Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Drowing in a Heat Wave

Really. I hate this weather.
Once it over 95, it's just ridiculous, absolutely unbearable and not fit for humans outside. Then working in it, inside the cafe, with all the heaters and ovens and different applicances on, or doing a fun camp = no fun. It's 103 (feels like 105 according to can tell the difference, really?) right now, and it's been over 110 most of the days this week. It barely got over 100 a few times last summer. This heat wave is torture. GIVE ME BACK THE SNOW.

Maybe not, but I wouldn't mind it right now.

Anyways, what have I been up to?
Work...More Work. Shopping. The concert last week...Oh and I saw my friends...two weeks ago..the thursday before the concert? I can't remember. Oh and I'm house sitting right now for a family. They have a cute cat. It's really soft (:

The Concert was amaaaaaazing. All of the performers were very good live. Sara Bareilles is adorable. Andy Grammar is funny. And Parachute, they are just wonderful, they just...Ahh. I fan girled, geeked out. I screamed, I knew all the words. Yepp. It was embarrassing. But hey, I got a smile from Will (the lead singer) and he even touched my hand. I can die happy. After (what?) 5 years of listening to their music and anticipating every new song/album, I finally got to see them in concert...along with other great artists, for only $12...and go down a bunch of water slides. And get pretty tan. Best adventure so far this summer. With the Best Friend of course.

Moving on, I've been shopping. Getting summer clothes (for my birthday! 22 days! Thank you mom and dad. ) and of course just getting little things for myself, like earrings. Trying not to spend a ton of the money I'm making but still spoiling myself but getting a bubble slush or dutch every once in a while. But mom and I did damage at the Galleria. I scored some good stuff though! And some lady was nice enough to give us a coupon at Down East Basics that she wasn't going to use, which couldn't have been more perfect because we needed that coupon.

That morning though we got Starbucks. My mom told the guy that I was going order, but phrased it "The princess is going to get something too." Mind you, I am not a spoiled brat. I'm spoiled. I'm very privileged. HOWEVER, I have manners and am only dramatic sometimes. Less than the average girl. I say thank you, please and all the other ways to show that I am not ungrateful! But this barista guy, he just went and put Princess on my cup. With a sarcastic little smiley. Thank you, barista guy. Everyone on Facebook and my mom, just loved that. Me, you got a "hah." The princess was not pleased at the joke at her expense. Didn't really help that my drink was pink....

Then there is work, still love it. Love my coworkers. Love the place. It's just so darn hot and I can't go a day without getting nacho cheese on myself. Last Thursday, I came home from work covered in nacho cheese annnd a bit of bleach. I made a thing of nachos, spilled the cheese on my shirt and pants... and then I had to change out the bleach to santizer for dishwashing and BAM, bleachy cheese perfume. Oh and then add sweat. I'm sure it was delightful for everyone within a feet of me to smell.

Though, that's whats been going on. Nothing tooooo exciting. Birthday is in, like I said before 22 days! Jordan comes in 20 days! I've got another fun camp in 12! The 4th of July is tomorrow...Oh and the heat wave...yeah it's supposed to end today, but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen.

Take me to Lake Tahoe! Or gosh, even to the germ infested community pool. Saaave me.