Monday, May 12, 2014

Who I am

Hello there, my name is Jensen. If you know me well enough, you'll call me Jay. If you know me really well, you're allowed to call me Jay-Bird. If you're the lady at Jamba Juice, you're going to know me as Jenn. Spell my name wrong and I'm likely to hold a grudge. I'm kidding, sorta.

I'm barely an adult, but act like I'm 3 years older than I am at times. People guess my age and they are wrong 75% of the time. Though, I'm young at heart. I attend BYU and am studying Special Education with a Mild and Moderate emphasis, and a minor in Teaching English Language Learners. I'm aspiring to be a teacher that will make a difference in the lives of children whom need a good educator the most.

I'm a Mormon. A convert of 4 years and counting. I might not drink coffee but I love caffeine. I'm the best designated driver you've ever met. I love the Scriptures even though I have the hardest time understanding them. And I love to see the Temple, the Sacramento Temple to be specific. I'm a flaw on the verge of perfection.

I'm of average size, though my feet are small. I can never find my shoe/pant/shirt size or anything in the right fit when I shop because it seems like everyone else in the world is the same shape as me. Brown hair that likes to turn blonde in the sun. Eyes that can be dark brown, hazel, green or even have a few spots of turquoise. My finger nails are always painted when I'm not working with food. I hate my eyebrows but they are always shaped. I have a slight lisp, two white spots on my front teeth, my teeth are smaller than my large gum line and my jaw really sucks, but smiling is my favorite.

I'm a world traveler looking for new adventures. I obsess over the stars and the moon. I could live by the ocean in a heart beat, but love the fresh air of the mountains. I grew up in farm town in a valley and love me some good country music any day. Give me the sun, but dancing in the rain is my favorite. I'm terrified of the dark and being alone at night because of a creepy man that once broke into my house while I slept. I'm scared easily but will watch a thriller movie, whenever. Oh and I'm sarcastic, very sarcastic. It's genetic.

I'll play you in a pick up game of baseball on the spot. Hand me a tennis racket and I'll ace your...butt. Though, I'm sure I'll find the one hole on the field or the single crack on the court, trip and fall on my face. I play the ukulele as a way to release stress and my feelings. I sing, but not for anyone else's ears. I take too many pictures of me making stupid faces. I can't draw to save my life, but I'm creative, and can cook decently well for a college student. I love being the host of any party and feeding people. My friends and family are my life, I'd do anything for them.

I love making friends. Unless you lie to me, I'll be your friend through thick and thin. I don't like liars. I keep promises and I hold others to theirs. I'm a listener always, and talker in social settings. Not a party animal but I sure know how to have fun and make myself look like a fool. If you don't feed me, you'll hate me because I'm not very nice; hypoglycemia is my weakness, along with stress.

I have anxiety issues and OCD tendencies. I'll tell you how I'm really feeling but also let you walk all over me because I'm too nice.Those who know me best, know that I'm not kind of person that says things that I don't mean. I'm not hard to please, but the way to my heart is by doing some "grand gesture," or something so I know you're sincere, and in this friendship/relationship for the long run. I'm an optimistic realist. I cry too much. But I also laugh and giggle about the same amount.

I wear make up when I have time. The same two rings are on my hands at all times. Jeans and a t-shirt is my outfit of every day. I wear a lot of colorful clothing with patterns that will make your head hurt. I'll dress up for you if you give me a reason, but high heels are my worst enemy. I buy men's sweats/sweatshirts because they are so much more comfortable.

I live simply because life is already too complicated.

I'm Jensen Leigh. All of those things make me, but I am so much more. I am me, for me and no one else. Take it or leave it. But if I do say myself, I'm pretty freaking amazing so I would take me as I am. Did I mention I'm confident? I'm confident in my flaws and all. Those little things that some people would say are ugly or a hardship, make me who I am and they are a struggle some days, but life is something you have to take one day at a time. I love me and my wonderful life  (: #StayTrue

P.S. This blog was for no one but myself. I decided to publish it because it's kinda fun, and I'm sure half of you didn't know most of these things.