Friday, October 24, 2014

Story of My Life

Two friends recently have addressed something that has been on my mind. One told me "Jensen, it seems like you get yourself into lots of awkward, embarrassing, and uncomfortable situations."  Story of my life, my friend. The other laughed after I filled him in what had been going on lately and said "You're life is so funny." You got that right. Gotta love it.

I post many entries that either explicitly tell the tales of my encounters or that subtly hint to my terribly awkward life. Most of you also know me personally so you have heard stories, or witnessed first hand the clumsy and quirky individual that I am. My point is, you're all aware of the circumstances that I face.

It's not that I put myself in those situations, they simply occur on the regular. I will be having a perfectly average day, meaning that I haven't tripped more than 3 times and I've pushed at least 2 pull doors or vice versa, yet I will still forget English as I'm stuck in an elevator with a cute boy. Or the custard machine will completely explode on me in front of the drive thru window customer. So it goes...

I've fully embraced it though. My day is not finished until I've successfully embarrassed myself or been made uncomfortable. However, I live for these moments. They make my life so much more entertaining not only for the individuals around me, but myself as well. It's a good thing I've built up my confidence in the last few months because life keeps hitting me with moments like these more and more as I continue through the semester. 

So if you're wondering if I have more ridiculous stories for you, I do. I always do.

Raining Tortillas: The scene takes place in my kitchen. Jessica has stocked our fridge full for a ward dinner. Pumpkin pies and taco meat fill our shelves, making our fridge struggle to hold everything inside. 

I come home from church, starving and in a bad mood because it's a hard day. I open the fridge hoping to go for my leftovers and the taco shredded chicken container falls onto the floor, spilling everywhere.

Mary and I start laughing because of course this would happen, the fridge is bursting with food. I bend over to pick up the chicken and BAM BAM BAM. Three huge and heavy Costco tortilla packages tumble from the top of the fridge onto the back of my head, one after another. Mary and I's laughter only gets louder, except now the tears of complete frustration also roll down my cheeks. ALL I WANTED WAS TO EAT FOOD.

Topping it all off. I ran over to a friend's apartment to tell him what happened and get a hug because my day had been so frustrating. I came back, reopened the fridge just to have the shelf on the door BREAK and all the containers fall and some even spill onto the tile. Just my luck.

When I told my roommate Michelle about the ordeal her response: "Oh no! Did we lose any food?" No. "Good, are you okay?" Obviously food is
more important. (Just kidding, but it was a great response.)

In conclusion, I blog about this because it's true. I have these types of stories all the time. I'm a terribly awkward person. I get stuck in situations that people, myself included, just can't help but laugh at because it's ridiculous. So many absurd and comical things happen to me. Why not share the stories with the world? Everyone loves a good laugh every once in a while. And it's more enjoyable when the terrible, awful, no good things are happening to someone else.

More awkward stories to come I'm sure.
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Enjoy some random pictures that Sam took of me on my phone.
32 days til I'm home (:
That's a cookie in my hand in case you're wondering.

Friday, October 3, 2014

#Blessed Ya Know?

Excuse my hashtags and poor English. Here comes another "My Life is Great" post. So if you don't like can actually keep reading because it's not all unicorns and rainbows today. My week was complete crap.

Now I have tried to stop talking about this on the blog, but it's pretty much the reason why everything WAS crap. Guess who forgot to delete the "2 Year Anniversary" calendar reminder? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This girl. My life everyone. *Clapping pursues.*

This week hit me like a ton of bricks for obvious reasons. I've been doing so well, better than well, fantastic. Happier than ever, loving every minute of my days. I've got friends, great jobs, classes are awesome, and I even have a "crush" again?? (Whaaat? Jensen has moved on folks!) LIFE IS GOOD. But then my heart was like "Oh hey, that reminder was pretty awful. Sorry, you're going to now have flashbacks to your depression and anxiety from over the Summer all week. Happy October to you!"

Okay, the flashbacks weren't too bad, definitely manageable. No complete anxiety attacks and only two quick twenty minute crying sessions. But the emotions and anxiety definitely were present as of Sunday and carried on to ruin about every day. Waking up was tough, and more often than not, did I want to curl up in bed and just watch trashy Gossip Girl episodes. Besides being in emotional distress, everything went really well this week, which I wasn't expecting.

Sunday, some friends ended up coming over later in the evening just as the tears began. Jam session and some laughs later, all was well. Monday, a huge test consumed my worries. Yet once it was placed in front of me, I had no problems with it and I left feeling more confident than I had been all weekend while studying. As a reward, there was another jam session because I got done with class early before work. Tuesday, I had the night off! Tons of homework done, got to go cheer on a friend at Open Mic night and spend time with a sick friend, too. Wednesday, two assignments cancelled so stress level was minimized. AND THE GIANTS WON THE WILD CARD GAME. Thursday, no work again! Time to get grocery shopping done, which a friend ended up driving me thankfully! And I studied til the late hours of the night in the library with a study buddy. Plus, roof top conversation to end the night with more dear friends.

And today, today is great. I woke up to another lovely friend coming over. I read an email that said I was being promoted to Shift Lead at Rita's, I start training next week! I got paid so I could get groceries AND pay rent. I went over to Gym Kids and had a blast with those wonderful students as usual. I don't have class today. Best of all, PARACHUTE CONCERT TONIGHT. My favorite band, third time around. I am stoked. Plus this weekend is General Conference, and I have Saturday night off!

#Blessed Ya Know?

In all seriousness, Heavenly Father was definitely aware of my needs this week. He knew that it was going to be tough with that reminder haunting me but He got me through the trials, and blessed me continuously all week. I was emotionally and mentally overwhelmed, yet everything else got taken care of. I mean, the feeling of complete confidence on a test that I thought was going to ruin me and then two professors cancel fairly large assignments, plus 4 nights off this week and a promotion? I got to hang out with friends multiple times, even have jam sessions? All the while getting a ton of my homework done this week and feeling loved, happy and excited for the coming month, because October is my favorite!Yeah, Heavenly Father loves me. I'm so grateful!

Just because it's a bad day (week), doesn't mean it's a bad life.
Life is good (;

Xoxox from the Bubble!
P.S. 54 days til I'm homeward bound.