Monday, April 15, 2013

Under the Radar

I'm not missing in action, I promise. I'm alive. I've just been flying under that radar because I've been so freaking busy.

Yes. I've been spending what time I have with Jordan....THOUGH. I get all my homework done.
Like last Wednesday, I got all of my homework done so I could spend time with him... that was 3 out of my 4 essays (one was due on Monday so I had the weekend to do it) And so we could fly my rubber band plane! (Yes, I'm a four year old at heart. Leave me alone). He also sits there patiently while I work sometimes. Just plays his Iphone games for hours while I sit and study. But it's been fun having him here in Provo. Nice to have something to do other than lay in bed watching shows after I finish all my homework.

Besides playing with his Iphone (we're addicted to 4 pics and 1 word...we're on level 480) ...We've been doing a lot of cooking! We made fried chicken, chicken noodle soup, a pot roast.We're sorta pros. It's all been really yummy. Oh and we bake at least once a week!

We rented a puppy on Saturday. His name was Miles. He was a bit crazy. He scratched me up pretty good, but he finally fell asleep in my arms. Jordan said he smelled bad but I thought he smelled good, puppy breath and all (:

I performed in the Ward Talent Show. Video to come. I played my uke and kazoo (made a kazoo holder...out of a coat hanger) It was great. I messed up quite a bit because I was so tired from the kazoo playing but it was fun (: I played Colors by April Smith. (She's my go to music artist because her songs are so fun).

Finals week is here...This is all I have to say about them.... A video from Divine Comedy...

Time to start getting ready to head back home though.

I'm applying for summer jobs as of now. I've got some opportunities that I'm going to apply for so I'm crossing my fingers I get something lined up soon! I've already got one interview I'm looking forward to! (:

The countdown begins. I'll be home in 11 days? That number may depend, could be less. BUT SOON! And I'm excited. I'll miss everyone here. Especially since most of my friends are leaving on missions. However, I can't wait to see my family, Marley, my friends (the ones that will be home...which is like 2 people) It'll be nice to have my own room again.  Oh and homecooked meals, not just pasta...and pizza...Not have any homework to worry about. Just got to worry about getting a job and that's something I REALLY WANT! Those are my only plans for the summer...Besides my birthday...I've got about 4 months before that. Oh and camping at Casini Ranch during Memorial Day Weekend as always (:

Can't wait to be back in California where there is no snow in the Valley! (: