Thursday, December 19, 2013


So it is the end of another semester. I'm done! I have one more semester, and a summer term of generals and then I'm (hopefully) going to be working on the SPED (Special Education) program! I can breathe again...for my tiny winter break of two weeks..Ugh.

My finals went well. My block class for TELL (Teaching English Learners, for my minor) ended in November, so that was nice! My Classical Traditions class had online tests and I have an 99.41 in the class currently; pass or fail the final, I'll get an A in the class. In my Special Education Intro class I received an A on my partner project where we had to create an Intervention Plan for a child with a disability. My stats final went well, I earned an 82%. And my Religion final, I missed the 6 comprehensive questions and got an 81%, so I'll keep my grades in the steady low B range.
So it's going to be: (Drum roll please!!!!)
Classical Traditions A
SPED Intro A
Stats B-
Religion B-
Earning me a 3.48! Highest GPA of college so far. And to think I was a total stress case this semester. Between work, school and field experience, I barely could breath...But it paid off!

Enough about school, I'm done for two weeks so I'm done talking about it.

I haven't blogged in forever so here is an update on where I am in my life.
I am currently applying for my major (seeing as I'm a PRE-Special Education major). I have to apply to the program. All the letter of recs are done, all my field experience hours are done. I simply have to finish writing a review of my field experience in order to get it approved, write an autobiography about my life experiences, then I have to do a bunch of technology tests to see if I can actually use a computer for things besides blogging and Facebook. (Should be a cake!) So yeah, I have 26 days to finish it all. Craaaazy. I'm excited but nervous about getting in!

I applied and interviewed for a Shift Lead position at work. Which means I would just be in charge of certain aspects of what I do at work, and be the one in the lead when on shift. So we'll see if that happens! I should be finding out soon (:

I hate snow. But you all already knew that. Still haven't fallen! (Knock on wood)

I'm currently on Front Runner (the train that runs from Provo up to the most Northern Part of Utah) back to Provo for a few hours because I was tired of sitting on the SLC airport floor. "Why were you sitting on the airport floor, Jensen?" Well....My flight was cancelled because of a snow/ice storm. Annnd there were so many people trying to reschedule flights that now there aren't any open flights til Monday. So my parents booked me an Amtrak ticket, I refunded the Southwest ticket, and I'm taking the Front Runner back up to SLC at 9pm, then the Amtrak train at 11:30pm home, and should arrive in Davis tomorrow afternoon. (Yay?) A 15hr train ride. Should be perfect time for me to finish some of my Special Education application, right? Oh and to catch up on some much needed sleep.

So yeah, I REALLY hate snow. It's cold, and wet and screws up my plans.

Except for a few weekends ago, Jordan and I took the Front Runner up to Salt Lake City so we could go explore Temple Square and go shopping at City Creek (The really nice, brand new mall in SLC.). Jordan had never been to Temple Square so I took him on a tour, we saw all the pretty Christmas lights and it was all pretty and snowy. We shopped for each other's Christmas Presents then ate dinner at the Lion House (Anyone who's been to Temple Square knows that the Lion House has yummy food and the best dinner rolls you will ever have). It was a great date night and the only time I've really enjoyed snow here! I love California snow. Something about Utah snow...I just am not a fan. I think it's because I have to live in it.

So yes, I'm trying to inhale and exhale as I attempt to get rid of my frustration from today, this finals week, and this semester. This two week break is going to be exactly what I need. So friends and family, I am VERY excited to see you. I cannot wait to be home and see my Marley Dog!!

See you in less than 24hrs (hopefully. I am PRAYING something else doesn't happen.)
Xoxox from a very homesick girl.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Classical Traditions: Machiavelli's The Prince

After reading The Prince by Machiavelli, I sat back confused by many of the strange claims that he makes in his writings, seeing as many were contradictory. However, one statement really caught my attention.

"It is good to appear merciful, truthful, humane, sincere and religious; it is good to be so in reality. But you must keep in your mind so disposed that, in case of need, you can turn to the contrary. This has to be understood: a prince, and especially a new prince, cannot possibly exercise all those virtues for which men are called 'good.' To preserve the state, he often has to do things that are against his word, against charity, against humanity, against religion." (pg. 49)

I believe a Prince, or any ruler for that matter should have those qualities listed about. Those virtues are important in a leader. However, I'm not sure I quite agree with the later statement saying that a prince must be ready to go against all that he believes in. I believe that a ruler of any kind can make a statement by standing up for what he/she believes in. They never are forced to go back on their beliefs and virtues to protect their state. They should be using those noble characteristics to bring peace and prosperity among their nation. I cannot recall any instance where a ruler would have to go "against his word."

As for whether or not it applies today, it shouldn't. A true honest ruler would keep his word. He would exhibit characteristics one day, and show the same in a moment where the state is in distress. Never should he make promises he can't keep, or will not keep. The people want an individual that is a real person, with true characteristics that are honorable. They will get rid of an individual that betrays them when their state is in time of need. No Prince should go against his word, only have those valued virtues that so many individuals admire.