Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another Time

Copying the format from a blog post I read, from my cousin. This is me sharing to you, my readers of a very neglected blog, my recent feelings. In no way am I trying to do anything, but allow myself to heal and express my emotions and thoughts in a way more creative than eating said feelings:

Sometimes things don't go as planned.
The lovely path you were walking, gets hard to navigate, then ends
To leave you lost and at your lowest low
Feeling frightened and abandoned but you keep going.

Sometimes you lose,
You try your hardest to be your best
But things keep you from doing so,
And you are forced to surrender, even though you try to refuse.

Sometimes you just hurt,
Feeling broken, you suffer through the pain.
You go on with a smile, trying so hard.
All you feel is the pang and tears in swollen eyes, wanting it so badly to go away.

Sometimes you feel completely alone
With no one to comfort you through this moment
Then people whom you never thought really cared
Care a whole lot, and make sure you know.

Sometimes you have to let yourself be loved
Allow others to care, help and comfort you.
Because you can't do it all by yourself, no matter how hard you try
You need company other than your own aching heart and thoughts.

Sometimes you just have to make yourself be happy,
Throw some color at your friends, and go third wheel on Tinder dates at 1am.
You eat 6 Krispy Kreme donuts in a night and binge watch Psych.
But no one is judging you, in fact they are highly encouraging you.

Sometimes it still stings,
And all you do rewind, to think of ways you could fix it, because that's all you want.
You mull over the reasons that you don't understand, and still don't have
But you keep going, along that undiscovered path.

Sometimes you have to wait.
And wait and wait, for the answer as to why this unwanted trial is occurring
You have to rely on the Lord, his timing and his reasoning.
Trust that everything will be better in time.

Sometimes it's hard, it's so dang hard.
To get up in the morning, and not go through the same loved, taken for granted routine.
But you accept it, seeing not the hope that you once had that it will get fixed, and all will go back to "normal,"
Letting yourself feel loved, through the pain and lack of sleep.
You know that, though you wish it would all go back,
It'll get better, with time, patience, and a lot of comfort food.
Going on with the only the promise that it won't get better at once, or even a few weeks from now,
But it will with time, another time though, just not now.

Sometimes you may not know what the future has in store anymore,
You just keep on going with that promise in tow,
Day by day, you keep on moving along.
A smile, a tear, a hug, a twinge of pain away from being better.

This beautiful picture was taken by a friend, for a photography final. 
Her subject of choice was Empowered Women. 

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