the trees, it looks so amazing. I just want to dance around in them....but people may look at me weird.

I do really love life! I'm busy as ever, but I don't have time to stress or worry. I'm too busy smiling and laying in my comfy bed on my downtime! The cold weather makes me want to be all comfy all the time (:

Tomorrow I've got class, then Gym Kids! After, I'm going to bake pumpkin spice cookies (Jordan's Recipe!), visit some friends hopefully, go to the Writing Center, then going to a Divine Comedy show with Adam. Plus, it's supposed to snow tomorrow!

Saturday I'm going on a Photo Scavenger hunt, doing homework, visiting some other friends hopefully, going to Marcie and Nat's grandmother's house for dinner then go to the Football Game.

If all goes like I've currently got it planned, then it'll be a great weekend! (I'm sure it'll be good no matter what though)
I'm not really stressed, I cannot wait for the next two weeks. I've got Thanksgiving break to look forward to, along with aWard Talent Show next week that I'm performing in, I get to hear from Jordan hopefully next week via snail mail!

I'm just trying to get through the days as well as I can. It's all about perspective! If I keep myself busy, all will be well (:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Busy Bee

What a long few days it has been.

Monday we went to our Second Counselor's house for dinner with our FHE group.
Oh my goodness. It was so yummy! We were totally spoiled. Brother Howe and his family were so kind to have us over and treat us like family. We ate a wonderful home cooked meal, I got to play with their dog, Rockie, (I miss my Marley-Moo!) and we played a game that is like Catch Phrase mixed with Charades. It was such a fun night!

Tuesday was not so terrible. I did get lost trying to ind the computer lab for Writing, but after I walked over to the Wilk to send a letter, got breakfast then sat in the hall as always before Chem. Took my Chem quiz, probably Aced it! (Not kidding), went to the devotional, then Bio. Bio lab got out an hour early so I did my Chemistry reading, got it done by 4!

Chemistry has actually been making sense. And I've been going in to get help when I don't understand things so I'm feeling really confident for a change. Bs and As on all my in class quizzes! It's nice!

After that, I went home and hung out for a bit. Made myself walk to the Creamery because I had NO food for dinner. (That took a lot of motivation because I was super tired and my bed was oh-so-comfy) I ended up having a great talk with the cashier, he totally made my day with how nice he was. I got home though and decided I didn't want to cook. Instead, I went to the Cannon Center with Marcie, Natalie, and Kam. They were having Indian Food (sort of)! Reminded me of the little Indian restaurant we have on the corner by our house in Woodland. Not as good, but made me homesick. Especially after texting my mama a bit. ( I miss my family.)

Tried to work on my homework, but that was a fail because the election was making me frustrated. I will say nothing more about it though. I'm so bummed my absentee ballot never came. I don't know what Yolo County's issue is. I did EXACTLY what they told me to do but NOOOO. Jensen isn't allowed to vote I suppose. Not that my vote would have counted much... Ergh!

Moving on, today was good. Another solid quiz grade in Chem. Bio was another guest lecture so I tuned out. (Seriously it is pointless) I worked on my writing essay instead so I was still productive! And tried to find cheap transportation for my trip home at Christmas. I came home and did laundry. (Another thing that took motivation because I was soooo comfy Went to Book of Mormon (Fell asleep in Book of Mormon). Stayed on Campus to do my Chemistry problems.

Went home and watched The Walking Dead (Bad idea because of course it scared me) Then went on a date with Seth! He's super cool. We got Ice Cream then just talked. It was really great! (:

Now I'm home. By myself :( Blasting my music, putting off working on my essay and deciding on whether I'm really hungry or not...Can't figure it out.

But yes. I've been busy. And the rest of this week and weekend is going to continue to be nothing but busy.

Yippee Skippee.

  I realllly cant get over how cool Kam is. Her coolness exceeds Chuck Norris's.  And I love Chuck Norris.  And she might know the password to my computer:)  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tears + Failure < Puppy

These last few days have been a little rough. Actually that's an understatement...a lot rough. Really difficult.

Not only was I trying to prepare for an awful Chemistry test, but I also was preparing to say goodbye to Jordan, as he went back on his mission for his last seven months.

I was on campus both Tuesday and Wednesday from like 8/9am till about 7pm. It was terrible. I got done with classes then I would work on my Chemistry homework in the lab, then I'd go to a review session, then I'd go home. I ate on campus so many times. It was no bueno.

It was super frustrating because I was tired, and I didn't understand hardly any of the concepts (until finally on Wednesday) and I missed Halloween Festivities because all my teachers piled on the homework for Thursday. Halloween is like my favorite holiday too. So yeah. I was bummed.

Lots of people dressed up at school though. I thought was pretty cool. I wore my Halloween cat vest, that was about all the Halloween excitement I got.

Thankfully, I did get to Skype Jordan most of the day on Thursday because I got my homework done early. However, saying goodbye was the worst! I'm going to miss him. But I invested in some stamps and envelopes! I'll be writing!

Friday had it's ups and downs. I got done with classes at 10, home by 11 after doing a Chemistry lab. I skipped Gym Kids because I was so tired. I took a 3 hour nap then studied (well attempted to study) chemistry for like 5 hours. Then Natalie decided she wanted to go to Walmart, so Marcie, Lauren and I accompanied her. I got some snacks and grapes! (YAY for Fruit!) After we made a run to Wendy's where Josh, Ty, Kade, and Eric met up with us. We observed some cheerleaders, grabbed Kid Meal Toys out of the trash...pretty much didn't act like college kids but it was fun. Came back to the apartment and of course watched Youtube Videos like every other typical Friday night for us.

Saturday, I woke up, put on my spiderman sweater, my cute headband that Jordan's sister made for me, and went to study Chemistry with my friend, Italu, for a good 4 hours before we took the test. Feeling confident I went to take the test at about noon and BAM...Failed of course. Chemistry never fails to surprise me. All my friends said the test was hard and without a doubt it was. I hate Chemistry.

After though, Morghan came over and she rented a puppy. Yes. RENTED A PUPPY. Best $15 ever spent. The little fluff ball just played and played, it was the cutest thing. Eventually it got too tired and fell asleep. Puppy Love (:

That night was a bust. I watched Grimm, Modern Family, Walking Dead and New Girl....Then went to bed. Yepp. That was the first night I hadn't had Jordan to talk to on the phone or any plans at all. It was depressing.

Sunday was good. I bore my testimony in Church, Sunday school lesson was good and Relief Society was good too but mostly because Kam and I were talking. She's the best roomie. I love her!
We went to a Fireside and now I'm hoping we go to Tunnel Singing. I haven't been in a few weeks!

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving (And trying to be positive through this rough week), I'm grateful for my amazing family, friends and roommates. They've helped me a lot in the last week. They are always there to help pick me back up. I love them so much. I'm one lucky girl (:

Now, I hope you are smiling, but if you aren't here is a picture of the cutest puppy in the world. (: