Monday, June 30, 2014

Note to Self

Note to Self: Don't stand over the AC vent on the floor if you're wearing a skirt and there is even the slightest chance that someone will turn the air on. You will pull your own personal Marilyn Monroe and everyone will laugh at you, whether they saw your spandex or not.

Note to self: You can't sleep without a blanket. Remember that the next time you fall asleep wearing a sweatshirt. You will wake up dying of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Protip: Keep a bottle of water next to your bed.

Rule #3940: If you really like a boy, act like a normal person. Get over your nerves and SPEAK. English is your first language, don't resort to giberish. You can use your words, SPIT IT OUT.

Warning: Whenever you feel there is any pressure, your voice goes up like seven octaves. Whether it be when you are at work, talking in class or even to a boy. You sound like a little girl again. It's a little annoying.

Note to self: Hit the tennis ball, not your knee with your tennis racket.

Note to self: You're a cute girl. But when your mascara leaves you with raccoon eyes in the morning and you forget about it, your cute factor gets turned down a few notches. Protip: Wash your face before your early morning work shifts, or at night.

Warning: Your hair doesn't dry well if you sleep on it. Unless you want to look like Alfalfa, take a shower in the morning.

FYI: Doors open 'Push' mean you have to PUSH them, not pull. There will be someone watching you as you try to open or exit said door and they will awkwardly try not to laugh at you but you will still hear their snort.

Note to self: Most artificially colored candies, desserts or foods will leave your mouth stained a certain color. Refrain from eating said items on dates.

Beware: Apparently you look younger than you are or you are attractive to minors. EFY boys will pass you and give you the "Call me" sign. Smile, keep your disgusted face to yourself and walk, or run, away.

Note to self: Cinder block walls are not your cuddle buddy. They are not forgiving when you smack your head into them in the middle of the night. They could care less if you silently curse them as you try to get comfortable again. Protip: Turn over and hug your pillow, it won't cuddle you back but at least it is soft.

Rule #2385: Don't attempt something that you can't 100% guarantee you won't screw up and make a fool of yourself, especially in front of people you barely know or that you are trying to impress.

Warning: Your razor is sharp. If you oversleep on Sundays before church, don't shave your legs. You will either take too long and be verrrry late to church, or you will try to shave too fast and cut yourself a dozen times. Your legs covered in cuts and bandages looks just as bad as a little stubble.

Note to self: Jensen, face it. You're awkward. You're a clutz. You're a hot mess sometimes. The Universe is sometimes out to get you. But that's okay. Someone will love you for all your quirks one day. Then all will be right in the world. If you're lucky, you'll get someone that is just as awkward as you. Then you can laugh at each other and compare bruises. Oh, life.

Oh, I wonder what you are all thinking....My last few weeks have been crazy so I thought I'd share some wisdom with you but also a little insight into the things that make my life so much more interesting. Pictures are from my trip home! (:

25 days til my birthday!!!!!!!! Not that I'm excited or anything....

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Joys of Name Tags

My favorite question: "Your name is Jensen?" "Is that your last name?" "Where'd that come from?" "If that's your first name, is your last name Jensen, too?"

Wearing a name tag for both my jobs makes this question a daily occurrence. Customers often take a glance and have to do a double take and proceed to ask about my name. Or some of the guys think they are being smooth pick up on it and use it as an ice breaker. But I really like it when people ask about my name.

It only bothers my when people ask if it's "REALLY MY NAME" because no, it's just my fake name? Of course it is REALLY my name. Or if they ask "Did you put your last name on your name tag?" Because no. Just no. Moving on, I really enjoy it when people notice my name because I've really taken ownership of it because of how unique it is!

So yes, my name is Jensen. It's my first name. It is spelled J-E-N-S-E-N, not Jenson, or Jensin, or Jensun, or even Jensyn. I don't really have a cool story behind my name other than my mom really liked it. I was going to be named Sarah but Sarah and my last name would have sounded like "Sour Kraut" so that wasn't going to happen. Yes, I like my name. I have three last names in my full name if you were curious. I only shorten it when I meet people randomly that I know I'll never see again, or for the Jamba Juice employees because I can't stand getting different spelling variations or the wrong name entirely. I don't think Jensen sounds like Allison but hey, that's cool! As long as I get my Jamba, I'm a happy girl.

Anyways, I felt like this was kind of a fun thing to address just because I get it all the time now, working both my jobs. More so at Rita's because people are so friendly (mostly) when they come in. In case you didn't know, Rita's tag line is: Ice Custard Happiness. And it is just that.

I love my name. It's different, a last name, unique and definitely a conversation starter. I guess I got lucky, I've got a built in ice breaker for conversations! I'm kidding, sorta.

Tomorrow, I go home for Colton's graduation! Can't wait to see my fam and all of my friends. Also, I CANNOT WAIT FOR Dutch and Taco Truck goodness. Oh how I miss California Mexican food, excuse me..,I miss Woo-Town's Mexican Food. It's a breed all its own.

I'm as happy as a clam. Life is beautiful with all its ups, downs and quirks. I love it  (:

New Countdown: 45 days til my BIRTHDAY/No longer a teen!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Right Where I Need to Be

So what a crazy last few weeks. Let me just give you all a quick update on my recently insane life!

I went to LA to visit Adriana over Memorial Day weekend. It was a blast. I loved seeing UCLA and meeting her friends. We went to California Adventure which was just the best. We went dancing and shopping which, what kind of a girl's weekend is it if you don't have those two things?! It was just what the doctor ordered for my high stress of a life: A break from the craziness of life here in Provo. It was grand.

This past week was jam packed with things. I played Pool Ball (combination of basketball, and water polo for those whom are really into it) for the first time with my ward at our complex's pool. I got totally sunburnt/tan! I went to Seven Peaks with my Pass of All Passes and that was just great. I learned I really need to get a pair of board shorts if I'm going to ride all those slides! My friends and I also had Panda Panda night, where you eat Panda Express and watch Kung Fu Panda of course. Come on, get with the program y'all ;) I kid.

I walked to the grocery store, bought the entire contents of said store it seemed, walked home and a nice girl helped me carry them to my apartment. Oddly enough, we had met previously to her helping me! I watched an outdoor movie with people from my ward out on the grass of our complex. Up! Forgot how cute that movie is.

And lastly, to top of all the craziness....I GOT A SECOND JOB! I had two job interviews and went with the first offer. I'm now working at a place called Rita's. They do Italian Ice and Custard, and other wonderful, yummy desserts. It is so much fun! My friends showed up on my first day to cheer me on and on my second day, they showed up to tell everyone I deserved a raise. I'm so lucky to have such great, and goofy friends (:

That about sums up all that I've been up to. It's been so tiring but so worth it. My feet hurt 100% of the time, I'm functioning on like 5hrs of sleep most days and naps are my new best friend but it's so great. This last week, I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

My social life may get a little bit skimmed down a bit seeing as I'll be working most evenings now; however, that just means more money that I'm saving and more money that I'm making! Plus, I'm making new friends at my new job. The Rita's girls are so sweet, and not just because they are covered in sugar from all the ice we're all scooping. I'm looking forward to this new adventure.

If I'm going to start this whole new chapter in my life that I was given, might as well just dive head first into all that is crazy, good, late-night, tiring, money-making, sunburning, delicious, and college.

Last night, Alex, Demi and Stallz came into Rita's just as I was about to get off and took me home. Alex's jeep doesn't currently have the top on so we were blasting tunes and dancing all around with the wind in our hair just being crazy. I took a moment, tilted my head back and just looked at the dark sky. And just said to myself  "Wow. Look how drastically your life has changed. But it's okay. You are right where you need to be."

I might still be partially hurting inside, I may have good days and bad days, and I may still have thoughts that I hate having, but I am so blessed. I whine about all the bad things that happen, but I really need to start being more grateful and kill that negative attitude because that's what keeps bringing me down. Those trials I'm still facing, those are just a side effect to being human. They are minuscule in the scheme of life. All that happiness that has doubled in my life, that is what matters. I am blessed. I am lucky. I am loved. I am beautiful. I'm young. I am having fun. I am happy.

I'm right where I need to be. In little old, Provo. AKA The Bubble. (: One day, I will be able to look back and say "Okay, it all makes sense now."