Friday, February 22, 2013

Constant Dialogue

My head is a weird place. I seriously have the weirdest conversations with myself. I'm sure I'm not the only one. But today, today I was on a roll. I felt so freaking hilarious. Yeah, that's a little vain but really. I did.

So here you go. Here is a glimpse into my mind from today, story like.

***Start scene in bed. Alarm goes off at 7:45am***

No. I'm sleeping.
*5 minutes later*
I can hit it again, it's only 7:50.
Okay, I'm awake. I'll just lay here though.
Hah pinterest. Me: I really can't stay. bed: But baby it's cold outside. AMEN.
Oh, I should look outside...WHAT?! (Outloud) "Cool." It's snowing. It's really snowing.
I need to get in the shower. I'm not washing my hair. Pony tail today. Walking to class with wet hair equals frozen hair. One of these days it's going to just break off....

*Fast Forward to breakfast*
YES. Cinnamon Life. Ahh Fatty has her box up on the fridge too. Aww crap, I just poured cereal from her box...Oh well, I'll beg for forgiveness. She can have a bowl from my box. Or I could pour cereal from my box in hers...Okay, I only have a little bit of milk...oh. I have a lot more than I thought...Add more cereal! Crap. Nat's box again.

*Fast Forward to leaving for class*
I look like a marshmallow. A burnt marshmallow. Freak, it's cold. Is that guy really going to try to ride his bike in the snow? He's so going to fall. Woah, I'm going to fall. Pay attention to feet. Stare straight down at them. Concentrate on every step. DON'T STEP ON THE WHITE CROSS WALK LINES. YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO FALL. THERE IS NO TIME. Hah that girl fell. Her butt is all wet. Crap, you slid. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FEET. Maybe if I shuffled it's be easier. Nope. Failed. Almost to class. Why does it have to be so far? Can't people just walk with the flow of traffic? Nope. That'd be too easy.

I'll sit here there is only one other girl...Woah. Death stare. Sorry for sitting in your row girl. I didn't know it was off limits. Do I move? No. She can deal. Do I offend? Teeth are brushed and deodorant was applied. If I smile at her she'll probably think I'm a freak. I'll just get my computer out and stare at the front of the class...Yeah. Nope. She still hates me.

*Walking through WILK after class*
Walk by the people with flyers without making eye contact, walk fast like you're on a mission. Hah mission accomplished. No flyers in hand.


Yeah, I have no idea what is wrong with me.

Anyways, thought that would be a fun change of pace. This week has been rough. It'd really help if it STOPPED SNOWING. I want some nice Spring Weather. Though, this Cali Girl has been changed. I walked around in jeans, boots, Tshirt and a thin 30 degree weather. I wasn't cold.

Still missing the California Sunshine. A LOT. I'm so freaking pale!

Oh and this is what I found on Pinterest...

P.S. Still looking for a job in California for when I get back in May! Please let me know if you guys know of anywhere that would be willing to hire a poor, hard working college student for 4 months (:

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mutual Weirdness

So Jordan came to visit this weekend...
As most of you could tell by my lack of existence on Twitter, posts of Facebook, and lack of appearance near Heritage Halls.
It was a great 5 days. No...It was an amazing 5 days. It was so fun. We just have too much fun together.
He may have came down to train for his summer job but we spent most of the time he was here together, being silly, taking webcam pictures, cooking, watching movies, taking walks back and forth from my apartment to where he was staying (In the FREEZING COLD). It was quite eventful.

Wednesday, he trained most of the day. We hung out for a bit after my classes and homework then went out to dinner with his manager for his summer job. Mimi's Cafe! I finally got to eat a salad. I was in Heaven...until my jaw started to hurt. Then we went grocery shopping. And ended the night with an episode of Psych.

Thursday, or Valentine's Day to some. Jordan ended up coming to my Marriage and Family class before he went to training for the day (I didn't invite him to Geology because that would have been boooring. My professor in M&F is hilarious) It was quite the interesting class to say the least... Later he came over and we made Spaghetti, Caesar Salad and Flaky Rolls! We exchanged gifts. I got Chocolate Covered Pomegranate seeds and a Thermal Teddy Bear! I got him the spiffiest tie ever! (he helped picked it out though...)
I worked on my American Heritage essay as he cleaned the kitchen (he likes cleaning, I didn't just make him do it). Then we baked cookies for s'mores! Yes. S'mores.

We were going to make s'mores at the apartment he was staying at because it had a fireplace buuuuuttt...Jordan and his friend, Jared, started the fire but they didn't open the damper. (LIKE I TOLD THEM TO) Sooo the whole apartment filled with smoke and soon enough all the windows and doors were open as the smoke detectors were screaming "FIRE FIRE" at us. It was quite the adventure. In the process of all that and putting out the fire...Jared burnt himself so we had to go to the grocery store to get burn cream...and purchase like 5 air fresheners for the apartment...everything smelled like smoke.

We did end up making s'mores with the cookies (in substitute as graham crackers) but just cooked the marshmallows on the stove. That had to be the most eventful day of them all.

Friday, Jordan went to Gym Kids with me after class. It was a blast! Then we went to Subway with Reilly and his girlfriend, Courtney. (Subway, a tradition we had to honor) Then we went to the Temple for a couple hours. Came back and got ready to go to Jared's show at The Wall.

It was great! First off, The Wall is equivalent to like a bar or club, but Mormon. Like really. It was actually really cool. Second, Jared is in the band Red Yeti and they are really good. They did a great opening set for the night. It was way fun! The rest of the night Jordan and I spent watching movies and hanging out with the rest of the boys from the apartment when they got home for the night.

Saturday, We went for a walk to the Bell Tower. Went out to Lunch with a couple Jordan knew from his mission. Made Pico De Gallo, Jordan's recipe. (I just about died it was so spicy.) Went out to dinner at J-dawgs with some of his friends from home who live up here. Then hung out with the boys at the apartment the rest of the night. Oh and watched Fox and the Hound!

Sunday, Jordan came to a very interesting day at church with me. We made banana and chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. Jared decided to put cheese and cheetos in his too, just to experiment. Then we watched funny videos on youtube for a few hours. Like most of the night actually. Then watched a movie.

Now today he's back on his way to Washington. Yes, we are Facebook Official now. Yes. There are really stupid pictures of us both (Some cute ones too) on Facebook. And yes, I do miss him. Weirdly enough, I was way more focused on my school work when he was here.... Except for trying to do my American Heritage essay because that was already a really tough battle to begin with.

But yeah, it was the Perfect Weekend. I'm one happy girl (:

Time to get back to reality. School starts tomorrow and I've got two quizzes this week. BLEH.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stress Mess

Oh what a week.
Busy busy busy.

Two tests. Tons of homework. Doctor's appointment. Job applications. Off campus housing searching.
It never ends.

I took my American Heritage test. Not as bad as everyone makes them seem. After only studying for like 30 minutes, I still passed. Not a great score but I know that if I actually apply myself and study, I'm going to do better (:

My geology test was another story. Seriously, I dislike this class. It isn't as bad as chemistry. It's just so boring. Rocks. And more rocks. Boooooooooo. I didn't do well on the test but mostly because I didn't know what kinds of stuff I was supposed to know. Now that I know it's not an "applying concepts" test, and more "know all the vocabulary words and types of rocks" test, I will be able to do a lot better....Also stay on top of my reading...

I had so much homework this week on top of my tests. It seemed never ending. I think the teachers that don't get tests certain weeks collaborate with those that do and scheme against their students...They are out to get us!
Just kidding...sorta.

I got to go to the doctor this week. Finally gave in and went to see the doctor about my jaw pain. Yay for TMJ! (Temporomandibular joint) So I've got some stretches for my jaw and some awesome anti-inflammatory pain meds that make me hungry ALL THE TIME. Weird I know.

Anyways, I've been doing tons of job applications, and working on one for when I get home. Still no luck. I want a job. I want money. I'm a broke college student. I need to eat!

If anyone knows of jobs I can apply for this Summer, please let me know! I will be home from the end of April to the end of August. I need to work!

Moving on...trying to look at the off campus housing for next year made my brain hurt. I looked at so many different websites and pictures and brochures....BLEH. I've found one place that I'm pretty settled on but we'll see. I'm still looking. Ergh. 

But yes. That's been my week. This weekend will be just as busy. I'm trying to get all my homework done before Jordan comes to visit this week! He'll be here for work training but he'll be staying longer to spend time with me! I can't wait (: It'll be a good three-day-weekend!

Sorry for the lame blog, figured I'd keep you updated though. I've been trying to be better about writing but it's not working.

So as a reward for reading this sad excuse of a post, here is a video of me making a fool of myself...wait till the very end... that's the best part. Kinda....

Friday, February 1, 2013

Surviving the Snow and a Cold

This last week has been rough. I've been fighting a cold since last Friday. However, I am happy to say I'm feeling my best today! After a few days of coughing and sneezing, a bunch of allergy medicine and half a box of tissues.....I'm finally recovering and smiling again. Not totally miserable. YAY!

Anyways, this week has been pretty bland. Everyday, I would muster up enough energy to walk to class in the blizzard, listen to the lecture between sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose and then come home, lay in bed, and get homework done, then sleep. Yepp. That was my week.

It really was a blizzard though. It snowed from Sunday night through Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday and today we got the chance to see the sun again! I even walked around in just jeans and a sweater...It was 27 degrees outside. Utah has changed this California Girl into an eskimo. I really do enjoy snow but on my own terms...At 9am when I'm walking to class and I feel sick...HECK NO. On a Sunday night, when I'm still sick but able to snuggle up in my bed with hot apple cider? That's more like it!

This is what I got to see when I walked up the stairs of death (Or simple the stairs leading up from the RB/Fieldhouse) after Gym Kids. It was so pretty. I wasn't able to completely enjoy it though because I was out of breathe because 1. I'm still sick and my nose was giving me a hard time 2. The RB stairs kill me EVERYTIME.

Since yesterday and today have been the only days I've been feeling well, I actually did things! Sorta...

Yesterday, Kam and I were just going crazy. We were not being productive but it was so fun. I love having fun roommates. Roommates that put up with my obnoxiousness but at the same time are just as loud. It's just always a party. (Especially since it was Thursday night...Oh Party Thursdays!)

Today, I was done with class at 11 but went to Gym Kids. I got to hang out with the cutest little girl, *Sarah*. She had just learned to walk a few months ago so she had a death grip on my hand and we just walked around the gym, did laps the whole time. I talked to her and though she might not have understood much of what I was saying, she laughed and smiled at me and at everything that was going on in that crazy gym. There were 80 kids there today! It was nuts. For some reason, there were rolls of toilet paper there for the kids to play with. There were a ton of volunteers, and even kids, running around like mummies! The gym was a disaster after the hour. It was wonderful (:

The rest of today is being spent doing homework. I had a review session on campus at 2, so I went to that, then took my Psych test. I got another A (: Then stayed on campus to be productive. So far it's been going well. One section of Geology done and read, only 5 more to finish before next Friday's test!

I've got two tests next week! It's going to be crazy.

This weekend, I don't know what we will end up doing. I know I have to read 6 total chapters of Geology (an "incredibly fascinating" subject. HAHAH! funny joke, right?), prepare for my American Heritage exam, do my Book of Mormon and Psych reading and fill out job applications. Should be so much fun! :P

Sending my love to all those in California. I miss you & your less snowy weather.