Monday, November 11, 2013

Classical Tradition: Acquired Love

A question was proposed to me for this blog assignment:
 Why do you read?

1. I read because it's relaxing. There is nothing better than just laying back (especially during Christmas break or while on vacation on a beach somewhere) and flipping through the pages of a good book.

2. You can be in someone else's world for a bit. You get to experience a whole differernt world with different people, different challenges, different adventures. It's nice to get out your world and enter someone elses.

3. It expands my learning. It may be the girliest teen drama or a book on a foreign country, I finish reading a book with some sort of new insight.

Now after reading Dante's Inferno, we meet two characters, Paolo and Francesca, that say they read to pass the time. As they read the same book though, they get caught up in the romance of the book. They glance up and feel flushed. Soon enough they ended up being passionate and well falling in love, and having an affair.

Motivation does affect what we get out of the reading. If we are reading for fun, we're more likely to grasp all that the literature has to offer. If we are being forced, we're just going to get what we need from it. Motivation is what gets us to do a task, it just depends on the kind we have that allows us to get more or less from the text.

Are there correct motivations to read? I don't think so. I think any motivation, whether it be because you are forced to read something for a class, or because you enjoy reading, is good motivation. Neither of those or correct or wrong, it's just what gets you to do the reading. It's more the attitude that comes with the Motivation. Do you want to read or do you not want to read? That is the question.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An Update for the Blog Stalkers

I have been slacking on the blogging. I know. I've realized this many times before now, I literally just have no time. And the time that I do have to do nothing with my life, I watch my TV shows and in bed with my pjs on. Yepp. Life of a College Student right there. Plus, I've been using my blog for one of my classes, Classical Traditions. If you want to check any of them out. Here ya go.
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Anyways. What has happened in the last few months? Pretty much since I arrived back to Happy Valley? Well just a whole lot of adventures and spectacular things!
Sorta.. Let me just give you a short-ish list.

  • I'm working at The Wall (equivalent to a Mormon Bar). I love it. Working my butt off at 20hrs each week! Making $$$$$$. Well not really $$$$$$$. More like $.
  • I'm kicking butt in my classes. (Have a chance at all As!)
  • Jordan and I hit our 1 year mark! (He must like having me around!)
  • I've been working in Provo Elementary and Secondary schools doing Field Experience for my major. I'm like a volunteer but with a cool badge that has my picture and says I'm finger printed!
  • I went (with Jordan) to see Parachute in concert (A.K.A My favorite band for years now!)
  • My apartment is just about the cutest thing on the planet. Like really. We have curtains and throw pillows. Chalk Boards and Framed Pictures. Even a teal cabinet unit that has a holiday display on it depending on the upcoming events.
  • My laptop died. Nothing I did. The hard Drive was faulty so it took 3 weeks (7-10 business days my butt) to get it back.
  • I'm developing some serious cooking skills. To think I was doing well last year on my own is an understatement now. I'm making some gourmet meals with my Sous-Chef (Jordan).
  • I dropped my phone in the toilet and it still didn't die. It is indestructible.
So I believe that sums up a lot of the nifty things that have occurred in my life in the last few months. I wish I could have blogged about each one and given you details about each but I will give you a few about how much I love my Field Experience.


I started off working in a High School working in a severe classroom. (For those that do not know, my major is Special Education: Mild and Moderate Emphasis). It was difficult at first because it's hard to understand that needs of the students and what exactly you need to teach them. Though, those kids were just wonderful. I got to know them as I went in twice a week and I loved it. Teaching was difficult; you have to repeat the task over and over again as you model it for them, direct them to do it, repeat those steps until they can do it themselves. Sometimes the next time you go in, you have to repeat the lesson, but once they get the task it's pure joy!

While I was there, I got to sit in during the school's Homecoming Rally. It was like reliving high school all over again but I got to enjoy it with my new friends, who didn't seem like they had an disabilities at all. They still smiled and enjoyed the rally even more then some of the other "normal" students in the crowd. It was so great. They are exceptional. There is so much more that I wish I could tell you all but there is a confidentiality thing so the memories are only for me (:

I'm now working at an Elementary school (which is the cutest little elementary school I've ever been to) in a Mild and Moderate setting. I just started. So far it's been great, but different. Different because the kids interact with me a lot more, and definitely have a lot more attitude! It's been fun though. I'm really enjoying this experience I'm getting in actual schools with real kids.

Can't you just see it? Miss Krause?
Well the kids actually call me Miss K because that is a lot easier to remember (:

There you go! That's all for now.
Life is good. Hectic. Crazy. Busy. Fun. Adventurous. Tiring.
But that's College right?

Xoxox from Happy Valley (: