Thursday, January 24, 2013

Slip n' Slide

So this has been my day. Not quite going down this bridge to get to class but you get the point...

It's been quite interesting! People watching has been very fun today. Not saying that some people haven't gotten a kick out of watching me slide around, lose my footing for a second, shriek, then catch myself...But it's been fun watching how some people handle themselves in the slick conditions.

Anyways, I'm back for the day...Like I always am. Class from 9-12 or 9-1 and Home. Time to defrost and work on homework. Well procrastinate for a bit, look at jobs on the employment site, get disappointed because I've already applied for all the ones I'm elgible for, then watch a show or two while I try to figure out some kind of "Journal" to write for my Religion class requirements...My routine has become so boring. I NEED A LIFE. And less snow/ice.

I was determined that I would go running today. HAH. With all the ice on the ground. Me & my clumsiness + ice = Recipe for DISASTER. There is a reason I was not named Grace. I would walk down to the RB but I don't want to risk injuring myself BEFORE I go work out. No thank you!

In other news, yesterday was Fatty's birthday! (Natalie's birthday. That's her nickname. If you knew her, you'd know why. She's really actually very thin and has massive runner's quads!!) We celebrated by going down to the Cannon Center for dinner, then coming home to cut "The World's Largest Gummy Bear." Seriously. It exists. It happened. And boy was it sugary! I felt so sick after all the food at the creamery and a small slice of that gummy creation. Note to you all: Don't get that stinking gummy bear!

Yes, there are candles on it. Yes, we stuck one in it's belly button. That bear consists of 1400 small ones. Awesomely gross, right?
Natalie eventually posted on the Ward Page (Yay for Facebook!) and people came over to grab a slice of the bear; however, we still have a good sized chunk sitting on our kitchen table. Yuck. No more sugar for me, thanks!

Anyways, I like to believe that Fatty enjoyed her birthday! It sure seemed like she did (:

Now the rest of this week and weekend will be homework and trying to stay warm...but what else is new. Oh college. It just gets better and better. (:

Monday, January 21, 2013


So I lied. I didn't post my blog "Tomorrow." I figured I would wait out the rest of the weekend so I could write about the whole last week. Good idea yes? So don't hate me when you look at all this and are like, "For reals? This is so long." Sorry. MY BAD.

Monday-Friday. Great. I had a very good week. I seriously love all my classes. Nothing really to report there. I went to class everyday. Still haven't fallen on ice. Almost did on Sunday though, I was wearing heels! Would have been bad... But yeah. Classes are great.


We attacked the boys dorm. Kam and I got done with class and met up with one of our guy friends, Sean. He invited us to their apartment and we hung out with him and our other friend, Dayne. Sean went to take a nap and then Kam, and I kinda got creative with some tape we found. We drew pictures for them. Kam made a pyramid out of dixie cups. I made signs with hastags all over their apartment. We made a tower out of their recyclables. Kam drew a dragon, and I put a tennis ball (I drew a face on it last semester and gave it to the guys. They named it "Jensen." Creative, right?) up at the top of the tower and then we made signs that said "Save the Damsel in Distress." Yeah. We were bored.

I got my first A in the testing center.
93% baby! It may have been a simple reading quiz for Psych but I only missed one question, 14/15. Gosh. It was so awesome to see my score and see a "Fantastic!" next to it. If you go to BYU, you know how it feels every other time you leave the testing center...Seeing an encouraging word next to your score is a BIG DEAL and only comes once every so often!

Marcie and Kamden got their mission calls! My lovely roommates decided to serve the Lord for 18 months, and they leave in May! Marcie will be going to the Washington Kennewick Mission, Spanish Speaking. Kamden is going to the South Carolina Columbia Mission. I am so excited for them both! I am even more excited to write them silly letters and send them fun care packages! They are so wonderful!

Lastly, a bit more "low key", I went for a walk. It was very nice. I wanted to get out of the apartment, so I just wandered around the bookstore after my test. Someone eventually came up to me, asking if I needed something...By that point, I left. I made a mistake and got a Jamba to celebrate the A from my test. It was good but cold! I FROZE. My hands hurt so badly. Though it was nice to take the long walk home and get some fresh air (:

Saturday, Kam, Nat and I went to Ross, Dollar Tree, and Panda! I said I wasn't going to spend money but I found a VERY cute shirt. I had to buy it. Then at Dollar Tree, I got some body wash and ballons (for a project!) and I found a Pepsi... A Caffeinated Soda... I wanted it.... It tasted good. My roommates laughed at me because I very much enjoyed it.

Then we stopped at Panda because we were all starving (we brought goldfish to snack on but it wasn't cutting it). So we stuffed our faces on fast Chinese food and went home. Kam and Nat went to the basketball game. I decided to stay home and look at off campus housing for next year. Plus, my jaw has been killing me and I didn't think cheering would be a very good idea.

They got home. I painted my nails and skimmed Pinterest. Natalie did a Disney Princess Puzzle. Kam read her Reader's Digest.....That was our Saturday night. I am a 16 year old. Nat is a 4 year old. Kam is 40.
We're so weird.

Sunday, Church. But for Ward Prayer, we had to introduce our Family Home Evening Group. We decided to wear mustaches, introduce ourselves, our mustache names, and a funny fact(s) about ourselves.
Me: I am Jensen. My mustache name is the Wise Guy. I play the uke. I wear fake glasses. And I like to pass time by watching funny cat videos on Youtube.

Why am I so weird?

Anyways. Today has been filled with laziness. I laid in bed and Skyped Jordan. Finally got up, Showered. Tarron came over to say hello and return my baking cups. Kam, Nat and I went to the Creamery to shop and Kid's Meals for Lunch. I mastered the "Sock Bun." And now I get to work on all the homework I procrastinated this weekend.

Overall though, I needed this weekend to be relaxing. No plans. Just enjoying having time to stay up late, sleep in and go with the flow. It was great!

I am all smiles. But what else is new? (:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Round Two

So I haven't blogged in quite sometime...Sorry.
I've been trying to get back in the rhythm of school and college and living in single degree weather. It's been tough to adjust to but great (:

Yeah. You guys in California are KILLING ME. Stop the whining about your cold weather. It got to -14 last weekend. I've been wearing like 5 layers to class every day just to come into a boiling hot classroom (it's always a thermostat war it seems, no one can agree on a "normal" temperature) to take all my jackets off and then layer back up to walk to my next destination. All the while, trying not to slip and fall on ice and ignore the fact that my ears are probably going to fall off. But guess what, I don't really mind it (: I promise if I can survive this weather, you can live through some abnormally bitter winter days and freezes.

Anyways, I'm done with my rant.

My new classes are going great! I absolutely love all of them. I'm taking American Heritage (Combination of World History, U.S. History, Gov. and Econ.), Psychology, Book of Mormon (The second half of it), Geology and Marriage and Family (Judge me, it's a great class and so much fun!). I was going to take Spanish, but then I decided I should get some more GE credits out of the way and took Geology the Geology book is free online and the Spanish package was $225... Easy choice right?

 But really, all my professors are great! I love all the classes and their content (Except are soooooo boring.) I'm really looking forward to this semester. I've got a lot of reading to do each night, but that beats 40 chemistry problems (: I really need to make friends in my classes though. I don't know anyone!

We've lost a ton of our friends from last semester because of missions. However, that means a ton of new people to make friends with and a ton of new mission calls! It's all really exciting. I've made a ton of new friends within our ward. It's been so much fun getting to know new people all over again!

I seriously love it here. My new classes. New friends. New memories in the making. I'm so happy! I would love snow more if it wasn't so cold, but I enjoy walking in this Winter Wonderland. It's so pretty here (:

Wait for another new blog tomorrow. I'll be updating you on all my escapades from the last week. It's been quite exciting (:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Letter to 2013

Hello there, 2013!

Pleased to meet you. Many people are very surprised you came around. They all thought that you weren't going to happen but you made them look like fools December 22nd, 2012. I think you were going to come no matter what! I believe the reason is because you are going to be a very big year for a lot of people. And I like to think that I will especially benefit from this year.

I mean it'll be the second semester of my Freshman year, and the first semester of my Sophomore. I'll still be taking generals for the most part but I'll be figuring out what I'm going to major in, and hopefully sticking with it. Picking my major will impact the rest of my life. So yeah, that's sort of a big deal.

Plus, I will need  to get a job on campus, and one for the summer. My first apartment with goodness knows what roommates. Looks as though I'll be playing the lottery again! (Let's hope I get some good ones again) I'm turning 19. And gosh, there are a ton of other big things that are going to happen this year but I don't know what they all will be yet. I can just feel it! 

So I looked up what a "New Year's Resolution" really is and the definition according to Wikipedia is: 

commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit. A key element to a New Year's resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it is made in anticipation of the New Year and new beginnings. 

2013, I don't know about you but I hardly hear about anyone who keeps these "resolutions" that they make up. Most of the time they are like "be more active," or "lose weight." "Be happy." "Live life to the fullest." And you can't forget the "I'm going to quit [insert addictive substance or act]." It's all the same. Hardly, ever do you get original ones. (It does happen though)

I'm not saying people haven't completed their goals. I know that some people actually have the determination to get what they set their mind to actually done. Kudos to them. But personally, I have not found making such goals or commitments for the New Year any good for me. And well, I've got another idea.

So 2013, you aren't getting any resolutions out of this girl. I really have no goals except to be happy. But who doesn't want to be happy? That's just a general goal. I mean, I like to smile too much. Being unhappy isn't an option. Instead, I've got another proposition for you. 

I want to see where you, the New Year, take me. I'm up for new adventures, obstacles and challenges. Whatever. Give me all you've got. Now, I'm not going to go searching for these things. I'm not going to do anything differently. I'm just going to live my life as normal, like every other year, and roll with it.

What's the catch you ask? Well I'm going to blog and journal like normal, and at the end of the year, read all my entries. I want to see how much I've changed or progressed (or see the lack of both of those things) over the year. Then I'll figure out the "best" and "worst" of 2013, make a list of big accomplishments, things I'm grateful for, and of course a "What I've learned" list. 

Well 2013, I hope we have an understanding. This isn't a goal or commitment to enact a change in myself. I'm not planning on changing, but change and progress is an inevitable part of life. It's going to happen. And this hardly counts as a project. I'm just extremely curious to see what you have to offer and I want to document and evaluate it all in the end to see where I'm at in my life because of all that you threw at me. I want to sit down on December 31st, look back on all my new memories and say "What a year." 

I'm sure you are going to be full of surprises, just like every other new year. Just know that I am looking forward to all the wonderful memories that I will make, good and bad (Mostly, the good though.) And in case I forget to tell you later, thank you for all those memories. Especially the ones that are going to make smile, laugh and love my life throughout the next 12 months.

Yours Truly,
Jensen Leigh Krause