Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Students of Room 39

For those that didn't know, I've been student teaching for over a month! This first 60-75, ended up being about 80+, hours of experience is for my minor, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL K-12). I've been working at an Elementary school in a sixth grade class, Room 39, with only about 20 students. Sure, I primarily enjoy teaching younger students but this has been especially enjoyable!

The first day I fell in love with the class and the school. I felt at home, stepping right in sync with the routines and helping the students as if I'd been there for months. My fourth day in the classroom, they had already invited me to their class play. Through out my time there, I went to assemblies, danced with them, and even attended Space Camp; it's been a blast.

Now on my last day, to say they were disappointed that I had forgotten to tell them it was my last day earlier in the week, would be a major understatement! They were so upset with me. I'm going to miss these kids, don't get me wrong. However, this student teacher is exhausted. She's happy to hang up her badge and take a few weeks off. Teaching, on top of classes, studying for her teaching license test, work, moving and various other life concerns, has me worn out. It's time for a few weeks of rest.

Between getting to know the students and actually being able to work on their progress, the hours have been extremely beneficial as I've finally have gotten to put the things I'm learning into practice. I feel better about my teaching skills, like I'm actually decent at it. Not only has it all been beneficial to my confidence level, but also have given me plenty to talk about because, in case you didn't know, kids say the funniest things. For instance:

How do you spell your last name?
Are you sure? Spell check says it's wrong.

Do you like chocolate?
No, not really.
How? Chocolate is beautiful.

I'm going to call you Ms. Teacher.
You could call me Ms. K or Ms. Krause. That is my name.
Nope. You look like more of a Ms. Teacher.

*Learning about Heat Transfer*
Why is it that when we touch a hot pepper that it doesn't feel warm, but when we put it in our mouths to eat that it's really hot?

How old are you?
20, why?
And you're not MARRIED? Get on that sister. 

*Working with my Native Spanish Speaker*
You don't speak Spanish, do you?
Hablo un poquito.
Ha. Un poquito. Very very little.
****A while later*****
You lie. You no speak Spanish.

Why do you make me do work?
Because I'm your teacher.
Okay, but really. What's the real reason??

**Taught our Native Spanish Speaker how to say "Try Again"**
Angilu, can you sit at your desk? La mesa. That's the right word, isn't it?
Try again.

Michael, did you come sit by me because I was sitting alone on the bus?
Is yes or no the correct answer here?

*Walking through the halls near the younger grade classes*
TEACCCHHEERRR. Someone was kissing someone in the back of the liiinnnneeeee.

So yeah, this is my life. I love it. I love the kids, even though they say some interesting things. It's fun. But I think teachers should have nap time. And for what it's worth, 20 is not old.

First 80+ hours down, 100s more to go. I can't wait though. Does that make me crazy? Oh well. Just call me Ms. Teacher.

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