Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fun Camp: Take 1

Just call me Jessie!
Kidding. Don't call me that. Please don't.
Apparently, Jensen is too difficult to remember for little kids and for older kids, it's just not cool. So I've been named Jessie by one of my fun campers. Though, all the other aides' names got changed thankfully. Air, and Marie (Aaron and Maria) are by my side this week as we chase around 20 little kids, each Fun Camp session, for work. 8-4pm. Ages 4-6, then 7-12. Oh it is just a blast!

Perks: I'm getting paid, it's experience, the kids really aren't that bad, and it's actually fun. Down side: It's pretty hott, and some kids are not so easy to work with. But that's how it's going to be! Funny how many of them have such big attitudes and they are barely 7. Or their personalities are just so entertaining, or they are the sweetest little kids and you just can't help but smile! (The bright spots in the camps!) And those kids that give me a hard time, they really aren't that bad. I mean, like I told Adriana and Aaron, I love kids so I can handle their craziness pretty well. For me to come home and say I had a hard time dealing with a child, that child has to be one bad egg. My kids are good though! I've got 2 more camps this summer, I can't wait (:

The morning camp is Farmer Brown's Junior Farmers! The kids get to handle and learn about the different farm animals at Fairytale town, along with the various other bugs and animals that Jim, the instructor, has hidden in his office. So far it's been bunnies, goats and sheep. I luckily always get the stubborn animals. The rabbit that is so nervous it takes off when it's put on the leash. The sheep that will not walk, it's more interested in the grass. And the goat that doesn't want to move, period. Oh animals! Like the kids, they have some strong personalities!

Then the afternoon camp is Adventure Play which is all about Nature and Science. All I know is that by the end of the day I'm covered in dirt. Not because we did anything really dirty, it just appears on me. The program is pretty neat: using a solar oven to make smores, nature walks, learning about clouds, seeing a rainbow that's in a perfect circle.

Fairytale Town knows how to put on a summer camp for these kids!

Other than work...

The last few weeks have been fun. I've gone to the Farmer's Market in Davis with my mom. We got dinner there then pretty much bought every kind of fruit available for us to purchase. I went thrift shopping and scored a church skirt, 2 shirts (practically brand new) and a good book for $20! 

I hung out with Adriana (finally!). She arrived on Sunday so we went to get our first Dutch Bros of the summer. Then sat and talked to Aaron's mother, Hedy, for two hours until he got home. Yes, I'm actually friends with my friends' moms. They're great (:

This weekend is the NowSplash with Adriana. Only 35 days til Jordan visits. 37 days til my birthday. And about 80 days til I'm back in Utah. Crazy that I've already been home for about two months! Another two to go (:

Hope you all are smiling because Life is Good!
     If not. Here are two cute puppies to curve your lips up a bit (:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Counting Cats

Yes. Today, I counted cats. All the little cat statues that line up and down Dead Cat Alley to be exact. (Yes. It's one of the few things you can do around here in Woodland). I started off the day with Hannah as we took a trip to the Post Office so I could send out a Care Package to Jordan. Then we went to bug Ian. Picked him up and made our way to count cats. (We're weird. We know.)

We finished and ended up going over to Hannah's house to play Settlers of Catan. (We're nerds. We know). After Hannah kicked Ian and I's butts her first time playing, we went swimming. Then played Phase 10. And called it a day.

Pretty good day, I'd say. In between days that I work, I end up hanging out with those two, or them separately, and sometimes someone else will join us. Like Randi came by with Hannah and we sat and talked for a good 3 hours about life. Always a enjoyable.

It's nice to be home and see my old friends. However, it's weird being home and seeing kids still in school, and those individuals that graduated from your high school that maybe you didn't get along with or you were nice to but had no real relationship with. Yeah. And you don't know if they really do remember your name, when you surely remember theirs. And you don't know whether to say hi or not. Awwwkward.

It'll be nice to have my best friend home in a few weeks! I miss her like crazy! Plus everyone else will be home pretty soon too. Then the real adventures can begin.

One adventure will be going to the 100.5 NowSplash concert with Adriana to see some of our favorite bands perform! I didn't even request to have that day off, we were wanting to go but it was looking like I probably wouldn't get it off...BUT I DID. Just by luck (: So we're going. It's cheap and 4/5 bands we know to be pretty great. (Parachute, Sara Bareilles, Andy Grammar, and Hanson). Perfect right?

Oh and then Jordan is coming to visit for my birthday! I cannot wait! He'll be here to spend just a few days in California then back to work in DC. Thankfully I got the time off! It'll be so much fun. It won't be long enough but we'll make the most of it!

Work was been going well. I'll be getting more hours starting two weeks from now! I'll be working Fun Camps with the kids all day! It'll be great. Busy, crazy and long. But great! Plus I'll be making money $$$. Which makes it very much worth it. If you have little children, or you babysit. Come visit me!

Lastly, I'm still learning songs on my uke about once a week, if not twice. I start my mornings off with a little ukulele sometimes. I still love the thing. It's my favorite (:
Maybe I'll write a song about counting cats...

Just kidding.


Oh and Yes. I did redo my blog header. You like? It's got some of my favorite pictures with some (ONLY SOME) of my favorite people on there (: