Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello Mr. Sun

Oh it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood (:

It's so nice to finally see the sun today and just wear a thin sweater and not be hot or cold, but just perfect! You can eat lunch outside, and actually feel your face start to get a little pink because it hasn't seen the sun in a few, what seems decades, months.

Lately, I've been swell!
Got a care package from the family with enough snacks to get me through the rest of the semester, a new cardigan and fun little stress ball toys with Got Milk stamped on them and smiley faces with milk mustaches! Those little stress balls have come in handy, except we all here at 217 seem to like to throw them at each other.

Was fed dinner by a family from church. Lasagna, french bread, salad and brownies...Oh Heaven! (I cannot wait to go home for home cooked meals!)

Met with an advisor for my major. Seems as though they've changed the requirements for the major so not only am I taking my Special Education classes but I have to take some Elementary Ed classes and they are making me do a English Language Learners minor. Should be good! I'm still really excited for this major.

Got my finger prints taken! Oh what an experience that was...

Yeah so, taking finger prints can be tricky. I mean, they have to all match up correctly or it doesn't process. Especially if you do the live scan stuff...Well, my pinky (one that I happened to have broken before and won't straighten anymore) gave the poor guy doing my prints a real hard time. For some reason, the computer didn't like any of the prints he took. I felt really bad, he was getting so frustrated! Not much I could do though, my pinky really just didn't want to flatten correctly on the scanner.

In other news from today, this morning was quite fun. Marcie, Natalie, Kamden and I all were up at the same time and going crazy. Blasting music, joking around, laughing. (Mind you Lauren and Karina were still sleeping). We got all ready to go then walked to class together. People also on their way to class probably thought we were nutz. Well we are...but it was still a blast. I love these girlies.

 Jordan and I got to eat lunch outside today. Then we went up to the fourth floor overlook on the JFSB, looked over the quad area and people watched. It was quite grand. Eventually though it did get a little warm so we went in the shade to take some silly pictures. (This is what we do on a normal day)

Ever since Jordan got an IPhone, I've been making him share it with me...A LOT. I very much love taking pictures of him when he's not expecting it or really ridiculous pictures of us. He's not too fond of it. I bother him to Instagram things, especially the ridiculous pictures, and play Fruit Ninja. But hey, he needed me to help him figure it out initially. He was not Iphone savvy until I helped him out(:

Now for the rest of today I've got some homework to do, not much thankfully because Tuesdays and Thursdays are easy days, then we've got date night! Taqueria and an open mic night! Should be grand.

All is well here in the bubble. But I really am counting down the days til I get to go home. Miss my fam! And my doggy. My friends. Privileges of driving when I need to run errands. REAL FOOD.

Still looking for jobs. Let me know if you know of anywhere that is looking for a hard working, eager to help young adult to work for them!

Hugs and Love to Cali (:

Are we not models?
Jordan is going to hate me for posting this picture, but I adore it!

Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm just a little black rain cloud...


So you got the April showers bring May flowers. But what does March Snow bring? I'd like to know because it makes me very unhappy. At least it's sunny right now, and actually sorta warm.


^It's Bipolar.

Anyways, these last two weeks have been grand. I've been very busy with school, church activities, and Jordan being here. It's nice to not be in bed on a weeknights just watching my shows after all my homework is done. It's been fun! Like we celebrated Pi day last week, watch Les Mis, went bowling, we've gone to a yummy taqueria, made cinnamon rolls from scratch. It's been an adventure! (:

In other news, if you haven't seen my Facebook status from today, I changed my major from Biology to Special Education officially today! I've been trying to decide if I really wanted to do this but I'm really excited with my decision. I haven't decided if I want to do Mild/Moderate or Severe Disabilities but I will soon! (Mild and Moderate disabilities would be like working with kids in a resource room, Serve would be children with Downs, severe autism, or cerebral palsy, etc.) Both sound amazing and rewarding! It's going to be grand (:

I am really excited to come home in a few weeks. Not that I am not loving BYU and all my friends here, but I miss home, my family, the ocean, driving, FRESH CHEAP PRODUCE THAT ISN'T MOLDY THE DAY AFTER I BUY IT, and of course my crazy friends. I'm not sure how thrilled I am to be going home for 4 months but I WILL get a job. I WANT A JOB. PLEASE EMPLOY ME. Office work, dish washing, nanny, PLEASE. I want to work! I want money yes, but I want to be busy this summer!

Yes, I'm desperate.

But life here is good. I'm currently making toaster strudel, or poptarts whichever they end up looking more like, for my girls. We're gonna go get Happy Meals (Because we can) and have a movie night. It'll be fun (:

I love life!
Sending love to California (:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Productive Procrastination

So I'm writing this blog right now because I'm trying to rid myself of terrible writer's block...or procrastination. One of the two.
I only have to write my American Heritage essay. That is my last assignment for the rest of the week. (Except for some like weekly attendance and reflection things from my religion classes) Sooooo, I'm having trouble getting words that are actually history related, flowing in my brain. So I word vomit...Seems productive.

Anyways. This week has been really good. The weather has been amazing. SUNSHINE! Once again. I missed the sun. I really did. I missed the warmth. I'M WEARING FLIP FLOPS! It's wonderful. I've laid outside and done homework. Today, Jordan and I ate lunch outside after class. It's so nice that Spring is finally deciding to make an appearance.

Oh yeah, Jordan is here. He moved down here for the next 2 months for work! Yes. I'm one happy girl. Yes. I've actually been getting homework done. I've actually been very productive. Passed my Geology test! Not with flying colors...but did waaaay better than last time. Plus it's curved! I've gotten all my homework done on time, and have even caught up with all my homework from last week after being sick. YEAH. I've been doing pretty good with keeping on top of things (:

What else is new...Oh! I've found an internship program that I REALLY want to do. You go to Romania to work in an orphanage and hospitals with abandoned children with special needs. Perfect for me, right? It's 3 months out of the year. Gosh. I want to go. I've talked to multiple people who have gone, it sounds amaaaaazing. I could get an extra boost to my resume, learn some basic Romanian, help children, and travel. AHHHH! :D

Yeah, I'm changing my major to Special Education: Mild and Moderate disabilities and then doing a minor in Psychology. (:

I'm really happy, if you couldn't tell. It's sunny outside. I can wear flip-flops again. Jordan is here. I've been getting a ton of work done. And I've found a major that I believe will be perfect for me. I'm all smiles (:

Plus, I just ate a box of Junior Mints...that could be contributing to my good mood (:

I send my love to California from here in Utah! 6 weeks til I'm home!! Can't wait.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mountains, not Mole Hills.

The last few days have been pretty rough.

Sunday, I was very sick. I played tennis on Saturday night in the cold and my body did not like that one bit. I was achey all day on Sunday and ended up in bed that night with the chills and a 102 fever. Thank goodness for my roommates who came to the rescue. They alerted the whole ward of my sudden sickness, but Marcie got a thermometer and then Lauren, Natalie and her went to get me gatorade and popsicles in hopes that both could help break my fever.

Thankfully, even though I didn't want everyone to know I was sick, Aubrey came by to bring me some saltines and soup. I got a few texts from people in the ward asking about me. Our FHE boys came by to give me a blessing. I felt pretty loved even though I was a hot mess (literally).

Monday, I skipped morning class and slept, and slept and slept. I kept trying to go to class each time, it just wasn't happening. I eventually went to a later lecture for American Heritage at 2, then a Psych review at 3. Took my Psych quiz, got a 100%. Best part of the day.

Later, we had FHE. We celebrated Kam's birthday with our huge family and played Catch Phrase. I ended the night with the chills again. Thankful that Kam took care of me, even though it was her birthday (:

Tuesday, got up and took a shower. So tired and a 101 degree fever put me back into bed. I didn't go to any of my classes. However, I did eventually get moving so I could walk alll the waaay across campus and down the huge hill to sign my first apartment contract. That was pretty exciting. Took forever to read it all through but it's done. I finally don't have to stress about it anymore. I have a place to live!

Then I went to the creamery to pick up "sick" food. Otherwise known as: mac and cheese, cereal, bread for toast, PB&Js, and Grilled Cheeses, soup and chicken nuggets. Easy food that doesn't take a ton of effort.

I spent the rest of the day in bed resting and occasionally falling asleep. Then my 102 fever made a come back and I felt absolutely awful yet again. Thankful that my roommates were there but I have to admit, just because I'm at college that doesn't mean I don't want my parents to be here to take care of me when I'm miserable. So yes, I called my parents crying. Sue me for breaking my adult streak. It sucks not having my family close.

Wednesday,  I'm feeling better. I went to two of my morning classes and I'm going to a late lecture for American Heritage. While i'm feeling better I need to take care of business and do some laundry and homework that I've put off. Thankfully it's a beautiful day so that's definitely helping. But I'm still exhausted.

My favorite sunglasses snapped though. I could have cried. Time to go to Forever 21 and get the most obnoxiously colored pair they have to make up for my loss of my crazy-purple-floral patterned ones. But that is a mole hill.

The rest of these problems are been pretty mountain-y.

And besides being sick, the roughest part of this week would have to be the loss of my Great Grandmother, Berta. She finally got to "go home" like she wanted, after being so confused and ill for quite sometime. It's wonderful to know she's at peace and can be with other lost family members again. Though, I know it's been hard on the rest of my family. I wish I could be with you guys right now. I love you all so much.