Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Oh it has been so nice to be home! I've got my bedroom back. I've been busy as ever seeing all my friends.
It's been a blast.

Tuesday, Adriana and I were reunited! Oh it was so great to see my best friend again. We went and visited teachers back at Pioneer. It was so nice to see them all along with a bunch of their students. I missed the people, but definitely NOT high school. We went and made a Taco Truck run for lunch. And later that night went and visited the Jew (Aaron!) I love Jew.
Disclaimer: I promise this is not offensive guys, he calls me Mormon. It's all good.

Wednesday, I took advantage of the empty house and watched tv and relaxed! It was so nice. I wrapped some Christmas gifts before everyone got home. Then Mama and I went and ran some errands. I worked on making a teddy bear when I was surprised by Marissa, Lizzie, Amber and Kara! It was so nice to see them(:

Thursday, Adriana, Hannah and I went out to the Galleria to do some shopping. We did some minor shopping for ourselves. We later went thrifting and then called it a day. 6 hours of shopping wore us out.

Friday, I was back out in Roseville and at the Galleria but for Taylor's Birthday! Aunt Angela, Morghan, Taylor and I went shopping around again and then out to lunch for TK's 17 bday. It was good to see some of my family again.

Later that night was Aaron's film premier of The Constant. That was fun! Totally not awesome seeing glimpses of myself on camera but it was cool to be considered an "extra!" He did a great job on the film. I got to see some more of my lovely friends and later, Adriana and Ian ended up coming over for a bit. We just sat in my room and looked at funny pictures on Reddit for a few hours. Nothing changed there. Memes and Dubstep are still the best forms of entertainment for us.

Saturday, I had an ugly sweater party. I invited some of the Nerd Herd to come over for a few hours while we ate too much junk food and talked really loud. Of course, just like old times. It was great seeing everyone as if we just like we left off, except we all had college experiences to talk about. It was good.

Sunday, Church. I got to see my home ward family. I missed all my young women and silly boys. And of course the Tams! The one day I didn't bring a purse to church though and I got spoiled with goodies. It was great! I come back to the home ward and I get all kinds of treats and presents. It was great (:

Then Rayanna and Ray came over later. It was so nice to see them too. Rayanna made some yummy taco meat and we had a great dinner. I definitely missed seeing all my family while I was at college, and home cooked meals.

It's been a crazy week and I've got another ahead of me. I can't wait though. I'm a shocked it's already Christmas though. It kinda just sneaked up on me this year. Didn't expect it. But I'm not complaining!

By the way to all you people saying it's cold here in the City of Trees...It's NOT. Try living in the snow for a few months and you'll understand the definition of COLD.

Oh and here are some webcam pics. I actually curled my hair. And wore make up. And wore an ugly sweater....That last part isn't a surprise but the first two only happen once in a while. Make up more than curling my hair, but still...It's rare.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

(Almost) Home for the Holidays

I finished my first semester of college at BYU! Yay!

I passed all of my classes. I'm most especially proud of the fact that I beat Chem 105. I actually survived the class. It is one of the hardest GE courses and I made it through! I complained a lot about it because it was really tough. But I did it!
That was the big thing this semester. Finally getting to college and realizing I had to actually try. Try? Study?
WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE? I'd never had to do that before (Except with Calculus B/C. Independent study nearly killed me). But I finished and I couldn't be more proud of myself and all that I have accomplished.

I really enjoyed my first semester at BYU. I love it there. I definitely made the right choice to go there. Sure, I miss all of my friends from home, and I'm far from my family. Though, I've made new friends here (even though most of them are leaving on missions!) I still have all my roommates for another semester at least. And I've got my extended family that I met while I was up here. Plus, Morghan comes down to Provo at least once a month. And my ward family. I love it here!
Though, I am very much ready to come home. I cannot wait to see all my family and friends. Go see people at Pioneer. Go to the Taco Truck. DRIVE! I cannot wait to drive again. I can't wait to go through all the Christmas traditions at home with my family. I just am so excited!

I come home late tomorrow night! Ahhh!

But the weekend here with Natalie and Karina has been fun. Karina left just this morning but the three of us have really enjoyed ourselves!

Friday, we just hung out. Tired from finals we didn't do much of anything but lay around.

Saturday, we all woke up late and were lazy till we went to clean the Church. It was surprisingly fun. We cleaned up then played the piano for a while. We then came home and ate a huge lunch courtesy of her mom. Tuna Melts, peaches and pears, and a milkshake. Oh it was yummy! Then we were lazy again and rested. I layed in my huge guest bed and watched glee! We then got ready and went down to Temple Square to see if we could get tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert.

WE DID. We got to the conference center and walked around. People also desperate for tickets, were holding up signs and calling out into the crowd. Three girls up against a bunch of adults? Yeah, we sadly walked to the cross walk to so we could go stand in the Stand By line in hopes we'd get in. Well we stood there, and a guy came up from behind us and asked "do you ladies have tickets? Here."

Natalie and I's mouths dropped open. We were stunned. Karina was the only one who was able to make any kind of noises of excitement. We thanked the man for being so kind. We couldn't believe it. He came out of no where and BOOM we had tickets. Ladies next to him asked if he had any others, he said nope. Just three.

You could say we were smiling from ear to ear. We jumped around hugging each other. It was so wonderful. As we walked over to our line to go inside the conference center and worker said "You girls look as if you won the lottery." We exclaimed, "WE DID!"

It was really fun. The concert was good. I'm glad we got to go. Afterwards we walked around Temple Square (as well as we could, it was PACKED). Then we made our way to meet Nat's parents to go up to her dad's office. Her dad's office has the best view of the city! It was so awesome to look over Temple Square and the other buildings. Super cool!

We then came home, and left right away. Nat, Karina and I got a midnight snack at Wendy's (I had to since we don't have one in Woodland anymore!) Then we went to Walmart to pick up some last minute things for her Mom.

Then to bed it was.
Today I've got church soon, and then Natalie's family is having a party tonight with their neighbors. It should be a blast.

Then tomorrow we're going to have some other adventures before my flight leaves at 8.

Ahh I'm so happy (: I've been smiling a lot more lately. I think it's because I'm done with Chem, FOREVER! Annnd
I can't wait to see everyone! (:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'll be Home for Christmas

Oh just one more week!
A week of finals...
But a week at that!
I can't wait to go home.
But I don't know if I want to leave now...
It's totally snowing outside. Dumping snow!
Well Kam informed me it isn't actually "dumping" snow, because it can get worse than this...
But I was like a little kid at Christmas because I looked out the window and BAM!

Anyways, I haven't done much of anything lately. Just studying. It's so fun. (You have to read  that in one of my sarcastic tones). I did go on a date though.

A BLIND DATE, and the guy was not picking up on my sarcasm...The poor kid. He just did not understand me. I finally had to tell him, "Sorry, I've been being sarcastic...Sarcasm is like my specialty." He just laughed.

There should be a warning label that comes on me for the poor souls that go on a date with me. Like...

WARNING: She's sarcastic, so you better be able to handle her comments. She's not looking for anything to come of this date. She's really just looking to have fun and make a new FRIEND. If you keep her out too late, she gets tired and a little delirious. It can be entertaining but she does say some odd things. If you cannot handle any of these things, run away. Fast.

Oh goodness. Anyways. I'm just sitting here, watching the snow. Listening to Christmas music. Kam and I made pancakes. AND emptied the dishwasher. (Next semester...there will be a dishes chart above our sink)

I don't know how getting ready for church is going to go...I mean. It's snowing. I don't own a single pair of tights...Or a skirt that would look okay with a pair of tights. I do have a peacoat...But no "dressy" boots. Boots that would be even pass to be "okay" to wear to church...Yeah. I've got quite the dilemma. Thankfully this is the last day of church for a while where I will have to WALK.

I CANNOT WAIT TO DRIVE WHEN I GET HOME. Really. I am SO EXCITED. It's been like 4 months. It's torture. I just want to go, turn the music up really loud and drive...Maybe go get Dutch? With my best friends of course!

Oh California, look out. I come home in a week (:

Wish me luck with finals...I'm going to need it! (Well, just for Chem.)

Monday, December 3, 2012

People Watching

So I am sitting in the CougarEat for dinner. (Yes,I had no other choice but to eat a form of Fast Food today because I've been on campus since 1pm and will be on campus till probably 10pm tonight.)

But sitting here has been pretty interesting. I've seen some pretty great and funny things (:

The first guy sitting at the table to the left of me: he was dressed in a tan suit. You'd think, "Oh he probably got Subway!" Nope. His dinner selection was a Lunchable.

The second guy at the same table: Still in a suit. He's been talking on the phone the whole time while eating a personal pizza. I'm sure the person on the other end truly appreciates the conversation on his end.

The guy sitting at the table in front of me: He almost sat at my table. Why? I don't know. There are many empty tables but he turned right towards my table, made eye contact with me then spun around and sat the table directly in front of me. Very odd. He's also been staring off into space a majority of the time, between bites. He probably felt just as awkward about our eye contact encounter.

Girl sitting at the square table: There was a mentally disabled worker going around cleaning tables. She was wearing a hat with buttons that covered the top. The buttons that have the cute little sayings or statements on them. It was creative. The girl saw the worker and started a conversation with her. The worker saw a pin on her backpack and possibly made a comment about it and the girl pulled the pin off her backpack and pinned it the the worker's hat. They've been talking ever since. It made my day to see how kind that girl was.

Random loud table....Speaks for itself. THEY ARE LOUD. They'll get about whatever is on the computer screen then start hysterically laughing. I don't know what is on that computer screen but gosh is it hilarious to them.

Now there is a ton of people around here, but those are the people I've been watching like a total creeper. But I figure someone else or those same people I observed are watching me so I don't feel as weird about it.

I've just been sitting here eating a personal pizza myself. Getting ready to meet up with my writing group then take my chem test after...It's going to be a long night. Cannot wait to go to bed!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Really. It's chilly. Walking home from church in a skirt, heels and just a 3/4 sleeve is terrible! Oh and throw in some rain and BAM. I'm shivering the moment I walk out the door.

Anyways, I'm so happy it's December! Just two weeks till I get to go home! I cannot wait. I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends. And Marley! I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed. Escape the snow. A vacation from school! Oh and get some Dutch! A Kid's Not-So-Hot Hot Chocolate and a muffin top please (: It'll be grand.

But these next two weeks are going to be killer. 4 days of class left and 9 days left total if you include Finals Week. This is how I feel about finals.

I just hope I feel like I conquered my tests and not totally bombed them. That will not be good!
The only one I'm freaking out about is my Chem test. The class really is awful. I know I say that all the time, I'm sorry. I'm just looking forward to being done with it. I mean we are STILL learning new material. And I still have to take my last midterm tomorrow. It's nonsense!

I am so looking forward to taking classes that are going to be interesting to me next semester. Cannot wait!
But yes, pray for me. I'm going to be a hot mess after the next two weeks are over. A delirious, sleepy, grouchy, overtired mess.

But it'll be worth it because I get to spend the weekend with my roomies and that next Monday I get to fly back to Cali! (:

So yes, if you try to talk to me the next two weeks....I'm sorry if I don't reply or I am snappy. It's too be expected when you have to take killer Chem and Bio finals!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa!

So you know: I don't mind what phrase you say to me, as long as you take the time to smile and wish me well this holiday season (: