Saturday, August 3, 2013

Adventures of a Kid at Heart

A little birdy reminded me I should update my blog. That little birdy also came out to visit last week for my birthday. I think that little birdy just likes to be mentioned in my blog. It makes him feel like a "star." 
Silly Boy.

But yes, it has been a long time! To recap a few things: I am still working at Fairytale Town. I still love it. I'm no longer 18. Only a teen for one more year. Whoooop! Oh and I go back to Utah in less than a month! Sent in my notice to work and started to set things aside to pack. Yepp. It's happening all over again (:

Though, the adventures you've all been waiting for! The last month has been mostly just me working. Hanging out with the gang. You know the usual: bobba, video games, sitting and watching ridiculous movies. Normal things for kids our age, right?  
Don't answer that.

Oh and my mom and I went to a Free Flower field and picked enough flowers to share with a bunch of people and to brighten up our house too. It was a great afternoon, except for the scary bees!

The most exciting part of July was Jordan coming to visit though! He flew into Oakland on the 23rd of July and stayed that week til Friday. (So yes, he visited for my birthday!) It was quite fun. 

Wednesday: He met my Nana. They both just talked and talked and talked. We showed him the Koi fish and ducks. We went to the Zoo, and I showed him around work. We brought Lunchables for a classic "Field Trip" lunch. Went the the Farmer's Market that night with my family for dinner and fruit. And Of course, bought the best apple juice in the world. Jordan ended up buying a big thing of it for breakfast the next morning! He surprised me by buying huge sunflowers. My favorite (:

He crossed something off my bucketlist:
buying flowers and having them wrapped in newspaper! Then we went to see Monsters University (because I have yet to grow up)!

If you haven't been to the Sac Zoo lately, GO! They have a new baby tiger named CJ. He's adorable. Well as adorable as something can be that is a born killer.

Thursday: My Birthday! Woke up to French Toast with strawberries and cream cheese, plus the apple juice! We got ready and went to Arden Mall to look for Toms! We got sized but to no avail, didn't find any we loved! Got some I Love Teryaki, sat and watched some Psych. Cleaned up the house, then my friends came over for Sliders and some Minion Cake. Sparklers too. 

(I LOVE SPARKLERS. Or fire...I don't know which.) 

He went to bed before everyone left, and I fell asleep on the couch. But then once we both woke up to clean up and say goodbye to everyone, sat up til goodness knows when and watched our Psych. 

We really love Psych.

Friday: He took off. Not before we kicked butt on a few levels of Candy Crush and grabbed some Sonic. Then it was a teary goodbye til we see each other again in the end of August before school starts in September. Oh school.

Definitely a wonderful birthday week. Even though I still feel 18, and act like I'm 5. I'm never growing up.

Thankfully Adriana made that amazing cake. (With the help of her sister, who also made me cute Popsicle stick minions) And I got a cool crayon art canvas that Hannah made me. Then Adriana and I made crayon art of our own that Saturday. Yeah, I bought two boxes of crayons more than I needed. (They were only 50 cents a box!) I like to color...#IsThatWeird ?

And then of course all the birthday messages on Facebook. My phone was blowing up all day. I woke up with 12 messages. A total of like 40, before turning off the notifications. So much love! (:

But since then, it's been work, work, work. Or $ $ $. Whichever you see it. I just love it either way!

Oh and I dyed my hair with Kool-Aid....
Yeah, the tips are red. Don't freak out. No damage done (: It's practically faded. 
I wanted to be rebellious. As rebellious as I can be before going back to school where I can't have extreme color in my hair...I want to do it again though...

Ciao for now (: